Curly Crafty Mom: First Day of School and Meal Plan, Week 25

Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Day of School and Meal Plan, Week 25

The first week of school has come and gone and somehow we survived. After sleeping in late and eating breakfast in our PJ's all summer, I was a little worried about getting us all up and out the door in time for school... but, we did it! Sorry I did not post the back to school photos last week, but the first week of school was a pretty busy one!! Not only did I get less sleep due to the reality of my baby going full day and how'd she do, but I also turned down a surprise (and paid) job offer... I had lunches and snacks to make, runs to get in for my half marathon training (and I did one outside instead of my usual run on the dreadmill!) and rush hour traffic to deal with again (unfortunately, we don't live close to the kids school). Whew. So, I am ready for the weekend, how about you?!

Somehow, we were standing outside our front door and ready for photos at 7:00 a.m. on the first day of school... AND we arrived at school 20 minutes early. Don't expect this everyday... ;)

The backpacks. Autumn has princesses and Nathan has an under armour back pack. Autumn really wanted a Frozen backpack, but I couldn't find one. Of COURSE, after school started this week I went into Target for ONE thing (and came out with eight) and I saw a bunch of Frozen backpacks. Darn!

Me and my babies... always my babies!!

Photo with Brian

At school, waiting for them to open the doors

First we dropped off Autumn... she was a little nervous, you can see it by her face here. 

The 'you're embarrassing me' face! ha!

Then we dropped off Nathan... he was one brave boy, wasn't nervous at all! Nathan's teacher this year is the same teacher I had when I went to this school in 7th grade!

Nathan sitting at his BIG desk!! 2 more years till he gets a locker! :O

The first day of school went really fast, because they had a chapel that parents were welcome to attend and then were dismissed at 11:30 a.m. The second day seemed SO long to me, I kept looking at the clock... looking at their class schedules to see what subject they were in... kept worrying how Autumn was doing on her first FULL day of school. At the end of the day when I picked them both up I was so relieved that they enjoyed their day and wanted to go back! But, I was also sad, because I know the days keep ticking and they are growing up WAY too fast! So, of course... I was a weepy mess the first couple of days. By day three I pulled myself together and the day went much faster and I am trying to enjoy the time we have before all of their activities start next week... as in cross country, daisy scout open house, cub scout open house AND dance!!!

Enough about the first day of school, are you ready for the meal plan for this week? 

Menu Plan for Week of August 24, 2014:

Sunday - Buffalo Chicken Meatball Sliders
I haven't tried this recipe... but, I just realized I have TWO buffalo chicken items on our meal plan this week and TWO pizzas. Umm... oops! When I wrote this up we were in the middle of starting school and I just don't think I had my thinking cap on. OH WELL. But, I find buffalo chicken and pizza mighty tasty, so I guess that's ok for just this once?! ;) 

Monday - Aldi's Fresh Cheese Pizza
I bought this when I went to Aldi's for the first time last Friday and since it has an expiration date, we need to eat it up soon! It is HUUUGE and was only $5, hoping it is yummy!

Tuesday - Picnic Dinner
Everyone has told me that Aldi's has a great selection of cheese! So, when I went there last week I picked up a few cheeses and crackers to try. I love cheese, sausage and crackers  and I thought it would be fun to have a picnic dinner!  We have something gone on later on Tuesday evening, so this will be a nice quick dinner... 

Wednesday - Pasta con Broccoli and Homemade Rolls, recipe HERE

Nathan always tells me to add meatballs in our spaghetti, so I thought he would be won over by these meatball sliders! I've never tried this recipe before, but it is always fun to try a new crockpot recipe.

Thursday - Homemade Buffalo Chicken Pizza with Ranch Drizzle, recipe HERE
The last time I made this pizza was in MAY! Brian said this pizza was one of his favorite meals I had made so far! I can't believe I haven't made it since then... the shame. So, it is on our meal plan for this week!! However, I didn't realize until later that I put pizza on our meal plan twice this week! OOPS! I guess that's ok, who doesn't like pizza?

Friday - Crockpot Monkey Bread, Scrambled Eggs & Fruit Salad (Breakfast for Dinner!), recipe HERE
Fridays nights always seem to be more low key and why not make dinner low key, too? I'm going to whip up some monkey bread in the crock pot and serve it along side some scrambled eggs and fruit salad! Yummy and easy, too!

Saturday - Dinner Out, MAYBE Chinese?

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