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Thursday, May 29, 2014

American Girl Hair Salon

This post is really late, because this happened a few weeks ago... but, Autumn has been begging (like always) to go to the American Girl store. I thought since I am a sahm now and our little afternoons alone were coming to a close at the end of the school year, that we would go do something fun after school one day. She gets out at 11:15 a.m., so we had a lot of time before her brother got out at 3:15 p.m. Now we are on summer break and our little afternoons alone are forever over, since she will be in full day Kindergarten next year. Boo! I will miss those afternoons like crazy next year and I will also miss her little friend that I was watching twice a week as well. It all went WAY too fast... :( Ok, so enough of my sobbing... I decided as a treat we would go to the AG store and get her dolls hair done. So, off we went! Here is the obligatory AG storefront photo!

This little girl was SO excited... she actually woke up an hour before she normally does (which was not fun for mommy), because she wanted to get her dolls dressed and ready before school. Yes, dollS. Autumn has two AG dolls and, well... she couldn't decide which doll to get done up, so I told her we could take both and let one of them get a facial and scrub. Sigh. 

So, of course I had to do a BEFORE photo... Here are both of her dolls, both needing their hair done, but only Caroline (the blonde one) was the lucky one that was going to receive special treatment for her hair. They offered to give Saige a brush down for $5, but I declined since I knew I was already going to be spending a lot.

Autumn had to sign a paper letting them know what she wanted done to each of her dolls, she felt like a little grown up doing this!

Then, they put Caroline in a little cubby by herself, while they worked on Saige first. They told me that at the Chicago store, they have so many customers at the salon, that they take your doll and you come back later to get it. You normally don't get to watch them make up the dolls hair... 

They took Saige in the back and she got changed into a nice little fluffy robe. Then, they scrubbed her face, body, arms and legs down. I couldn't believe how much dirt they got off of her, she didn't even look dirty to me when we brought her in. The lady working with us told me that some people bring in vintage AG dolls that were theirs or their Moms when they were little and usually those dolls are pretty dirty and grimy. I can see how you would get your money worth if you brought in a vintage doll that you were planning to give as a gift to your own daughter or granddaughter. They also used some powder on the doll as well.

The spa package wasn't all that expensive and I couldn't believe what we all got with it. I think it was $15? I can't remember, though... we got a terry robe, robe slippers, cucumber slices and a face mask (these are stickers) and finger nail polish stickers in several colors! How exciting!!!

Autumn watching Saige as she gets pampered

Autumn brought a little purse for her dolls and was playing with it on the counter while they worked on her dolls. Of course, I had to take a photo of her with it. :)

After Saige was done, it was Caroline's turn... Autumn needed to select a hair style for her and they had several different kinds with all sorts of prices.

I really thought the style of the month was cute and you even got to select what color ribbons you wanted to use.

But, then Autumn saw this doll and fell in love... of course, she picked the most expensive hair style, which was $25. It was the princess style, complete with tiara!

This hair style took quite a bit of time, I think we were in the AG store for about 2 1/2 hours, that includes maybe a half hour of looking around and 15 minutes of wait time to get her dolls into the salon. It was really fun watching Caroline get her hair made up and I was glad it wasn't over in 10 minutes for what I paid!

This is what the back of her hair looked like when they were done. It has stayed in really well, they didn't use ANY pins, just a lot of rubber bands. I am surprised it has lasted 3 weeks now with as hard as Autumn is with her dolls.

After they were done with Caroline's hair, Autumn and I went over to where the new doll of the year was (Isabelle) and got her photo taken next to the display. I love how Autumn is copying Isabelle's pose.

Autumn holding her made up doll. So sweet.

Autumn is always begging me to sew and she just loves this sewing machine set that comes with Isabelle. Unfortunately, you can't buy the sewing machine by itself and the entire set is $250!! Yikes! The sewing machine is so neat, too, because it moves up in down.

I think Autumn enjoys the sewing machine so much, because she loves to watch me sew. Here is Caroline 'sewing'.

Well, that wrapped up our American Girl trip to the hair salon! Autumn loves this revolving door and has to go around in it a least a half dozen times. It gave me a great photo opp of her and Caroline!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What Wives Wear Link Up #4 - Neon and Stripes

Welcome to the
What Wives Wear Link Up!

This week we got the chance to celebrate Memorial Day. 
It is a chance for us to honor and remember all of those 
that served and sacrificed for our country.

We send a special prayer to all of those that serve 
and to their families. Also those that may have lost a loved one.

This weeks link up we got a chance to see a few 
Memorial Day outfits. 

Also with the temperatures rising we got to see 
some more of the summer looks coming out.

This week I decided to go with a summer look that shows LOTS of stripes and NEON. I love posing in my yard this time of the year, because there are so many flowers growing. Currently I have a HUGE peony bush blooming, so of course I had to use a cutting as a prop. :)

My outfit is Old Navy from last year, so sorry if you are looking for these pieces. I have never paired this striped tank top or skirt together before, but the idea popped into my head this morning. I have also never tried stripes on stripes, but I love how it works for this outfit. The shirt I am wearing is a cream and tan striped shirt and the skirt is tan and neon pink stripes.

I also wore this lovely chevron pink necklace that I bought at Charmie Charlie. It goes perfect with the chevron stripes in my skirt!

I also have on neon yellow earrings AND my shoes have neon yellow tips. You can't tell in this photo that my shoes have neon yellow details, because it is washed out. SO, below I included a separate photo of just my shoes, of course...

These flats are from The Gap Outlet and I love them... they are tan and neon yellow, so they go perfectly with the tans in my tank top and skirt and the neon pink in the skirt and the neon yellow in my earrings. Yes. I love when it all works out like that. :)

The tan shredded bracelet I have on is from Molly Suzanne. I love the smell of peonies, I have a huge vase of cuttings in our kitchen right now and they smell SO good!


Even though I am wearing a skirt, this outfit is SO, SO comfortable! I may have to pack this for our upcoming Destin trip!

Thank you for joining us for the What Wives Wear Link Up, below you will see all of the details and who we featured this week!

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What Wives Wear Link Up is a place for wives/moms 
to express their own personal style. 
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Get inspired while inspiring others!

We will meet and link up every Thursday

Each week the hosts will choose the Top Two looks 
to be featured for the next weeks link up.
Join us each week and we may just pick you!

This weeks Top Two we got to meet Agi who linked up 
her monochromatic look. She added a pink blazer on top of 
an all-white look. With the summer almost here we want to
start wearing our pastel colors and our whitest whites.

Rachel's look I described as a perfect stylish mama outfit.
She took a fun and easy LBD and remixed it,
with some super cute accessories.

This is a dress she has worn in more than one season, 
and with just a few changes, she easily made it work. 

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Lovely Fairy Garden (2014)

For Mother's Day, Brian took the kids to get me some succulents for my fairy garden. This was my second year making a fairy garden in the bird bath by our rose garden. (See last years fairy garden post HERE.) I plan to buy a new piece for the fairy garden every year when I do my annual shopping in downtown Kirkwood with my friends, so that I always have something new/fun to add to it. This year I was able to use everything I've collected, but I am sure as my fairy garden collections grows, I won't be able to display everything.

Of course, the fairy garden didn't turn out exactly how I had envisioned it... because, I had a little helper! Autumn is so excited about everything to do with gardening this year and I think she found this fairy garden as a little outdoor dollhouse! lol! But, with me helping her, it turned out nicely and we had fun putting it together.

The new piece that I got for the fairy garden this year was this fairy on a swing. I saw it and couldn't turn it down. I purchased it at the OK Hatchery in Kirkwood, but then found it for $5.00 less at another store across the street (eek!). I wasn't sure if I could return it, so I just kept it for the price I paid. Boo. But, I still LOVE it.

Last year, I wanted to find the perfect fairy house for my fairies and this is the house I selected. I wanted something that was colorful and that wasn't too big for the bird bath.

I took this photo of Autumn, you can tell how focused she is in this photo... 

Every fairy garden needs an out house, right? I had to explain to Autumn what an out house was, she had no clue!

Brian and the kids picked out some really original succulents for me this year. I love this one, it is pointy and you can tell it has a lot of water in it.

Here is one of the fairies on the bench by herself... she has a broken wing :( But, I had to keep her... I am not sure where the piece went, it either broke last year or while we were getting the stuff back out.

I love to use blue glass pebbles to signify water and it looks so pretty in this bird bath against the color of the yellow bird.

Autumn is putting my new fairy on the swing. She is adorable, isn't she?!

Close up of the fairy on the swing

Autumn decided she wanted to put real water in the fairy watering can and add some water to the bird bath. I told her to go ahead, why not let her have fun :)

I thought this was a neat photo of the fairy with the stepping stones in the distance behind her.

Here is one last photo of the fairy garden with a full view of how we decorated it. This photo does not do justice, that is why I did all of the detail shots... it is really neat to see in person.

Don't forget to check out last years fairy garden post HERE.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

My First CaraBox Exchange and What I Received!

Last month, I decided to try out Carabox for the first time and I really, really loved the entire experience! If you use Instagram, you get paired with two new Instragram friends, one that you will ship a box to and another that will ship a box to you! You follow their Instagram feed and find out what they love, enjoy, etc. and then you go shopping and mail them a box of goodies for $20+ within a month. This time around, the theme was to keep the contents in the box local... which, was a little difficult for me since I live in a flyover state (St. Louis)... but, I did ok. :) Melissa was who I sent a box to and since she loves RUNNING as much as I do, I did sort of a St. Louis/running themed box.

When I received my first Carabox, I was so excited and it was wrapped nicely! It was a HUGE diaper box, too! I had no idea what was in the box, I really expected it to be one thing!

But, when I opened the box I found a TON of individual goodies inside, all individually wrapped in colorful tissue paper.

Here is a sneaky peak of everything I received... I know, WOW, right?!!

Amber included a bunch of postcards from her state, Michigan!

She numbered the cards and wrote her letter to me on them, what a terrific idea!

The first item I opened was a Vernors Ginger Ale! She wrote a little info about each item in the box and on this one she said that Vernors is a Michigan staple and everyone there knows to drink one if you have an upset stomach.

She also included a deck of cards that has 54 fun facts about Michigan. She says they play a game called Euchre in Michigan, but I have never heard of it. Have any of you?

She included a wine glass that she purchased from her local zoo and also helped feed the animals.

My favorite part of the box was this cherry wine from Traverse Winery. This was perfect, because I LOVE wine and Brian loves anything cherry! 

I had no idea Kelloggs was from Michigan and these chocolatey crunch bars fixed my chocolate craving in a pinch!

She sent me my very own tulip bulb, because Michigan is known as Holland and they have the tulip festival.

I love this bottle of Jones soda that she sent me, that is from Detroit. The flavor she sent me was a berry lemonade soda and it was very sweet! Yum!

She also sent me a t-shirt from her brother's lawn care company, because I love to run and she figured every runner needs a neon shirt to run in!

I am so thankful for the wonderful Carabox that @amberleelvt (if you want to follow her on Instagram!) sent to me. Also, I sent a box to @melissavaldez and if you are into running, definitely check out her on Instagram! Such a fun time! I won't be doing Carabox every month, since it takes a lot of time to run around and gather things up... but, I do think I'll try it out again in the future! If you are looking for some new Instagram friends or a fun way to exchange a gift in the mail, check out Carabox HERE.
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