Curly Crafty Mom: New York City Recap, Day 4 - Last Day!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

New York City Recap, Day 4 - Last Day!



Our last day in NYC was a lot of fun... but, we were getting a little tired... from, you know... ALL the walking! Whew. We wanted to see Top of the Rock in the Rockefeller tower and I also wanted to see the Today show. We didn't get on the Today show, but if we had stayed around we might have gotten on... We just didn't get there early enough, oh well! We needed our sleep :)


The flowers were so pretty in the courtyard to the Rockefeller center, this is where they light their Christmas tree every winter.


The elevator that we took to the top of the rock was hilarious and kinda cool. The lights on the elevator dimmed after the doors closed and then it started talking and playing music and the top part of the elevator lit up and there was blue lights and we could see the elevator moving up to the top.


The view I was dying to see at the Top of the Rock... Central Park. Ahh, beautiful!


Me and my hunk.


Looking down... the school buses and car are so small.


Statue of Liberty


Brooklyn Bridge


Oh, and the... H&M tower!!! lol!


After the Top of the Rock, it was lunch time and we decided to look for the soup nazi restaurant from Seinfeld (The Soupman).


Our soup man experience was not at all like the soup nazi in Seinfeld. Our server was actually NICE and friendly... oh well, the soup was good :d


The Soupman had several soups to choose from, we both ordered the Lobster Bisque... we got the smaller size, order the BIG size. It is SOOO GOOD!


Our soup came with a slice of bread and a truffle! Yum!

Ordering my custom cupcake via Cupcake ATM machine. Ah, the luxury that NYC offers.

After lunch we needed something sweet... We wanted to checkout some cupcake places in NYC, so since we were close to Sprinkles we gave it a try. They even had a Cupcake ATM machine outside the store! Now, that's service!


Sprinkles looks very modern from the inside

Sprinkles_my-cupcake Sprinkles_Brians-cupcake

I tried a cupcake similar to a Hostess cupcake... Brian had his cupcake turned into a sundae, the cut the bottom of his cupcake off and put it on the bottom of his sundae with the top part of the sundae on top.


Our next adventure of the day was the Highline, a park on top of a bridge from an old railroad track.

Highline_Lady-painting Highline_Railroad-track
This park was beautiful, but it probably wasn't a MUST see during our NYC stay. If you have time for it, it is really neat to see... but, I would maybe have taken more time in Central Park over the Highline... It was neat, we saw a lady on the Highline painting... so, of course I took her picture (in my defense, I wasn't the only one!). You could see they left the railway tracks in certain parts of the park...

They had a restaurant and several food stands on the bridge in a covered section (it was shaded from the sun). Brian had some gelato and I had a fresh fruit pop!

Highline_Brian Highline_purple-and-yellow-flowers
The Highline is about 1 mile long, we just walked one way down it and then got back on the subway to look for another cupcake place. It was a nice little walk, but it wasn't quiet... I think the park has attracted hotels, condos, etc., because there was a lot of construction and huge buildings being built RIGHT next to it. All we heard the entire walk was drilling, hammering, etc. I think once they have these buildings finished (is anything ever finished in NYC) it will be a nice peaceful walk. :) But, for now... it really wasn't. ;)

Another free indulgence hour... Not sure how I eat all this before dinner every night. We are thinking of getting some more NYC pizza tonight... In Hell's Kitchen. Yum!!
Before headed out to see the Highline, we enjoyed another free indulgence hour... 

Highline_Shasta-daisy Highline_Green-plant
I loved all of the flowers we saw while walking along the pathway.

They had a neat little water play area for the kids, where water would dribble down the pathway.

We decided to have dinner at Capizzi's in Hell's Kitchen... we had loved NYC pizza so much at Patsy's, that we wanted it again! We had tomato and mozzarella (caprese) appetizer again... NYC has some good mozzarella! I will miss it... the mozzarella in St. Louis is just not as fresh, it is more rubbery! :(

Our pizza... oh yum. I love how they always put little basil leaves on the pizzas in NYC.

After pizza, we wanted to try some more NYC cupcakes, so we went to the H Bake Shop.

More NYC cupcakes... Blush Wine with Pearl Sprinkles and Watermelon Berry. Going to be afraid to weigh myself when I get home. #butohidolovesweets
I specifically wanted to come to this cupcake place to try their Blush Wine with Pearl Sprinkles cupcake and Nathan got the Watermelon Berry. YUM! I would come back here!

That wraps up our NYC trip... just in time to go to Destin, FL soon for a relaxing beach trip! Ahhh... 

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