Curly Crafty Mom: Professional Beach Photos at Destin, Florida

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Professional Beach Photos at Destin, Florida

I am FINALLY sharing our professional photos we had taken in Destin! We received the cd in the mail from our photographer a week after our trip, but he gave us rights to ALL of the photos... so, I had quite a few to look through and edit to my liking! I was really pleased with how these photos turned out and glad that our session didn't get rained out (it had been raining earlier that day!). Here is my favorite photo of all of us on the boardwalk.

A close up of me and Brian that I am going to FRAME for our bedroom! In fact, I have a lot of little frames (4x6, 5x7 and 8x10's) in our bedroom where these photos will land up at!

Another great family photo of us that our photographer took, but what I really love in this photo is how Autumn is tugging/holding onto Brian's shirt.

A full view of Brian and I on the boardwalk. The natural background behind us is such a beautiful backdrop with all of the tall grasses and a hint of the ocean.

Our photographer also brought several props, such as an open frame for the kids to pose with. I just love the idea of this and couldn't wait to see how it turned out... well, of course we were really pleased with these!

The next few photos are individuals of Nathan and Autumn alone in the frame... which I just love! It also kept their hands 'busy' while they held the frame, since they kept wanting to play with the sand!!

Nathan wearing a prop, some fun sunglasses that the photographer brought in his bag.


And, here is Autumn alone with the frame and with the fun little sunglasses! I just adore these photos of them, just love them!! I really can't wait to update the photos in my frames with our new beach photos!

We also did some 'silly' photos, isn't Nathan just a jokester in this? Love!

What did I say about the kids not being able to keep their hands out of the sand (look at what Nathan is doing!)? I really love how this one of all of us turned out on the beach. You can definitely tell Brian is tall is this photo! ;) For the outfits, I went with a red, white and blue theme... The boys are wearing white linen shirts and navy shorts, then I am wearing a cotton navy dress with whit anchors all over it and a red necklace. Autumn is wearing a red shirt with white anchors all over it and blue shorts. I think these colors turned out REALLY well on the beach! I think if we ever do beach photos again, I want to be even more colorful with our outfits.

I really, really love this one of Brian and I holding hands on the beach.

And, of course there is always the obligatory holding hands and walking on the beach photo.



There are SO many photos that he took of us all together, so I don't really need to describe each one.

I love how calm and peaceful this photo is, with the beach and ocean taking up most of the photo an with us sitting off to the side.

Our photographer also took some candids... here is one of me and Brian kissing and the kids playing around us.

Autumn looking out at the ocean

At the end of the photo session, the photographer let the kids just run around by the ocean and he took some candids of them. Here is one of them both looking out at the ocean.

We were really pleased with our photographer, if you are going to be visiting Destin and are looking for a photographer that doesn't sell prints, but just the cd with all of the photos he takes (and he gives you the rights), then I highly suggest Dave at Old Man and the Sea. He is a retired meteorologist in his early 70's and enjoys taking photos of couples and families that visit the Destin area. We had our photos taken at a more secluded beach in the evening during the 'magic hour', which is an hour before sunset. I highly recommend him, here is his Facebook page (click HERE).
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