Curly Crafty Mom: Five on Friday... Rambles.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday... Rambles.

Today I am just going to ramble about some things going on around here... We have 3 weeks left of school and it has been really busy as we finish out the school year. I am getting really ready for the lazy (and homework free) days of summer!!

So here are my 5 Fridays Rambles...

And, before a start... a big thank you to Darci, April, Christina and Natasha) for the Five on Friday link up party!

1. Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up and Brian asked me for some 'hints' for a gift. I have been dreaming about these Tory Burch Miller sandals, but I can't decide which color I like the best. I really don't have a pair of 'white' sandals right now, so I am leaning towards the white pair. Although, I love anything gold... and, the gold pair is just adorable. Both the white and gold pair are on sale on Nordstrom, too for 25% off which makes them even more tempting. Then, there is the sand colored pair that I know is popular... but, I am so indecisive and I really can't decide which color to tell Brian to get me if he decides to gift me this Mother's Day. ;) I was reading the reviews on the Miller sandals and everyone says to order a half size up, or they will be too short on the foot. Also, several of the reviewers say they own the Miller sandal is several colors... say what?!! I will be lucky if I own it in just ONE color. :)

2. What Wives Wear Link Up
What Wives Wear Button
Do you enjoy fashion too or do you ever want to share your outfits with other bloggers? Sherri from God Life Happy Life is starting a weekly link up on Thursdays called What Wives Wear. The link up is starting on May 8 and she asked me to join her as a host. So, don't forget to snap a photo of yourself next weekend and join us as we share some fashionable outfits. We will also be picking our favorite two outfits each week, so you could be featured the following week!

3. Summer Vacations - Destin, FL and a Cruise???

In July we will be visiting Destin, Florida for the first time as a family. I am really excited and we have our place booked, but I haven't really researched anything else about the trip. I want to get our family photographed on the beach, but I haven't looked into photographers yet. Does anyone have any recommendations for a Destin photographer? I have started to plan our outfits for the beach and I am thinking navy blue and whites with some 'anchor' patterns/accessories for us girls. 

I also still need to go swim suit shopping and I think the first place I will look is at Nordstrom, because I have heard they have mix and match tops and bottoms. I will probably check out a couple of other places for swimsuits, unless I fall in love with one (or two) at Nordstrom. I also may or may not buy a new cover up.

Brian and I are also 'considering' a kid-free trip to somewhere for a week in June. We have knocked it down to three places of choice: a Royal Caribbean cruise leaving out of Miami, Napa or NYC. Everyone keeps telling us we should visit NYC, but I haven't been on a cruise since pre-kids and it would be nice to lounge, site-see and pig out for most of the week. We have been considering a trip to Napa for awhile, too... June is not far away either! Although, I did look at cruise-fare and oh my is it cheap to book a cruise last minute! Seriously... not sure how cheap it is to book a flight a month out, though... hmm. Anyway, I really need to book something soon!

4. I was Featured on Real Moms, Real Fashion Interview

Rachel from Can't Google Everything featured me last week on her Real Moms Real Fashion series (click HERE to see the post). Stop by to see my answers to her questions on what I wear now that I am a sahm and you will also see some of my everyday outfits.

5. Fall Half Marathon and Possibly a Marathon Next Spring!

I am thinking hard about running a full marathon next Spring... I've always wanted to do one and with both kids in school full-day, I should be able to get in the amount of training that goes into one. We'll see. Not 100% sold on it yet. I want to run a marathon once and only once... so, once I check it off my bucket list... it is checked! And, I am going for finishing, not speed... I also just signed up for a half marathon for this Fall and it is one I have never ran before... the MO' Cowbell in St. Charles! After I run this half, I will have ran all of the St. Louis half marathons except for the Go! Halloween Half... Not bad! I am going to really try for a sub 2:00 at this half, because they claim it is completely flat. We'll see if they are telling the truth when I get out there... :)

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