Curly Crafty Mom: 2014 Spring Easter Baskets (Easter Basket Blog Hop)

Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 Spring Easter Baskets (Easter Basket Blog Hop)

Today I am joining Darci from [The Good Life Blog] for her Easter Basket Blog Hop! I am actually a day early, the link up starts TOMORROW, so you still have time to join in on the fun! Every year I start collecting little items during my Target runs to save for the kids Easter baskets. Usually, by the time the week before Easter comes around... I have almost everything I need for their Easter baskets. I was excited to see that Darci was doing an Easter Basket Blog Hop, because I always devote an entire blog post to Nathan and Autumn's Easter Baskets, too!

AND, before I share with you photos from their 2014 baskets, you can also view all of the Easter baskets I've made for them in the past. Have I really been blogging THIS long?!
2013 Easter Baskets
2012 Easter Baskets
2011 Easter Baskets
2010 Easter Baskets
2009 Easter Baskets

Baskets_Grass I have used the same Pottery Barn Kids baskets for them every year since their FIRST Easter. I have considered getting Nathan a new liner for his Easter basket, but I sort of love how sentimental the liner is in his basket now. I also love the size of the white wicker Easter baskets from Pottery Barn... they aren't too big and they are also not too small. I really can see myself filling these baskets for them through their high school years. :)

I also get 1-2 Easter books for them each year. This year I volunteered at the Scholastic Book Fair at school and for volunteering I was told I could pick out a book for free. I selected The Legend of the Easter Egg and decided since it was too large for their baskets, I would let them share the book this year.

Nathan's Easter Basket Goodies:
Chocolate Easter Bunny with Candy Eyes (I always get them these)
Chocolate Dipped Peeps
White Bunny M&M's
Hot Wheels Fast Speed Car
Hot Wheels Fast Speed Car and Track
The Lego Movie Lego Figure (surpise package)
Spider man Figure (surprise package)
Silly String
Bunny Sling Shot
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Plane
Egg filled with a Bouncy Ball and a Sticker

Autumn's Easter Basket Goodies:
Chocolate Easter Bunny with Candy Eyes (I always get them these)
Chocolate Dipped Peeps
Easter Fruit Snacks
White Bunny M&M's
Frozen Movie
Olaf Frozen Toy (to go with her Frozen Princess Barbies, all of his body pieces snap apart)
Easy Bake Oven Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pink Easter Fancy Schmancy Gloves
Bunny Ear Barettes
Bunny Tail
Lip Gloss
Easter Stickers
Silly String
Egg filled with a Bouncy Ball and a Sticker

I can't wait to see their faces when they open their Easter baskets! My Mom is bringing over her Easter baskets for them, too... so, they are going to be some spoiled kids!

I usually photograph the baskets inside, but I thought it'd be nice to photograph them outside in natural light this year. How did we go from upper 70's weather to a miserably rainy and misty day to some light snow (that won't stick) tonight?! C'mon St. Louis weather!!

After putting together the kids baskets and all of the candy filled eggs, I am glad I can rest up now until Easter since we are going out to eat after church. :) I do plan to make a small basket for Brian, because he is just TOO dang sweet and he deserves one! But, I need to get a couple more small things for it still... in any case, I will probably post a photo of it on IG, since I didn't have time to get it together for this post. Soo, if you don't follow me yet on Instagram, you can by clicking HERE! I am also up to 500 followers on IG, so if you decide to follow along you'll help me hit 500!! :) I post tons of photos of food, outfits, crafts and just what me, Brian and the kids are up to that I don't post on the blog. Also, if you don't already follow me on Facebook, click HERE and start following me now!

Now, I know Autumn loves Peeps... I got them both the chocolate dipped peeps and if either of them turn their noses up to them... well, the rest is history, I am going in! I have never tried a chocolate peep before, but I couldn't resist getting them for their baskets. Personally, though... my FAVORITE Easter candy of all time is Cadbury eggs!
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