Curly Crafty Mom: August is like the Sunday of Summer... End of the Summer Catch Up Post!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

August is like the Sunday of Summer... End of the Summer Catch Up Post!

Does anyone feel like this sums up August? The kids go back to school in ONE week. Gulp. When I was a kid, we went back in September, so August was still SUMMER all the way. We had a parent-teacher conference with Nathan's teacher and we already have his homework for the first week... as in memory work, spelling words and spelling sentences... due the first week. Double gulp. (And, unfortunately, I'm not gulping on a cherry limeade!

Therefore... we've been running around like crazy, trying to fit in all of the summer fun we can... before summer is gone... 


A couple of weeks ago... Brian and I went on our Moonlight Paddleboat Picnic in Forest Park! We were talking about this the other day at dinner and we agreed this is one of our favorite date nights we do all summer. You show up at the boat house before sunset, they pack a paddleboat with a picnic basket for you... and, you paddle off into the sunset. Isn't this picnic basket grand?

Paddle boat moonlight picnic time! Love doing this every year with the BriBri!

Here we are before boarding our paddleboat.


We paddled under several bridges and kissed under each one (a tradition that started in Paris!) and then once we arrived at the Grand Basin, we enjoyed our picnic dinner on the paddleboat in front of the St. Louis Art Museum.

image image

Just a couple of the goodies we found in our basket... we also had crackers, cheese, grapes and veggie chips...


OH... and a bottle of Pinot Noir... almost forgot to mention that!


It was such a beautiful evening, watching the sunset in the Grand Basin... the most romantic spot in St. Louis, I think.

image image

Autumn and I completed flower girl mission #1... trying on and buying THE dress. Oh, she is one excited girl!!

Six Flags here we come!!

We took the kids to Six Flags... gosh, that was an exhausting day!

Mommy is all rollercoastered out for the day.
We do a photo in this Screaming Eagle car EVERY Six Flags visit... it is our little tradition.

Here is a little flash back... from 2013 and 2012... I guess I didn't get in the car with them in 2013... and, it looked like the eagle emblem had fallen off! Oops! Glad they got it back on for our 2014 photo!

This boy also went on THREE new coasters... he was too scared to go on the Screaming Eagle last year (but, really wanted to!!), but this year he finally went on the Screaming Eagle (twice!), the Ninja (three times!) AND the American Thunder (twice!). Wow!!

While getting off of Thunder River, we saw that Mr. Freeze had gotten stuck on the tracks and they were exiting people by a step ladder! Oh my, can you imagine?!!

I also enjoyed a homemade waffle cone with cookies and cream ice cream in it... yum-o!

Date night at my favorite homemade pasta place with BriBri. A fettuccine pasta with a garlic wine sauce and scallops. Yumyum. And a glass of Marco Felluga Pinot Grigio. Heaven on a plate! Us lovebirds on our date night. Sorry this pic is grainy, but its dark in here! Thanks Grandma Mary for watching the kids tonight, guess we better not stay up too late since we are taking them to Six Flags tomorrow! What a fun week! Gotta live it up!! #ca
Brian and I had a nice little date on a week night while the kids had a sleepover at Grandma and Pa's!! We went to Stellina's, which is my favorite Italian restaurant in St. Louis. They make all of the pasta from scratch and only have a few pasta selections each week... they change up the menu every week, so I am always keeping an eye out for their scallop fettuccine dish, wish is divine!

Of course, a date night isn't complete without a random outfit pic out in the street in front of the restaurant. #floralandpolkadots
Brian took a photo of me outside the restaurant after we finished dinner. A date night isn't complete without a random outfit pic out in the street in front of the restaurant, right?!

Enjoying a nice buffet dinner before The Muny presentation of Grease! This Pink Lady drink is pretty-licious! I look forward to seeing a musical here every summer! Glad the temps are low tonight, 2 summers ago we watched our butter melt on the table... It
Brian and I also went to The Muny and saw Grease! We always eat at the buffet restaurant before the show and I ordered a Pink Lady. 

Good ole Rydell High!

Us before the show started... it was a fun night! Our last date night of the summer before the kids go back to school... sniff, sniff.... boo.

Hope you are all having a fun end to your summer! 

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