Curly Crafty Mom: Happy Birthday to ME and Meal Plan, Week 23

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME and Meal Plan, Week 23

image Two date nights in one week?! #yesway #celebratingmybirthdayallmonth
 Somehow I ALWAYS pick this place for my birthday celebration dinner. #fondue #earlybdaycelebration #smores image
My birthday celebration started a week early, when I selected The Melting Pot for our date night! This is my favorite restaurant, I just LOVE fondue! We had a wine flight, a caprese salad (my favorite salad yet there), managers special and smores for dessert! YUM! Such a perfect night with my favorite man... and, I really need to find a copy cat recipe on Pinterest for their green goddess dip!

My sweet husband delivered this beautiful bouquet of sunflowers to the house as an early birthday treat! Love you so much @brianalbrecht ! He put Ames soeurs on the card, which means soul mate in French! He also had that engraved on my wedding band. Love

Then, on Friday these beauties arrived at our house. :) Brian even put ames soeurs on the card, which means soul mate in French! He also had that engraved on my wedding band. I haven't gotten sunflowers for awhile as flowers, they are beautiful!

This girl wanted to get Mommu a dress for her birthday, so off to F21 we went. This is the beautiful dress she selected for me. What a sweetie!!!
On my actual birthday we went to lunch at Cracker Barrel with my family and I finally got to try their Coca-Cola cake. Then, we headed to the mall so Autumn could pick ME out a dress for my birthday. She insisted on this, so we went in F21 and she had the funnest little time looking at all of the dresses for me. Nathan got me some Lush lotion for me since I was almost out. 

For dinner, we picked up Pi pizza on the way home and ate it while we watched Mary Poppins at home. The last time I had watched Mary Poppins, she was older then me and not the other way around! lol! The kids LOVED the movie, I was so glad! Such a perfect little family night!

And, there was an ice cream cake of course! This was the first ice cream cake I had ever had from Cold Stone, it was soooo good! I really love it when there is ice cream PLUS cake.

I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful, sweet and loving family to celebrate my birthday with!

Are you ready for the meal plan for this week? 

Menu Plan for Week of August 10, 2014:

Sunday - Pi Pizzeria, Salad, Ice Cream Cake and Birthday Cake Martini's!!!

It's my birthday and I want to relax at home with some pizza in front of the TV with Brian and the kids. I love chilling with my family and nothing could be more perfect than that on my birthday. Don't worry, the martinis will be AFTER the kids are in bed... :)

Monday - Spaghetti Pie with Garlic Bread
My daughter LOVES spaghetti (Nathan not so much, unless there is a meatball or two in there) and I haven't made spaghetti pie in forever! I thought I would make it and see how she likes it... keeping my fingers crossed on this one!

Tuesday - Frozen Pizza

I know, pizza twice this week... but, we have a free pass to get into the library tonight from doing the reading program at the library. We won't have a lot of time for dinner before we need to get there, so I am going to do a quickie frozen pizza meal! We might even go and get Dunkin Donuts after we leave the Magic House around 8 p.m. It is sort of a library night at the Magic House tradition for us!! That place makes you hungry with all of the running around you do! 

Wednesday - Nathan's Hot Dogs, Corn on the Cob and Watermelon

Autumn doesn't like hot dogs (these kids!!! what am I going to do with them?), but she loves corn and watermelon... so, I may make her up some chicken nuggets or something and the rest of us will enjoy our hot dogs. She LOVED hot dogs last summer, but now she says they 'tickle her throat'... um, yeah, whatever. ;)

Thursday - Crabby Patties with Crinkle Fries
These are really similar to White Castle hamburgers (or Krystal) and the kids love them! I will serve them with some fries hot out of the oven.

Friday - Skinny Zucchini Lasagna, recipe HERE

I just LOVE this recipe and it just makes sense to make it as often as possible before summer is over! It does take a little bit longer than I'd like to make, BUT it is so worth it... and, we'll have leftovers for lunch on Saturday! I am getting my hair done on Saturday (finally, only 4 weeks behind my usual every 8 weeks) and I won't have to worry about lunch once I get home... all I will have to do is warm this delicious recipe up in the microwave! YUM!

Saturday - Dinner Out
Not sure where, but we'll definitely be going out on Saturday evening!

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