Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's Field Trip to the City Museum

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nathan's Field Trip to the City Museum

So, once again I found myself at the City Museum... a place that makes me very UNCOMFORTABLE, because I hatehatehate heights. Nathan's class took a field trip there a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't AS bad this second time as it was the first time. Still, by this photo... you can tell that this place is crazzzy. Can you imagine taking a class full of 2nd graders here?! Well, we did it... and, somehow we did not lose anyone. HERE is my blog post about when we took the kids there last year, we also saw the aquarium when we took them.

See what I mean? Crazy.

Upon entering the City Museum, we found another St. Louis Birthday cake!

The obligatory group photo of the class

This is MY Nathan, up high in that tunnel... ugh, there is NO way I could ever do that! One of my blog friends from St. Louis told me that she had her wedding reception here and she tried to go through that tunnel in her wedding dress, but didn't fit! Oh my...

This is a close up of Nathan in the tunnel, my camera has an amazing zoom, eh? I just wish it hadn't of been so overcast that day, this picture could have looked much nicer with a deep blue sky!

Another tunnel Nathan is crawling through...

Can you tell by this face that he LOVES the ball pit? 

I do love the arts and crafts area at the City Museum... more my speed, ya know? Here are some masks we made and I drew my 'rat' Mickey Mouse as Nathan calls it on the chalkboard behind me and all of the kids kept trying to erase him!

Nathan made this car out of clay, too!

They also had a skateboarding area, which was rather fun for the kids. A lot of them could run up to the top and pull themselves to the top.

This was the FINAL field trip of the year for both kids. I am ready to start making some of our own fun plans this summer, when I finalize our SUMMER BUCKET LIST. :)
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