Curly Crafty Mom: Missouri Botanical Garden Outing

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Missouri Botanical Garden Outing

A few Sundays ago (wow, I'm behind on this one!), we went to the Missouri Botanical Garden, because Nathan had a requirement we needed to meet before his cub scout graduation. It was a beautiful Spring day and a really nice man took this photo of our family. It is so nice when people come up to you and offer to take a photo for you. And, we are all looking and smiling at the camera!

Here is a beautiful photo of the climatron

We were all dressed up a little for church, which made for even nicer photos. Autumn is such a little cutie here.

We hadn't planned on going into the children's area of the garden (it costs extra), but I am glad we did. I got a nice little photo of the kids standing next to a waterfall by the entrance.

One of my favorite areas in the childrens garden is the area with the levees and boats.

Nat-letting-boat-out Aut-carrying-a-boat
Nathan letting his boat out of the levee and Autumn with her boat

Water_Nat Water_Aut
They also have a splash pad, so the kids got to play in the water... which was good, since it was starting to get hot!

Autumn really enjoyed the grocery store area, Brian even let her 'borrow' his credit card to make a purchase. haha!

They had a lot of rope bridges and slides

On our way out of the childens garden, Brian took this photo of me and the kids in this old time car

tulips Standing-by-tulips
We took a walk over to the Japanese area to feed the koi fish and we saw all of these beautiful tulips on our walk over there.

And on our way out we got a photo by another St. Louis birthday cake!
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