Curly Crafty Mom: Our Easter Weekend and Meal Plan, Week 9

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our Easter Weekend and Meal Plan, Week 9

Happy Easter! We had a wonderful Easter weekend with the kids (even though Nathan has decided he isn't sure he believes in the Easter bunny ::SOB::) with a sunrise church service, a 200 egg hunt for the kids, overfilled Easter baskets, brunch and knowing that 'HE IS RISEN'! :) I wanted to share our Easter though pictures and then I have this weeks Meal Plan (week 9!!) at the bottom of this post.

My Mom and Dad came over and brought their baskets for the kids, so with their baskets and ours... they had TWO baskets each to open. Oh, the excitement! And, yes... Easter Bunny did bring them hand weights for Easter... The kids love to work out while Mommy works out, so why not. :)

Baskets_Nat-and-his-cross Baskets_Aut-and-Anna
Some of their favorites from the baskets... Nathan has been wanting his own cross and Easter bunny found this lovely one for him at Hobby Lobby. He also got a bunch of Hot Wheel toys, as he has been really into Hot Wheels again lately. Autumn wanted some more 'Frozen stuff', so here is her Baby Anna... she also got a play Olaf and the Frozen movie! I did a whole post about their Easter baskets HERE.

Kudos to Brian for hiding all 200 eggs! I even had him drag out Autumn's fabric teepee, so he could hide some in there... which was a HUGE hit! Gotta get my moneys worth out of that thing! ha! ;) I love how colorful this photo is with all of the eggs in our backyard. Thanks, Grandma for supplying HALF of those eggs (and with quarters and dollar bills in them, too!).

And, off they go... it was nice to have SO many eggs out there, because they didn't fight over them and had time to switch out baskets, etc. without losing out on too many eggs. Nathan filled 3 baskets and Autumn filled 2 baskets, but she was ok with that and didn't even notice.

Autumn in the tent getting some eggs, I love how she has her little princess slippers on that were in her Easter basket.

Nathan looking for eggs... he told me that he knows I make the Easter baskets, but that the Easter bunny puts the eggs in the backyard. SIGH. Why do they have to grow up so fast? My Mom told him 'to receive you have to believe', gotta love that line. :)

Autumn on her second basket :) A HUGE Minnie Mouse basket from my Mom. She was so cute, she'd stop and shake each egg by her ear before putting it in her basket.

At the end, there were still some eggs under the teepee, Nathan went in to get those. :)

Some family photos after the egg hunt... the kids have a nice haul in their baskets here. :)

And, me and the Easter Bunny. ha, ha!

Happy Easter! We have done a lot this morning, 6:30 sunrise service and Brian just gave me my Easter basket! Lush and Cadbury eggs! He knows me! And it smells SO good! I miss my kids today, they are with their Dad in Kansas, but we celebrated on Easter. I Brian's Easter basket... Gotta throw in a Cardinals tee and a Slim Jim to make it manly.  Also, picked him up one of those oven baking birds at a store in Kirkwood... Goes with the Cardinal tee and I've always wanted one... So, I thought why not get it. P
And, of course... us grown ups made baskets for each other, too! Mine consisted of Cadbury eggs and Lush, my favorites!

Now... Are you ready for the meal plan for this week? Here ya go!

Menu Plan for Week of April 20, 2014:

Sunday - Chinese
Take out, of course!

Monday - Spaghetti with Homemade Meatballs and Rolls, meatball recipe HERE
I have never made 'meatballs' before, so I am going to give this a try this week! I may try and freeze some of them, too since we have spaghetti pretty often. Nathan really liked having meatballs in his spaghetti when we went to the Spaghetti Factory, so I think he will enjoy them. :) And, Brian is the master at bread at this house, so I've asked him to made some homemade rolls to go with the spaghetti. Yum-o!

Tuesday - Red Chicken Chili  

I didn't make this last week, so we are having it this week!

Wednesday - French Bread Pizza and Salad, recipe HERE

French Bread Pizza
The kids love pizza, so I thought why not make french bread pizza one night. It's easy and I am sure they will love it!

Thursday - Baked French Toast with Bacon, recipe HERE



This recipe has been pinned a zillion times on Pinterest and I have been wanting to try it forevers. So, it is on our meal plan list this week... and with 294 comments on just this one dish, I am expecting it to be fantastic.

Friday - Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Peach Salsa, recipe HERE
Grilled Shrimp with Peach Salsa 7
Fridays forecase calls for mid-seventies weather, so I thought I'd let Brian grill the jumbo shrimp for this recipe and I will pepare the peach salsa to go with it! What a fun Spring-time dish to enjoy with a side of avocado!

Saturday - Dinner Out
Not sure where yet, but dinner out on Saturday sounds splendid to me!

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