Curly Crafty Mom: What Wives Wear Link Up #10 - Yellow & White Stripes

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What Wives Wear Link Up #10 - Yellow & White Stripes

Welcome to the
What Wives Wear Link Up!
Week 10
Welcome back to my favorite blog day of the week, What Wives Wear! I have loved getting to know everyone that has come back to link up week after week and it is neat to see our little link up grow each and every week. A big THANK YOU to all of you that come by to share your flattering and fun outfits each week. This week I am sharing a dress from Old Navy that I fell in love with and couldn't find ANYWHERE... finally, but husband found it and bought it for me! He's a keeper, I say! Anyway, I love yellow... especially yellow and white stripes.

Sunset wine surf and turf dinner with my love. No one could be anymore perfect for me than Brian. So blessed to have this special man as my husband... And it's not just the  talking! Haha!

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, follow me by clicking HERE), you'll know that me and Brian went to Montelle Winery for a sunset wine surf and turf dinner this weekend. I wore this lovely dress for the dinner... I don't know about you, but I love getting dressed up for my man! :)


Last weekend I spent a lot of time running around like crazy, trying to get stuff together for our Destin trip. One item on my list was to get a red necklace for my dress that I am wearing for our professional beach photos... where did I go to look for jewelry? Oh, if you know me... you know it was Charming Charlie! While I was in the store, I thought... HMM... I really don't have anything nice to go with the yellow and white striped dress I am wearing tonight... so, I was going to go with a dark purple necklace, but I just didn't find anything (can you believe it?), so I went with this GORGEOUS yellow, silver and gold necklace! It also came with some yellow jeweled earrings.


Even though I didn't find a dark purple necklace for this dress, I think this yellow necklace I found really looks perfect with this dress! I was thinking this dress would be really nice in the fall with a denim jacket and purplish scarf... so, maybe I'll try that later? I almost bought a floral clutch with purple and pink flowers on it, but decided I didn't want to overspend... boo... so, I put it back.


I have really tiny wrists, so half of the bracelets (maybe more) do not fit me in Charming Charlie... however, I found this darling little white bracelet that I love. I actually purchased it to go with my outfit for the beach photos, but that doesn't mean I can't wear it with this dress, too!


I wore my new Tory sandals that I was gifted on Mother's Day... I considered wedges, but... I was going to be outside, why not wear some classy flats.


Here is a back view of the dress, with the tie in the back.


Here is a break down of what I am wearing:
Yellow/White Striped Dress - Old Navy
Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet - Charming Charlie
Flats - Tory Burch

Date night here I come... #sunsetwinesurfturf #nomnom

This was another photo a posted on IG... we were on our way to the winery and I finally wore these fun Burberry shades that Brian got me awhile back for the first time this summer! And... I am wearing pink lip gloss, but it doesn't look like I am wearing anything on my lips in this photo! :(


I also wore falsies... as in false eyelashes for the first time ever and wow... it took me some time to get them things glued on correctly. Is this something someone gets better at as they use them more and more? I got some free with an Influenster box awhile back and thought it'd be fun to try them out that evening. I was waiting to see if Brian would notice if they were real or if he'd make a comment on them... he just looked at me and said, 'Wow! Did you do your lashes?' lol!!! Gotta love him for noticing! Hahaha!! Not sure if I will wear them again...

image image

This is just of me being silly... :)

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