Curly Crafty Mom: My Fourth Stitch Fix Box {April}

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Fourth Stitch Fix Box {April}

It has been a couple of weeks, but I have been so wrapped up in this 30x30 challenge, that I haven't had time to post about my FOURTH Stitch Fix box! I have been pleased with all FOUR boxes with Stitch Fix so far, which means I will continue to use them and blog about my outfits. Stitch Fix is sort of like having your own personal shopper! You fill out a survey online (it includes photos of different outfits) and it helps them decide which outfits and which price range you fit into. They send you 5 pieces (tops, bottoms, accessories, jewelry, etc., etc.) and you decide which items you want to keep. After you've decided what you want to keep, you ship the rest back within 3 business days. If you buy all of the items you get a discount. There is a monthly fee of $20 that you will lose if you do not buy any of the 5 items. But, if you buy just one item they will subtract that $20 from your order.

Jessica handpicked my items and she used my comments and took a peak at my Pinterest folder to see what I would like to receive. I basically told her I was looking for a floral blouse or dress, colorful items for the Spring AND transitional items to take me from Fall to Spring. She did a terrific job!

Are you ready to see my items?

Item One
Under Skies - Kourtney Drawstring waist Floral Print Dress - $78.00 




I LOVED this dress the instant I saw it in the box, I might have let out a little victory squeal... unfortunately, I didn't have time to try it on until a few days later, because this sahm job is quite a busy gig! I tried it on and it was PERFECT just perfect! I love it with the denim jacket in the one photo as well and I paired it with my new sandals from Charming Charlie (see detail shot above). This dress was an ultimate keeper, yet it was kinda pricey so it was the only item I purchased this time around. I would have loved to have kept the scarf and coral shirt that was sent in this box, but I just couldn't justify spending that much on one box. I will say, this is going to be SO cute on me on Mother's Day next month! Yay!

Item Two
Lily - Orlando Geo Print Cowl Neck Sleeveless Top - $68.00Green-Shirt_Front


This was my least favorite item in the box, but when I see these photos it makes me like the top a little more... I do love the color and the pattern on the top, but it bunches up around the waist and I think it looks a little like a maternity top because of this? PLUS, I mostly run and I really need to work on toning my belly a little more (HELLO swimming suit season), so I do have a little muffie top... I know it doesn't look bad in this photo, but I totally suck in before photos... am I the only one?! I blame Nathan and Autumn for my muffin top (hey, having kids does change your bod!), but I do need to tone up a little pronto for our Destin trip in July! Sigh.

Item Three
Echo - Taya Floral Fringe Square Scarf - $48.00Day-12

Isn't this scarf a beauty?! I was glad they sent directions on how to use it, because I have never owned a square scarf before. The price tag on this scarf was really steep, $48... I usually spent $30 or under for a scarf... and, it wasn't like it was silk or anything. I LOVED it a lot and I finally decided against it, because I had just bought 3(!!) scarves a week prior to receiving the box. Also, when I went on-line to check out, the scarf was listed at $35 and not $48... interesting.

Item Four and Five
Tart - Caldwell Pocket Front V-Neck Tee-Shirt - $54.00
Sweet Rain - Trixie Dot Print Pants - $48.00


This is such a comfortable outfit and these pants are so cute and fun! AND, they have pockets! I really love the color and lightness of the coral v-neck shirt. As much as I loved this outfit, I wasn't sure if I'd wear it that much out in public. The v-neck shirt is something I could pick up anywhere and the pants are fun and cute... but, maybe just a little too vibrant for even me. Still, I really loved this outfit. :)

I am not sure when I will schedule my next box, I feel sort of content in the clothing department for right now. I may check it out again this summer!

If you decide to check out Stitch Fix yourself, please go here and sign up! If you sign up with that link, I get a $25.00 discount towards my next box. So, please sign up with that link so I can buy more clothes! ;)

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