Curly Crafty Mom: 5 Little Confessions - June

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

5 Little Confessions - June

We've all seen the posts going around blogland and social media about being honest and keeping things real. bloggers often get accused of posting only the parts of our lives we want to show off. We know we all have those less than bloggable moments in life. As readers, we all love reading those posts, but as writers we sometimes avoid spilling the dirt. In the spirit of keeping things real, we bring you 5 little confessions. Did you go 5 days without washing your hair? Did your clean laundry sit on your floor until it was time to wash again? Did you spend all weekend keeping up with the kardashians? Did you eat cake for breakfast? Dig up a few of your secrets and link up below.

This week I will be sharing 5 Little Confessions about GOING ON VACATION.

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5 Little Confessions from Carrie:

1. I either book the trip WAY early, or WAY late. In one 12 month period, we went to Disney TWICE. One of the Disney trips we booked really last minute and the other we booked almost a year in advance. Let me tell you, you do not want to book Disney last minute. I had signed up for the Wine & Dine half marathon, but I kept dragging my feet on booking a hotel and air. Well, when we finally did book the hotel (2 months out!), all of the Disney hotels were booked. ALL OF THEM. Our travel agent had never seen this happen... so, we stayed off-site and transportation from park to park and to the race was a MAJOR headache. But, the trip and the hotel we stayed at was still really nice... just not as nice as a Disney hotel or Disney transportation. Now, when we booked the second trip to Disney (this was a family trip, so the kids went), we booked it FAR out and even purchased the meal plan. We had our hotel, meal plan and flights booked way ahead. I think Disney is just one of those vacations you will enjoy more if you spend more time planning it out, especially with kids in tow. We also booked the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for my daughter and the Pirates League for my son, which the good time slots get filled quickly if you wait too long for those reservations.

We also booked a Chicago trip last minute last summer. We actually won out on this one, because Southwest was running a deal for $100 pp round trip flight from St. Louis to Chicago. Sweet. All of the big well known hotels were booked, but we found a 'boutique' hotel that even offered free breakfast every morning. It was an awesome trip... now we might be booking a trip THIS month last minute, we'll see if it happens or not.

2. I love to book hotels that offer free breakfast and cocktail/reception hours. When we went to Chicago, I found out that all of the hotels are pretty expensive and none of the bigger hotels offered free breakfast. Just forget it. But, I kept looking and finally had to look at the smaller boutique hotels and found one that offered breakfast every day! AND a cocktail hour! You got two free drinks at the 5-7pm cocktail hour and free apps! It was killer! The free breakfast was set up on EVERY floor in the hotel and you could just slip out and back into your room with your plate of breakfast! 

We are staying at a resort in Destin and it did not offer free complimentary breakfast, but it did as an extra fee onto your room. I grabbed it, because with kids it is much easier to have breakfast at the hotel then to run somewhere. My kids are hungry as soon as they wake up, so this will be perfect. It was only a $10 per day (not per person) fee for the breakfast, too and it is a hot breakfast in their restaurant.

3. I love to plan out several places to eat and several activities, sometimes. I will even jot done an agenda for each day. I always try to leave two days open during our vacation for leisure, too. I tend to go by recommendations from friends first, but I also love, love, love TripAdvisor. When we planned our trip to Paris, TripAdvisor and our hotel staff were our lifesavers in finding GOOD restaurants. I also love to find some activities that are unique to the place we are staying. For example, when we went to Chicago we did Bobby's Bike Tours to visit different sites and bites around Chicago and it was awesome! It was also #1 on TripAdvisor at the time. I just feel a little better prepared if I have a plan and then I don't feel like I am trying to plan an entire vacation while I am there. I also tend to plan a lot more (or over plan) when we go on a trip with the kids versus a trip with just Brian.

4. The perfection vacation year for me is to have a vacation as a family (with the kids) and to have a vacation with my hubs. I think it is fun to do one of each of these vacations a year if you have time and money to do so! As much as I love my kids, it is also fun to reconnect with my husband and have some adult time with him. I also enjoy vacationing with the kids, because it makes me feel like a kid again! They really do see everything through different eyes than us and I love the extra time with them in a new place!

5. Sometimes traveling makes me nervous. Flying, going to Europe, etc. Brian and I joke that I enjoy the trip AFTER we get home. Also, after we went to Paris, we joked that I'd enjoy it much better the second time, just because I'd know what to expect. I don't know why I am this way, Brian is so much more carefree and laid back. I worry a lot too when I travel without the kids, I worry that something will happen to me or to them while I am away. I am such a dang worry wart, I hate it. Bleh. But, I also think it is somewhat normal... or at least to worry about being away from my kids. :) I also tend to feel a huge flood of relief once we arrive at the destination, I am not sure why traveling to a specific destination makes me stress... but, it does. :) Especially if it involves flying. If you know me, you know that I have a fear of heights. I do ok on planes, but was known to pass up a free pass to Europe in college due to my fear of flying all the way to Europe. Thankfully, I got over that fear and flew to Paris with Brian a couple of years ago and we hope to see Italy and even maybe Hawaii (heck, that is a long flight, too!) someday. So, I think I pretty much realize that if I want to see a cool, far away place... I have to suck it up and get on that plane. :) And, usually after the flight, I realize how silly I was for worrying so much...

Do you have any vacation confessions? Leave them in the comments below! Also, we'd love for you to link up and confess with us!

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