Curly Crafty Mom: Nature Builds at Missouri Botanical Garden

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nature Builds at Missouri Botanical Garden

A week before school started, I wanted to get in some last minute summer activities that I had originally planned. At the Missouri Botanical Gardens, they are currently displaying an exhibit called Nature Builds. Nature Builds displays larger than life sculptures of flowers and animals that are made from Lego bricks in the Climatron. Above you'll see a photo of Nathan and Autumn outside of the Climatron.


We are getting ready to go in!

preying-mantess butterfly

Here is a preying mantis and a butterfly on a pink flower. Each lego sculpture had a little card by it that would tell you a little about it and how many legos NYC artist Sean Kenney used to build it.


The giant monarch butterfly on milkweed was my absolute favorite sculpture!

woodpecker Bird-feeder

A wood pecker and a bird feeder with a few squirrels watching the birds.


Me and my beautiful daughter in her pink kimono dress I bought her when we were in Chinatown in NYC. :) Nathan took this photo and got just our faces, lol!


We also saw a lizard eating in the Climatron. The sunlight was pouring in, so I didn't get the best photo of the little guy.

Nat-creeper Aut-making-a-tent

After seeing all of the sculptures in the Climatron, there was a really neat craft area for the kids. They had a lot of tables set up with Legos for the kids to play and build with. They also had about 3-5 craft tables set up that Autumn dug into right away! Here is Nathan with his Creeper (Minecraft) and Autumn with a teepee she is building out of scraps of cardboard, string, sticks and tape!

Nat-kite Aut-holding-kite

Both kids made a kite at the craft table, Autumn's had a really, really long string on it!

This is my favorite photo of the entire day. Both kids are smiling and what a fantastic view at the botanical gardens!

After the exhibit, I decided to take the kids over to the maze in the garden. I can remember walking running through this maze when I was a child. Here is Nathan and Autumn in the middle of the maze.

Such a pretty view if you look up!

Here is a photo of the maze, the kids are in the middle.

Nat-at-top Aut-sticking-tongue-out
There is a little tower you can climb up and then you can see everyone in the maze. Here is Nathan at the top in the photo on the left and Autumn at the top in the photo on the right. You can barely see that Autumn is sticking her tongue out at me. That girl!

After the maze, we decided to head home to the gift shop, because we were getting hot. I saw this cute little succulent arrangement on our way out... I have a love for succulents! In the gift shop, Autumn got a bag of rocks and Nathan got an air plant, which should be interesting. Then we headed to Sonic for a cherry limeade for me and slushies for the kids, because we were parched!
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