Curly Crafty Mom: Destin, Third Day

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Destin, Third Day

By the third day of the trip, we were getting a lot of sun and thought it'd be wise to take a little break from the ocean. We decided to check out The Track, which is a huge go-kart, bumper boat, carnival-type place close to our hotel. The kids LOVED it, but... ohhh, it was HOT. By this point we were applying suntan lotion and letting it dry and then spraying suntan lotion on top of that... it must have done the trick, because we didn't burn anymore. And, thankfully there was an arcade at The Track that you could go inside for some a/c and slushies.


The highlight of The Track is their 3 story wooden go kart track... it was amazing! It was a bit much for me, though... and, don't get me wrong... I love go karts, but whew... it was pretty fast one the downward slope!


They even had some kiddie karts for the kids.

image image

The sun was beating down once again and I decided to 'borrow' Brian's white fedora to stay cool! Unfortunately, I didn't want to lose it on one of the go-kart rides and I tucked it under my leg and got black grease all over the top of it (and it won't come out)... sorry, BriBri!! Oh, and check out my BURN! :( I think that is the worst burn I have ever gotten, I have olive skin so I rarely burn... but, I did under Florida's hot sun!

image image

Autumn loves this mini ferris wheel, she rode it multiple times


After visiting The Track, we were hungry! Before the trip, I had looked up some restaurants that were rated highly on Trip Advisor and that were kid friendly. For lunch we decided to eat at Dewey's, overlooking Crab Island. This was my FAVORITE meal of the entire trip! YUM! Their food sort of reminded me of my favorite restaurant in Gulf Shores, King Neptune.


The view from where we sat and ate... isn't it GORGEOUS? I mean, I could totally make this a desktop picture!


The sky was SO blue and isn't this seagull adorable?


Here is a school of tiny fish, but we could throw little pieces of food (such as chicken) down the openings under our table and we would see bigger fish come and eat under us! So cool and the kids loved feeding the fish!


The clouds are so low in this photo, just gorgeous view all around!


So, like I said... this was my FAVORITE meal during the entire trip! But, be forewarned, this restaurant does NOT have air conditioning! We were really hot after The Track and probably would have loved a little a/c... you also go to a counter and order your food and then they bring it out to you. I would say this would be a great place to visit if you haven't been out in the heat all day, or even at night. Regardless, BEST meal of the trip... and the breaded scallops were delicious! I also loved drinking wine out of a white plastic cup! LOL!


After we ate, we went out on the dock to look a bit... Autumn wanted to 'feed' the fish some ice. LOL


Autumn walking down the dock and you can see Brian and Nathan at the end of it.


Me and my sweet girl


After lunch, we went back to the hotel and relaxed in the a/c for awhile. Then, we headed down to the beach for a couple of hours... it was cooler since it was later and the day and so, so nice.



Nathan just loved playing in the waves


This is one of my favorite photos I took of Autumn, looking out into the ocean


Doesn't she look so tiny here compared to the big ocean?


I took a photo of this, because I didn't want to forget it... Autumn would walk around and do this every so often, she loved to grab fistfuls of sand.


Jumping over a wave


Autumn's cute little sandy toes


Doesn't she have the best smile? :) I am starting to realize I have so many more photos of Autumn! Argh! I think it is because I was watching her on the beach and Brian was watching Nathan out in the water. Plus, I always had a back view of Nathan it seemed!


Not sure what she is doing here, kicking the water?!

image image
My boys :)

image image
A couple more I found of Nathan on my phone, I didn't want my Autumn photos to out number his! :)

Beach_ocean image

What the beach looked like when we first got there and what it looked like when we left and headed back up to the hotel. So pretty!

Hello room service, don't mind if I sit outside and listen to the ocean and enjoy some fruit, cheese, crackers and wine while the kids are sleeping peacefully in their bunk bed! ⭐️ #hiltonsandestin
The hotel was SO, so awesome... Brian and I brought a bottle of wine to share, but we wanted to order a fruit and cheese plate. Well, the hotel didn't have it on their room service menu, but they made one up just for us. It really was perfect, and we got to sit on the balcony and listen to the ocean while the kids slept in their bunk bed! What a perfect way to wrap up our third day!

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