Curly Crafty Mom: End of School Year, Cub Scout Rocket Launch and VBS

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

End of School Year, Cub Scout Rocket Launch and VBS

SO, I am a little behind on the 'End of the School Year' posts... Decided to roll it all up into ONE bloggity post, before it gets too late and I forget. I could probably do one more of these posts for field day, school picnic, Nat and Aut's class leading chapel, etc... we will see if I get to it. :) But, for now... here is a BIG catch up (ketchup!) post!

The week before school let out, Autumn's class had a Bubbles and Biking day! They could bring their bikes or their scooters. Since Autumn's bike and helmet was at Grandmas, she brought Nathan's scooter and helmet! What a cutie she is!

Autumn and her friend Lauren... I wish I had gotten a front view of them!

It was really something seeing all of these kids out on their bikes and scooters!

Autumn graduated from preschool a couple of days before Nathan was officially on summer break. They didn't do this for Nathan when he graduated from preschool, but they had a nice little graduation ceremony for the preschoolers. Autumn had a paper bowl graduation hat and even a corsage craft she had made. So CUTE.

Here is Autumn getting up to get her diploma.

So official!

They also did a slide show... ahhh, I didn't cry at her graduation (I almost did), but when I got home I was SO sad. Sad that our half days together are forever over, that she will be in full day school next year. I know we will have the summers together, but I will miss our little time we had together... picking her up from school midday and seeing her smiley face. I will also miss her friend Lauren that I was watching twice a week! Ugh, it sucks that I get so attached, but that is me. Anyway, I was REALLY sad for a couple of days and then summer vacation started and... well, things picked up with having them both at home and I rarely have time to even think about it now. :) Which may be a good thing! I know when school starts in the Fall I will be sad though. :( Brian and I are hoping to have another munchkin, but it just hasn't happened for us yet... so we'll see what the future holds!

Autumn's preschool class, most of these kids are coming back next year for Kindergarten. Yay!

Then a couple of days after Autumn graduated, Nathan graduated to 3rd grade! Here he is singing in the Choristers, next year he will be in the middle choir... and Autumn will be in choristers.

At our school, the kids get to move spots when they graduate to another grade... so, here is Nathan getting up from the 2nd grade area and moving the the 3rd grade pews so he can sit with his new teacher! His teacher is actually the same teacher I had at this same school when I went, but she was my 7th grade teacher then! She is retiring after this next school year, so I am thankful Nathan gets to have her! The 8th graders had to stand on the outer walls of the church to make room for the 7th graders that graduated to 8th grade!

Autumn moving up to Kindergarten! Her Kindergarten teacher had Nathan for THREE years, because she kept moving up! He had her for PS3, PS4 and Kindergarten! She put Autumn on her lap for the rest of the chapel service, so sweet!

Nathan is now a wolf in cub scouts!

image image
And, they got to launch their rockets!

First day of VBS went well... I am leading the third graders this year, which is Nathan's class. They learned songs, a bible verse, did sand art and had a trail mix snack. Not a bad day, but I feel I could use a nap now. Day 2 of VBS, best part was the super cute craft that used a hair net as a fishing net! They had fruit bowls today for a snack and learned more about Jesus and his love for us! ❤️ Autumn was too excited to get her photo taken so that is why she is behind
Day 3 of VBS... Autumn got to be Jesus today during the bible study. They also got to play a water game outside. Snack was yogurt with Swedish fish. I didn't get a nap afterwards. ⚓️ Day 4 of VBS: Nat and Aut standing with all of the fish they've caught, each fish is $10 that has been given. Snack was PB, crackers, raisins and pretzels. Nathan working on a sun catcher and Autumn working on uncovering their bible verse on the smart boa
I'm a day late, but here is Day 5 of VBS! What a fun week! Love these kids!!
AND, if you follow me on Instagram (if you don't yet, you are missing out! click HERE to follow me on Instagram!), then you saw that I posted a Vacation Bible School collage each day of the week. I was in charge of the 3rd graders, so I got to be with Nathan and his classmates the entire time. Grandma was with Autumn and the Kindergartners. It was a fun week, but I caught a nasty cold and didn't feel too good on the last day and the weekend after. Boo. :(

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