Curly Crafty Mom: 5 Little Confessions - October

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5 Little Confessions - October

We've all seen the posts going around blogland and social media about being honest and keeping things real. bloggers often get accused of posting only the parts of our lives we want to show off. We know we all have those less than bloggable moments in life. As readers, we all love reading those posts, but as writers we sometimes avoid spilling the dirt. In the spirit of keeping things real, we bring you 5 little confessions. Did you go 5 days without washing your hair? Did your clean laundry sit on your floor until it was time to wash again? Did you spend all weekend keeping up with the kardashians? Did you eat cake for breakfast? Dig up a few of your secrets and link up below.

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5 Little Confessions from Carrie:

1. I have been really bad about drinking soda and juice over water lately. UGH. I was going to start making a pitcher of infused water (water with slices of lemon, strawberries or cucumber and basil), but there has been a few BUSY weeks and it has thrown me all off track. Also, I think with all of the half marathon training, I've been craving bubbly drinks over just plain water. I do drink water while I run (not soda!), but after the run I crave something bubbly or with caffeine! Now, granted... I have only been drinking one soda or rarely two a day, but I would prefer NO soda and only water in my diet. I need to stop buying the cream soda I love at the grocery store and stop asking Brian to get me a soda at QT after the kids are in bed. AND, no more Route 44 (you know, that MEGA size) Cherry Limeades at Sonic!!!

2. I have been working on teaching myself how to embroider monograms with a sewing machine that Brian got me 2 birthdays ago. Sometimes I wish I had someone to just 'show' me, but even the classes at the sewing stores need for you to know the basics and don't specialize in monogramming itself. Luckily, with a couple of books and lots of practice I am finally learning how to use my machine to do these monograms. I thought embroidery would be as simple as sewing, but it is definitely different... but, I think once I get some basic knowledge of it, it won't seem as daunting as it did at first! I'll be honest, I did hit some bumps in the road and wanted to throw my hands up and give up, but I really want to figure this out and I am excited that I am finally getting there! Whew!

3. I am really bad about getting my jewelry cleaned. The place that we bought my engagement and wedding ring from (Shane Co.) offers free cleaning and inspection every 6 months. I have been wanting to go up there to get it done, but I keep putting it off. I really need to buy some jewelry cleaner for my ring, too... although, it would probably be easier to just take it up to Shane Co. every 6 months for free and for a more thorough cleaning. I do take my ring off when I put on lotion. 

4. I have a weekly fashion link up on Thursdays called What Wives Wear. I always feel sort of put together and stylish in those posts, but in reality... I wear t-shirts and yoga pants 85% of the time. I think the end of the summer was so hot and now we are having warmer temps this fall, that I just really can't think about wearing anything 'nice' during the day. Plus, I spend my days working out, cleaning and running the kids to this or that... it is hard to want to wear anything else. I am hoping when the cool temps come this fall I will start getting into some cuter outfits throughout the weeks! Of course, I do dress up if I am going out to lunch with a friend... but, most of the times I am not stylish!  

5. Last minute plans usually do not work well with me, I usually like to plan things a week out. I usually plan my week out ahead of time and if someone asks me to do something at 5 p.m. and it is now 3 p.m., I will more then likely say no. Or if it is Monday and they ask me to do something on Wednesday, I have trouble agreeing to it.

Now, if it is something for the upcoming weekend and I don't have a lot going on, I am usually ok with it. However, if it is something we plan as a family (such as me, Brian and the kids), I am ok with spontaneity and can be quite good at coming up with some spontaneous stuff for us to do as a family!

Do you have any confessions? Leave them in the comments below! Also, we'd love for you to link up and confess with us!

Please link up, I would love to hear your confessions!

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