Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's Dance Recital and Meal Plan, Week 18

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Autumn's Dance Recital and Meal Plan, Week 18

A couple of weeks ago, we had Autumn's dance recital! We have all been getting hit with summer colds around here lately and I was SO glad that Autumn didn't get sick until AFTER her dance recital. About a month before her recital, she had professional photos taken at the dance studio. I took her outside to take my own photos of her in the backyard, since I do have a fancy schnancy Canon Rebel. I did buy the studio photos, but I took her dance photos in the backyard last year and I think this will become a little tradition of ours. Isn't she darling? Yes, she DID do her own makeup... mostly.

Her song this year was 'Getting to Know You' and each girl paired up with another girl and they held hands for part of the song. It was SO sweet and cute... and, I love how her dance costume is PINK with polka dots this year!

Here is the back of the costume with cross cross straps in the back.

When I saw that there was a top hat... I died.

Detail-of-design-on-dress Close-up-of-skirt
The little details of her costume... cuuuute.

This little girl sure can pose!

Aut-bum2 Aut-bum1
It is always fun to get a picture of all of the ruffles on her skirt!

We aren't allowed to take photos during the recital, so I took this photo at the end of the rehearsal. It was really hard to take photos with my Rebel and my iPhone with all of the theater lighting. This was the best shot I got.

Front-of-Aut2 Good-pic_Auttie-mid-body
And here is a comparison picture of her from this year and LAST year. Wow, she really doesn't look too different, does she? Maybe it is because her hair and makeup is the same... lol.

Right now Autumn is taking gymnastics and she really enjoys it. I think we are going to keep her in gymnastics during the summer. Next year for dance I am looking at either a ballet/tap class again or a hip hop class instead. We won't be able to do both classes, it is just too much for us... 

Enough about dance... I have the meal plan prepared for this week and it is a little skimpy, because we are vacationing in NYC! I am planning an interesting menu for the next week, I even have a new Mexican recipe I am going to try that will have your mouth watering! So, until then... here is what we are having:

Are you ready for the meal plan for this week?

Menu Plan for Week of June 22, 2014:

Sunday - OOT

Monday - OOT

Tuesday - OOT

Wednesday - OOT

Thursday - Gazpacho with Grilled Cheese

Friday - Tacos
I usually make these every other week, but its been a month since we've had tacos (oh no!)... so, we are back to tacos again this week!

 - Cheddar Beer Burgers (plain ole burgers for the kids) and Chips, recipe HERE

 We have made these cheddar beer burgers before and they are killer. We are going to make them up plain for the picky kids. I will be serving them just with chips.
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