Curly Crafty Mom: 5 Little Confessions - September

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

5 Little Confessions - September

We've all seen the posts going around blogland and social media about being honest and keeping things real. bloggers often get accused of posting only the parts of our lives we want to show off. We know we all have those less than bloggable moments in life. As readers, we all love reading those posts, but as writers we sometimes avoid spilling the dirt. In the spirit of keeping things real, we bring you 5 little confessions. Did you go 5 days without washing your hair? Did your clean laundry sit on your floor until it was time to wash again? Did you spend all weekend keeping up with the kardashians? Did you eat cake for breakfast? Dig up a few of your secrets and link up below.

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5 Little Confessions from Carrie:

1. I ran a total of 31.2 miles last week for half marathon training. It is the HARDEST week of the training, because I run on 4 separate days instead of 3! I had to do a 10.2 mile run AND a 10 mile run in the same week! I have done this training program 5 other times and this week is always my least favorite week. When I think about how much time I spend training for a half marathon, I really wonder if I should train for a full marathon. I just don't know how I am going to fit that into my schedule... The kids both had colds this week and Autumn was home sick one day, so it was amazing I got all of the runs in this week. I was also worried I'd be in the middle of one of my 10 mile runs and the school would call, because both kids asthma was acting up this week, too! It'd be my luck to get to mile 8 and then have to stop and rush off to school all sweaty to pick up a sick kid! And, BOY do I sweat on these runs... you could wring out a bucket of sweat from my sports bra... sorry, TMI!

2. I really hate crickets. My son has 3 frogs (2 that we bought at Petsmart and 1 is a stray frog he brought home from his dads and somehow we've cared for it and it just keeps on living!) and SO we have to buy nasty crickets for them every week. The 2 bigger frogs get large crickets at 12 cents a piece and then the smaller frog gets the smaller crickets at 11 cents a piece. Somehow, a cricket gets out every once in awhile... Usually we find it missing body parts, because the cats play with it (instead of eating it). I have NO idea how crickets escape, because the frog tanks are sealed on the top with a lid... but, we do have some crickets that escape and should be on the Hunger Games for Crickets... Anyway, one cricket got out and was chirping in our bedroom the entire first week that the kids went back to school. I couldn't sleep as it was, because I don't do well with change and I knew I was going to miss the kids after our fun summer together AND I hate knowing my little girl is in full day school now. So, I couldn't sleep and that d-mn cricket was chirping all night and keeping me up. At one point my husband was shuffling things all over the room, trying to find it (he said he had it twice, whatever), so that we could just put it outside... Later in the week, Nathan found it and even threw his pair of pants on top of it (he was getting ready to take a shower) and we STILL didn't capture it. Darn cricket. My husband did capture it and let it outside, we were afraid to put it back in the frog tank in fear it'd escape again! LOL!

3. I so sick of my summer clothes already, but the forecast is calling for hot weather for the next 10 days (90 and up!). I just want to be able to layer my clothes, put on a scarf, boots and enjoy a nice vanilla cappuccino from Quik Trip without melting! My husband and I have a fun day of outlet shopping and a visit to the winery planned in a week and I am really hoping the weather cools off by then! I really want to get some nice fall clothes and sit outside at the winery in some crisp fall air! I also wanted to stop running so much on the dreadmill, but with temps in the mid to upper 90's with high humidity, I'd rather face the dreadmill!

4. My son has been wanting his own cat lately and we already have 2 cats, 1 hamster and 3 frogs in this house... enough pets. He asks me about 20 times a day if he can have a cat. SIGH. But, we went to the local animal shelter and looked at 2 older cats and 1 kitten and I just fell in love. I think being a cat lady is my second calling in life... I'll just buy a big mansion when I'm 80 and take care of 20 needy cats. Ok, just kidding... but, more than half the charts mentioned the cats were taken in because of allergies. It just breaks my heart as it is so hard for an older cat to be adopted. Both of my kids have allergies to cats/asthma, but we are really careful with vacuuming/cleaning, washing hands after petting, keeping bedroom doors closed, etc. and it has worked out ok. I do know some people have severe allergies and having a cat is not an option, though... which, is another reason why we can't have 3 cats! We looked at the dogs, too and some of them had the saddest little eyes, oh it just broke my heart.

5. My kids are 5 and 8 and they still have a pretty early bedtime. We start putting them down at 8 p.m. and they are asleep by 8:30 p.m. A year ago it was 7:30 p.m., but now that they are getting older that time is just too early for them. They wake up at 6:45 a.m. on school days and my youngest stopped napping a long time ago, so this early bed time seems to work well with them. I love having time in the evening to unwind after a busy day! It is definitely a mommy recharge moment! I asked our pediatrician if that time is too early for bed and he had older kids then we do and he puts them to bed at about the same time. He did say one of his kids stays up a little later in bed and reads, which I would be ok with as they get older.

Do you have any confessions? Leave them in the comments below! Also, we'd love for you to link up and confess with us!

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