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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Curly Momma's Weekend Happenings and Meal Plan, Week 11

Perfect end to an exhausting yet fun full day field trip to The City Museum. Cupcakes from Icing Cafe is our once a month Friday treat and what a perfect day for it! This time we got Maple Bacon, Kitchen Sink and the kids always get a vanilla and chocolat
Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Ours was pretty... busy. We decided to celebrate Friday with cupcakes from Icing Cafe BEFORE dinner! Yeahhh! This is our once a month treat and it is so fun to go there and see which cupcakes they have for the week. The kids always get their 'birthday cake' cupcakes which are available in chocolate or vanilla, but Brian and I always order two of their specialty cupcakes and split them so we can try two kinds without eating two... wow, I hope that makes sense. This week we tried their Maple Bacon and their Kitchen Sink cupcakes... Autumn has been wanting a strawberry cupcake and the lady was SO sweet, she said to just call that morning and they will make one up for her by the time we stop by after school. I also love their prices, $3 for a jumbo cupcake is not bad AT ALL.

What have I been doing this afternoon? Getting ready for the Baby Mania sale I am in this Saturday. I have more toys than clothes, but that may mean more take home?!! Wish me luck and I hope Brian and I can fit all this in my CRV tomorrow!!! Getting ready for our big Baby Mania sale!!
On Saturday we had the Spring BABY MANIA sale at our local high school! This is a HUGE sale where you pay for two parking spaces and then you haul over all of your baby stuff (mostly 5 and under) and it is open to the public for three hours for FREE. Which means, you get rid of a TON of stuff... we actually sold 75% of what we brought and what we had left was mostly clothes! Now I am going to do a yard sale in my subdivision next month on a Wednesday and Saturday and try to get rid of some more of it. Yay! 

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I also did a little shopping, of course... I found this HUGE pink Barbie airplane and it has a speaker that you can make announcements on, just like a real airplane! Autumn just loves it and I am tickled that I found it... it was the only one I saw and they let the vendors shop an hour before the sale starts! She had all of her Frozen princess dolls in it and was singing them Frozen songs over the speaker. LOL. I also got her an American Girl knock off sleeping bag... it has Pooh on it. Nathan was harder to shop for, because he is almost 8... I did find him some dragons, cars, etc. Grandma came up with the kids later and found this really neat Hot Wheels toy that shoots a car through 4 loops... between that toy and the airplane we had a couple of hours to 'rest' after the sale while the kids entertained themselves... although, they are 'noisy' toys... but, oh well! :)

Enjoying a beautiful day outside at the Missouri Botanical Garden. This photo was taken before the kids enjoyed the water play area.
Sunday is church and Sunday school and then we plan to visit the Missouri Botanical Garden, since Nathan needs to make a trip there to finish off a scouting requirement.
Are you ready for the meal plan for this week? Here ya go!

Menu Plan for Week of May 4, 2014:

Sunday -
Dinner Out

We will be at church and then need to take Nathan to the Botanical Gardens for Scouts... which means, we will probably grab something quick for dinner.

Monday - Bourbon Chicken with White Rice, recipe HERE
My second week of meal planning, tonight I made Bourbon Chicken with white rice. The kids always gobble this up, it is one of their favorite meals I make. Link to recipe and to the rest of my eats for the week in my profile or
This is a popular one with the kids and I rotate it every 2-3 weeks now. I leave out the red pepper flakes for their plates and add it in for me and Brian's plates. LOL.

Tuesday - Pasta con Broccoli and Homemade Rolls, recipe HERE
This is seriously the best pasta con broccoli EVER... I prefer this over any restaurant's dish. Yum! I used to call this dinosaur pasta when Nathan was little, to get him to eat it.

Wednesday - Brian's Homemade Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit and Bacon (Breakfast for Dinner)

Brian makes the BEST cinnamon rolls that I have ever had... the secret ingredient is vanilla pudding! Yum! It takes him a long time to make them, but he hasn't in awhile and I've been craving them. Can't wait!

Thursday - On my own, Brian at Happy Hour
I will either have leftovers or cereal for dinner! The kids are with their Dad for a couple of hours and Brian will be at a Happy Hour... so, I am all on my own! 

Friday - Nathan's Hot Dogs, Corn on the Cob and Watermelon
It's going to be a nice evening, it'll be nice to sit out on the patio while we enjoy a little BBQ!

Saturday - Frozen Pizza
We have the school picnic all morning and afternoon, so we will just enjoy some frozen pizza on Saturday night as we rest after a day out in the sun.

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