Curly Crafty Mom: Destin Trip, Fourth Day and Curly Crafty Mom's Meal Plan, Week 23

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Destin Trip, Fourth Day and Curly Crafty Mom's Meal Plan, Week 23

On our fourth day in Destin, it was RAINING when we woke up... with no sun peaking out of the clouds. Brian and Nathan were going to go parasailing, but it was canceled... I was a little glad, I don't know if I like the idea of my little boy up that high on a parachute. We decided that it would be a great day to check out the Baytowne Wharf for a little shopping, bites to eat and if the weather allowed us... some zip lining and climbing for the boys! I love this photo of my and my little girl! She is getting SO big lately, I want her to stop growing so fast...


Here are the kids standing in front of the lake at Baytowne Wharf, somehow I got them to both cooperate with a smile. (I bribed them with promises of ice cream!)


The Baytowne Wharf water tower


The walkway was so pretty, there were shells crushed into the concrete path. Of course, I had to take a footsie selfie (is that what you call those?!).


My GOODNESS it is humid in Florida... and, I thought we had some major humidity in St. Louie! Humidity doesn't go well with my hair (I almost rethought our professional pics, worrying my hair would turn into a fuzz ball!), but aren't these natural curls on Autumn just perfect?!


I thought this courtyard was beautiful, so why not take a photo of my beautiful girl in it?


The weather was kind of iffy that entire morning... it would sprinkle, POUR... stop... and, do it all over again. While it was POURING, we went into the arcade and checked out the huge laser maze. Nathan loved it! Brian tried it and got a rug burn that was SO bad we needed to get the neosporin out. LOL. Poor hubby!


Then... the highlight of the ENTIRE trip happened for Nathan. Seriously, this is what he wanted to write on his card to his teacher when I asked him what his favorite part of the trip was... It was winning 1,000 tickets in the arcade on the bass game! Uhhh, what?! Then, of course we left the prize he got with it (a ball shooter gun) at the restaurant and Brian had to go back and get it after the kids were in bed! Brian said the Baytowne Wharf is a happening place at night, that it was busier than Downtown Disney! I find that hard to believe, but I believe him!


I love to take detail shots... I saw these dew drops on this rope and had to get a detail shot. So pretty.


So, it stayed dry enough for the boys to do something wild and crazy. Zip lining!!! Zip lining looks so, so fun to me... but, I am too scared to try it! I have a horrible fear of heights! This zip line would be perfect for the beginner, because unlike the zip lines that are in Colorado that go over cliffs and valleys and who knows what else, this one just goes across the lake and back.


My crazy boy on the platform. I thought Brian would go first, but oh no... Nathan wanted to go first!

Zip_Nathan-ziplining Nat_zippinf

And, away he goes!


Brian on the platform... he looks a little nervous, doesn't he? heehee!!!


Brian waving to me from the zip line! Crazy man!


My zip line champion!

Oh no... We did a little shopping at the American Doll Store... She was so excited about shopping for souvenirs for Caroline and Saige!

Autumn was excited to see an American Doll store, unfortunately... Mommy's pocket book was not so happy. lol.


There was SO much to buy inside the store... look at this table full of little shoes!! Look at the tiny little crocs!


While in the store, I let Autumn buy a pair of shoes and a princess gown for her doll. Then, I let her get two 'goody' bags that had who knows what in them for $6 and $8 each.


The outfits in the goody bags were kind of funny (aren't they always?)... I wish I had taken a better detail shot of them, but she got an astronaut/space type outfit and a crocheted dress type outfit.

Aut-on-her-thing2 Aut-on-her-thing1

Autumn got to do this fun little climbing/obstacle course thing... she really loved it!


They had the cutest playground, it was really big and had the coolest wooden playhouse! Autumn spent a lot of time playing there.


Nathan got to do this climbing thing... I can't remember the name of it, but it looked really neat!

Brian-and-Nat-at-top Nat-ringing-the-bell

Nathan and Brian and the top and Nathan walking across the platform to ring the bell.

After we had lunch at Roberto's (a pizza place in Baytowne Wharf) we headed back to the hotel to rest a little... but, we had PROFESSIONAL photos with Old Man and the Sea during the Magic Hour that night, so we spent a lot of time primping for photos!


Here are a couple of photos that are out of order... this is Nathan at our breakfast table. We enjoyed a HOT breakfast buffet (they also had made to order omelets and waffles) every morning with our Family Fun package. Yum, yum! I miss this!


And, this was what the outside pool area looked like after breakfast that morning. Look at that sad pool with all of the closed umbrellas. Go away rain!

I only have one more Destin post that I will do later this week and it is from our last day and is a short and sweet one. If you are planning a trip to Destin and have any questions, shoot them my way!

Are you ready for the meal plan for this week? I am only cooking THREE days out of seven this week, how awesome is that?

Menu Plan for Week of July 27, 2014:

Sunday - Spaghetti, Salad and Homemade Rolls
Doesn't this simple meal look so, so good?! This is the photo from the last time we had it for dinner! YUM!

Monday - Bourbon Chicken with Rice, recipe HERE
My second week of meal planning, tonight I made Bourbon Chicken with white rice. The kids always gobble this up, it is one of their favorite meals I make. Link to recipe and to the rest of my eats for the week in my profile or
We haven't had bourbon chicken in over a month, what is wrong with that?! So, we'll definitely have it this week!

Tuesday - Dinner Out

The kids are going to be at my parents house for a little slumber party, so Brian and I plan to catch a film and dinner at The Five Star!

Wednesday - Dinner Out

We are going to be at SIX FLAGS, so of course some unhealthy yet tasty dinner will be in our bellies that evening!

Thursday - Skillet Breakfast Nachos, recipe HERE

This was really popular with the kids, so why not put it on the dinner menu this week... we had it one other time and it was so good! We ate every last bit of it!

Friday - Dinner Out

An EARLY birthday dinner for ME! And, of course... since I get to pick wherever we go, I am picking The Melting Pot! My favorite place... I was almost going to pick Annie Gunn's, but I think I may just come up for a lunch date with Brian sometime while he is at work and we'll dine there!

Saturday - Dinner Out
We have tickets to see The Muny and we are also going to enjoy their pre-dinner buffet! Yum!

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