Curly Crafty Mom: Happy Mother's Day (and a WINNER!), also Meal Plan, Week 12

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day (and a WINNER!), also Meal Plan, Week 12

Happy Mother's Day! First, I wanted to announce the WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER of the $350 Mother's Day CASH Giveaway! Alicia Miller was chosen for liking Migonis Home on Facebook! Thanks to Mandy at The Hankful House for getting this giveaway together!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Mother's Day! Nathan had choir at 8:00 a.m. at church (yes, they do this every year! lol!) and so we were scrambling in the morning to get all spruced up for Mother's Day. I decided to wear my lovely floral dress from Stitch Fix with my new... drum roll... Tory Burch sandals in camel!

Brian always takes the kids shopping in Kirkwood for Mother's Day. We went to the school picnic on Saturday and I volunteered for an hour in the biggest bounce house at the school picnic... the obstacle one. I was exhausted afterwards and Brian was SO kind to take the kids shopping for my Mother's day gifts after the picnic. I will be honest, I did clean up the house and empty the dishwasher during my kid free time, but after that... I laid flat on the couch and snoozed. Ahh. When the kids got home, I got some early Mother's Day gifts... the Tory Burch sandals, chocolates from Chocolate Chocolate AND succulents for my Fairy Garden I do every year in the bird bath. (See last years Fairy Garden blog post HERE.) 

I really need to go on a diet... because, I want to look decent in a bikini for our Destin trip, but then Brian comes home with THIS. Agh. I die.

Ignore the messy kitchen behind me. Here I am with my sweeties and my gifts... Brian let them each pick a card out for me and Nathan got one with a hamster on it (of course) and Autumn got me one with two people kissing? lol. Nathan even picked out a cactus for himself... Autumn got a potted flower, but you can't see it here. I may look a little rough, but this is all of us after the picnic at school! It was a hot one! And, I realized when Brian photographed this that I had taken my bra off, so that is why I am holding the cactus weird. Ha!

Nathan made me this sweet, sweet puzzle piece frame at school. I just love when they bring home these treasures. LOVE.

We spent lunch on Mother's Day at The Blue Owl restaurant in Kimmswick, MO. They are known for their homemade desserts and the food is perfect Mother's Day type food such as quiche, strawberry salad, homemade soups, etc. We found another St. Louis Birthday cake and I thought this little blue owl on the cake was just precious.

We had lunch with my parents and my brother Jeff and his wife Tracy. We got all of my family (me, my parents, the kids and my brother Jeff) for a photo in front of the birthday cake.

This was a wonderful Mother's Day... I really love being a momma... It is a lot of work and some days I feel like my patience isn't what it should be... especially if I am PMS'ing (like today! ha!). But, I never take a single day for granted EVER with these two. They are everything to me, they are so innocent and sweet... yet Nathan can be a turtle and Autumn can be sassy. But, they are a part of me and I am a part of them, forever. God blessed me with Nathan and Autumn and they are exactly what makes my life so wonderful everyday. (I was also blessed with an amazing husband, too! Can't leave him out!) I love all of the extra time that I get with them now that I stay at home, I really do treasure it. I feel like I see so much more of their everyday and I get to be an active part of it. I still did when I was working, too... but, now I just have so many more hours with them in a single day. I am really looking forward to this summer, especially since I'll get so much more time with Nathan since normally he is in school all day... and my Mom agreed to watch either Nathan or Autumn so that I can do a one on one day with each of them every month! That will be so fun! My Mom and Dad have been so great in helping me out with watching the kids with all of their field trips, any DR appts I have or when we had the STOMACH PLAGUE at our house in April. So, I am especially thankful for my Mom this Mother's Day, too! :) Mom's rule!!!

And, not to make this post any longer... but, here is this weeks meal plan:

Menu Plan for Week of May 11, 2014:

Sunday -
Mother's Day, Dinner Out 
Unless Brian wants to cook or BBQ on Sunday, we are eating out. Mother's Day = No Momma Cooking Todayyy!

Monday - Dr. Pepper Slow Cooker Roast Beef with Mashed Potatoes, recipe HERE
Dr Pepper Slow Cooker Roast Beef Recipe  from
I can't believe I haven't made a roast since I've become a sahm! I have had this recipe pinned for awhile and I plan to make some mashed potatoes to go with it... my kids aren't big on potatoes cooked in the crock pot, so this recipe will be perfect since it is just about the meat.

Tuesday - Lasagna 
I also can't believe I haven't made my lasagna recipe since I've been a sahm. I used to make this a lot pre-kids and it is a pretty good lasagna recipe. You put the noodles in and they bake in the oven, so easy!

Wednesday - Tacos
Every other week taco rotation!!

Thursday - Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili with Cornbread, recipe HERE

I have never made a white chicken chili before, so I thought I'd give it a whirl this week. This is a new recipe that I found off of Pinterest, I will let you know if it is any good. My Carabox partner sent me a box of PAM cornbread last week, so I plan to make use of it this week! 

Friday - Nathan's Birthday Celebration, Dinner Out 
We are going to celebrate Nathan's birthday, so I am going to let the boy pick where he wants to go... if I had to guess, I am sure it will be Incredible Pizza!!

Saturday - Leftovers 
I am going to leave this day open as a 'leftovers' day since several of the meals this week make big portions.
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