Curly Crafty Mom: Destin Trip, Fifth (and LAST) Day

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Destin Trip, Fifth (and LAST) Day

Our last day in Destin was pretty low key... Brian and Nathan attempted parasailing again and Nathan even got a foot off the boat after being hooked up to the parachute... but, they had to call it off due to high winds. So, we spent the majority of the day at the pool, at the beach and then eating. Sounds like the perfect beach day, eh?

Me and the kids

Brian and the kids

While the boys attempted parasailing, I sat by the pool for almost 4 hours... I was probably in the pool for half of that time... It was relaxing... and nice.

The peak of the ocean that I could see while sitting by the pool. Not bad, I say... Not bad at all...

Autumn got hungry and ate chicken nuggets pool side :)

Lounging by the pool as I watch my little sweet girl make some new friends in the pool. #hiltonsandestin
And, of course you have to take a selfie while lounging by the pool!

Cheers! Beach cocktails... Next up is some beach nachos! Love lazy days like this!
Pool side drinks are a must, too!

How could I not love this adorable little face?

Getting out of the pool, such a cute, cute smile. :) I just love this girl's smile!

Ready for our last trip down to the beach... ::sniff::

I had to take a photo of our looooong shadows on the beach.

An amazing sand castle that we spotted on the beach

Playing in the sand... I think Autumn enjoyed the sand more then the ocean water!

Nathan lived for the ocean and its waves

Nathan exploring the water

A sandy bum - so cute!

Autumn's sandy little toes!

Nathan and his swim mask that he wore EVERY second.


Seagulls, of course!

Found me some seashells, including this mollusk shell.
I also looked for some seashells that last evening on the beach and I found the largest mollusk shell ever!

After coming back up to our room after the beach, we decided to go out to one last place for dinner... We went to The Back Porch...

and it was crowded, yet right on a beach so the kids had plenty to do while we waited. 

I had this drink... it was their specialty punch. Words cannot describe this drink.

My meal was HUGE... HUGE!!! The kids meals were served on frisbees and they got to keep the frisbee!

Watching barrel lanterns floating above the beach as we eat dinner.  Feel like I am in the Tangled movie! So, so cool!
While eating, we saw lanterns being lit and they floated in the air and away in the distance. I felt like I was in the movie Tangled! Such a beautiful site that none of us had ever seen before and this photo does not do justice! We didn't get to bed until almost 10:00 p.m. that night (we usually get the kids asleep by 8:30 p.m.), but it was so, so worth it!

We may be driving back home today, but I have this yummy key lime pie from the Donut Hole to munch on in the car!
On our drive home, I enjoyed some Key Lime pie to go from The Donut Hole. A M A Z I N G!

We've resorted to bubble blowing in the car... Are we there yet?!
And, I may have let the kids blow bubbles in the car...

Cooped up in a hotel tonight, so Dominos for dinner is what we are having!
And, we ordered Dominos to our room our first night of driving back to St. Louis. The second night we arrived home early, because we didn't stop once in the 5 hours of driving! Hoorah! 

It felt good to be back home, but we are missing the beach until next time!

And, that finishes all of my Destin beach posts... except, next week I will be sharing some of our professional beach photos!!
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