Curly Crafty Mom: Ultimate Blog Party - UBP 2014!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Ultimate Blog Party - UBP 2014!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2014
Are you ready to party? I love blog parties and met so many great friends last year during the UGP!

Museum of Transportation with my loves!  ❤️  
This is my second year joining the 2014 Ultimate Blog Party and I am excited to introduce myself! Myname is Carrie and I have been blogging since the birth of my daughter Autumn. Well, Autumn is 5 now, so I have been blogging for 5 years! Time sure does fly! I also have an almost 8 year old boy named Nathan. I recently lost my job and my husband and I decided to make me a stay at home mom and I have been enjoying it so much! See my post about becoming a sahm HERE

My husband's name is Brian and we met when we were 13 and 15 and he was my first kiss. We were married a little over a year and a half ago and he proposed to me in Paris (see proposal post HERE) under the Eiffel tower. We had a lovely Paris-themed marriage at Moulin Events in St. Louis last October. I am so happy to be married to my true love and my âmes soeurs (soul mate, he actually had this engraved on my ring!). The children made our wedding extra special, Nathan was a ring bearer and recited a bible verse and Autumn was a flower girl and the both helped us pour sand into our unity sand vase. We also had beautiful wedding photos taken in an old French themed park. We are so happy living together as a Christian family and Brian is so wonderful with the kids and they adore him to pieces.

Now, enough about my family... :) Some of my hobbies include traveling, making bucket lists, Mondo Beyondo (taken several classes, this is a dreaming class), photography (took a Superhero photo class last year), Disney (we just went last Nov. and I ran the Wine & Dine race, went last summer withthe kids and are going back the summer of '15), reading and seeing what others are reading on Goodreads, reading fashion and DIY blogs, updating my wardrobe and jewelry, movies, musicals, wine (sunset wine dinners and sunset paddle boating wine dinner), crafting and decorating, organizing and running (starting a kettle-bell workout in addition to my runs and plan to try pure barre soon!).

This blog revolves around my family, crafting, DIY, cooking, fashion, and running. I may throw in some other misc. topics as well! I do a monthly freezer meal most, a linky party called 5 Little Confessions where you share 5 secrets that you normally wouldn't share on the blog and I have done four 30x30 challenges, which consists of selecting 30 items of clothes to wear for 30 days! I also do a meal plan post for each week, where I share new and old time recipes that I love.

I am going to give you some links to some of my recent crafting projects and recipes and then I will let you go back to your day! I hope you decide to follow my blog as I love new followers and please share you blog with me and I will check yours out as well!

Check out some of my recent posts below:

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Spice-Organization Easy-Pasta-Bake-Header


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Table salad

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My-Lovely-Fairy-Garden Bows_Bird-cage  Cover-Brownie
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