Curly Crafty Mom: 30x30 Challenge - April: Week Five Reveal

Monday, May 5, 2014

30x30 Challenge - April: Week Five Reveal

It is the FIFTH week of the April 30x30 challenge and below you will see the outfits I remixed. If you are new here, a 30x30 Challenge is a 30 Day Challenge where you select 30 pieces of clothes, such as shirts, jeans, shoes and mix and match then for 30 days. Accessories such as jewelry, scarves, hang bags, etc. are not included in your 30 items. If you want to get caught up, you can see my 30 item reveal post HERE, my first week of outfits post HERE, second week of outfits post HERE, the third week of outfits HERE and the fourth week of outfits HERE.

So, what did I learn during the fifth week?

1. I think I am a little burned out on this challenge... I will probably try a 7x7 Challenge on my own later this summer if I feel up to it. I really do enjoy looking back on all of my outfits from this challenge and it blows me mind how many different combos I have come up with. 

2. Day 26 and 27 are my favorites days of the week, they are dressy yet casual. I really love how the chambray shirt looks with the white eyelet skirt in Day 26 and also with the coral/white sweater in Day 27. Chambray is just my favorite layering piece right now! I even have a chambray sleeveless top for this summer!

3. I love my mint skinnies and I found the most AMAZING link for how to style your mint jeans and I thought I'd share it with you HERE if you want to take a look. She also has a section on how to style RED jeans (probably more practical for the winter/holiday season).

I hope you enjoyed following along with me during this challenge... here is this weeks outfits!

Day Twenty-Five

Today was one of those days that I got all dressed up for Brian to take my photo for 30x30 and then I changed back into some comfier clothes. BUT, I have been wanting to try out this outfit combo since it popped in my mind and I really like how the plaid pattern of the shirt and stripey pattern of the skirt blend together! I think it goes really well together, because both pieces have navy in them and I added a sheer pink cardi that softens the plaid in the shirt against the stripes in the skirt. I think this one is a definite win!

Day Twenty-Six

I really love this outfit and I think I will make it one of my go-to outfits for church this Spring and Summer. I love how it is a dressy yet dressed down look... the lace Toms go nicely with the white eyelet skirt. I love how chambray shirts go with about ANYTHING... I wore my personalized 'shoe clip' as a necklace on a gold chain once again for this outfit.

Day Twenty-Seven


I wore this outfit on a Monday... I really love layering chambray shirts under sweaters and since this sweater from J. Crew is super light, it worked out really nice for a Spring day! I am wearing my white lace Toms a lot now that Easter has come and gown... I always feel a little weird about wearing white before Easter.

Day Twenty-Eight


I had a field trip that involved 'hiking' on this day... I asked Brian if it'd be wise to hike in my Sperrys and he said no. So, I changed into tennis shoes, which I rarely wear tennis shoes with jeans... but, I am glad I did, because there was some 'swampy' grass areas along the hike. I also changed into a t-shirt instead of this nicer shirt... chasing after a bunch of preschoolers will make you just want to be comfy... not that this wasn't a comfy outfit, but... well, 30x30 always makes me eager to dress a little nicer since my photo is going to be on the webs and all.

Day Twenty-Nine


I really love this outfit from Day Twenty-Nine... the floral scarf has pinks, navy and greens in it and it really blends nicely with my striped shirt, earrings and my green utility jacket. It was also a nice and casual outfit and I took the utility jacket and scarf off once it warmed up later in the day. Gotta love transitional outfits!

Day Thirty


This outfit consists of a floral top from F21 and mint skinnies from F21, too! I wore the coral flower necklace from Molly Suzanne to bring out the coral hues in the top. I got this necklace for $10 WITH free shipping when Molly had a sale last Summer. Yeah! And, this closes out the April 30x30 for me! Back to thrumpy and comfy clothes! Ha! Just kidding... well, sort of... :)

First Week Summary

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Fifth Week Summary:
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