Curly Crafty Mom: My Lovely Fairy Garden (2014)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Lovely Fairy Garden (2014)

For Mother's Day, Brian took the kids to get me some succulents for my fairy garden. This was my second year making a fairy garden in the bird bath by our rose garden. (See last years fairy garden post HERE.) I plan to buy a new piece for the fairy garden every year when I do my annual shopping in downtown Kirkwood with my friends, so that I always have something new/fun to add to it. This year I was able to use everything I've collected, but I am sure as my fairy garden collections grows, I won't be able to display everything.

Of course, the fairy garden didn't turn out exactly how I had envisioned it... because, I had a little helper! Autumn is so excited about everything to do with gardening this year and I think she found this fairy garden as a little outdoor dollhouse! lol! But, with me helping her, it turned out nicely and we had fun putting it together.

The new piece that I got for the fairy garden this year was this fairy on a swing. I saw it and couldn't turn it down. I purchased it at the OK Hatchery in Kirkwood, but then found it for $5.00 less at another store across the street (eek!). I wasn't sure if I could return it, so I just kept it for the price I paid. Boo. But, I still LOVE it.

Last year, I wanted to find the perfect fairy house for my fairies and this is the house I selected. I wanted something that was colorful and that wasn't too big for the bird bath.

I took this photo of Autumn, you can tell how focused she is in this photo... 

Every fairy garden needs an out house, right? I had to explain to Autumn what an out house was, she had no clue!

Brian and the kids picked out some really original succulents for me this year. I love this one, it is pointy and you can tell it has a lot of water in it.

Here is one of the fairies on the bench by herself... she has a broken wing :( But, I had to keep her... I am not sure where the piece went, it either broke last year or while we were getting the stuff back out.

I love to use blue glass pebbles to signify water and it looks so pretty in this bird bath against the color of the yellow bird.

Autumn is putting my new fairy on the swing. She is adorable, isn't she?!

Close up of the fairy on the swing

Autumn decided she wanted to put real water in the fairy watering can and add some water to the bird bath. I told her to go ahead, why not let her have fun :)

I thought this was a neat photo of the fairy with the stepping stones in the distance behind her.

Here is one last photo of the fairy garden with a full view of how we decorated it. This photo does not do justice, that is why I did all of the detail shots... it is really neat to see in person.

Don't forget to check out last years fairy garden post HERE.

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