Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's Field Trip to Shaw's Nature Reserve

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Autumn's Field Trip to Shaw's Nature Reserve

Last Tuesday was Autumn's last field trip in her PS4 class and it was at Shaws Nature Reserve. I had never been to Shaws Nature Reserve, but I have always wanted to see it. It is 40 minutes outside St. Louis, so it was a bit of a drive... but, so worth it! It is definitely God's country out there! They offer a lot of 'classes' that you can sign up for and I am thinking of doing the geocaching class with Nathan sometime this summer.

They broke the class up into two and here is Autumn's group hiking through the field. The morning of the field trip I was thinking about wearing my beloved Sperrys, but Brian told me that they would not be good for hiking and so I settled on some tennis shoes. Good thing, because there were some 'soupy/wet' areas in the grass!

Learning how to recognize certain objects you'd find in nature

All of the kids got a little color chip with a color from the rainbow on it and Autumn's was green. She needed to find something around her that was green, too!

She found a green color in the leaves on the lilies.

Autumn walking with her friend Lauren, this is the girl that comes over to have a playdate with Autumn twice a week

I love this little hug!

All of the kids got observation boxes to fill with items they found while hiking

Autumn filling her little box with all sorts of treasures

I found this tree regrowth interesting

They got to go in a look out tower

Such an amazing view

Playing on the playground... they had one of these trees with the long branches over a large body of water in another part of the reserve. I can't imagine I'd make it across without falling in the water with how good I am at balancing! ;)

This was the face she gave me when I told her there was a spider on the web! LOL!

At the end of the field trip, we ate lunch and did a class photo. Wow, it is hard to get a class photo of a bunch of preschoolers. One would just randomly run off or one would start to cry over something... well, somehow we got one.

Found another St. Louis birthday cake on the field trip to Shaw's Nature Reserve today! The kids loved it, because it had creepy crawlers, turtles and frogs on it! #stlcelebrates250yrs 
AND, I got a photo of another St. Louis Birthday Cake! I have seen so many of these cakes on the kids field trips in the last month. So, of course I had to get a photo of Autumn by it. There are 250 cakes and I have felt like I have seen so many of them, yet I still haven't even see 10 of the cakes... which means, there are an awful lot of cool places to visit in St. Louis!
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