Curly Crafty Mom: Burlap and Chevron Fabric Banner for the 4th of July

Monday, June 30, 2014

Burlap and Chevron Fabric Banner for the 4th of July

Can you believe that the 4th of July is this Friday? Have you made your plans? We are still trying to figure out what we'll do... probably some fireworks, a little BBQ'ing... I'd also love to display this new Burlap and Chevron Fabric Banner in our backyard! Annnd, if the kids will cooperate, I'd love to get a photo of them holding it (wish me luck...).

I found the inspiration for this banner at Hobby Lobby... I saw a full banner that said Happy 4th of July! However, I knew I could make one for less and I shortened it to say 'I HEART USA'. I was really pleased with how it turned out and it only took me one afternoon to throw it together. The only items I had to buy was the red and blue chevron fabric... everything else I already had on hand at home.

So, grab an ice tea, iced hot chocolate... or whatever your summer beverage choice is... and, I'll follow you along on how to make one of these beautiful holiday banners for your home.

This banner consists of two banner shapes, a larger size (4x6.5", the extra .5" is for a crease at the top) for the fabric and a smaller sized banner for the burlap that will fit inside the larger size banner. I traced the shape on the burlap pieces with a sharpie and then cut them out.

Then, I used a fabric pen to outline the banner shape on my red and blue fabric and cut those out with fabric scissors.

I then had the fabric pieces I needed for the banner

Then, I used a stencil and white paint to sponge the letters on each piece of burlap. I hand drew the heart with red paint on its piece of burlap.

The burlap pieces after I had painted them

Then I used the iron to create a 5" crease on the top of each fabric banner piece

Make_Sewing-banner Make_using-sewing-machine
Then, fold over the 5" flap so that it overlaps the string you are using the hang the banner with and sew across. Make sure that you don't sew the string, or you won't be able to pull it through and also make sure you sew it shut with the string inside it.

Here is a close up of how it will look when you are finished sewing

Leave the banner on the spool of twine, ribbon, etc., because you won't know how long you want it to be until you hang it on your fence, tree outside, etc. After you hang it, you can then cut it off from the spool... trust me, this way you won't land up cutting it too short!

Hot glue around the edges of the burlap and then stick it onto the fabric

And, then ta-da! You have a 4th of July banner!

I made sure that the heart landed up on a blue chevron fabric piece, because if it had been on a red fabric piece, it would have not stood out... you don't want red on red, so be careful of that

I have this HUGE limelight hydrangea bush in my backyard that blooms like crazy from Spring all through the HOT summer. Isn't this banner adorable when I laid it on top of the huge blooms?





And... if this isn't enough 4th of July for you... did you check out my scrappy banner (click HERE) that I hung on my porch chalkboard? Next year I will probably try out the burlap and chevron fabric banner and the scrappy fabric banner together! What fun that will be! Hope you all have a great week leading up to the festivities on the 4th!

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