Curly Crafty Mom: Apple Picking and Curly Crafty Mom Meal Plan, Week 28

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Apple Picking and Curly Crafty Mom Meal Plan, Week 28

The weather has been beautiful here and we have enjoyed doing some items from our fall bucket list. Last weekend we went apple picking and picked 25 lbs of delicious Jonathan apples (to find out that they are buy 1 get 1 free this weekend... sigh) for snacking on and baking. 


We filled two of these bags up to the rim. I enjoyed wearing some fall clothes, including my suede booties!


We went to the Millstadt Eckerts farm... this is where I went with Autumn for her field trip last fall.


This girl was so cute with all of her apples that she was trying to hold all at once.

Nat-picking-apple Aut-reaching-up-for-apple

Here they both are trying to pick some apples from high up!


I even did a little picking, of course :)


Nathan holding a couple of sweet apples


My absolute favorite photo of Autumn


Autumn was running around, trying to find the best tree with the best apples. Brian sort of looks like a secret agent in the background. ;)

When I was younger I always wanted to fix up an old time truck... this one would be perfect!

I had never noticed this sign before at Eckerts, but I thought it was cute.

The kids finished the day out by riding some tricycles along a track. I am looking forward to more beautiful fall days with the family!

Are you ready for the meal plan for this week? 

Menu Plan for Week of September 14, 2014:

Sunday - Eat Out
Not sure where? Maybe 54th Street. 

Monday - Tacos
We haven't had these in a few weeks and since I can make up everything ahead... these will be perfect since I'll be driving an hour to and from Nathan's cross country meet. :P

Tuesday - Swedish Meatballs over Bow-Tie Noodles
I've never had swedish meatballs, can you believe it? I thought I would try this recipe and make extra sauce and serve it over plain noodles. I have heard some people serve swedish meatballs over potatoes, that sounds yummy, too!

Wednesday - Eat Out - Fast Food Night
Nathan has cross country after school, so I'll pick up Autumn and we'll run to a fast food place for dinner. Then we'll pick up Nathan and go to Autumn's dance class. Then Brian will get Nathan and they'll go run and get something to eat (fast food again) before starting homework. And finally, Autumn and I will run to her first Daisy scouts meeting. WHEW. I get tired just thinking about this!!!

Thursday - Pumpkin Chili AND Pumpkin Cornbread, recipe HERE
On my fall bucket list, I want to try a new chili and cornbread recipe. HOWEVER, I have been waiting for the temps to cool, so that I could make our pumpkin chili AND pumpkin cornbread recipe!! This is one of my favorite chili recipes and the cornbread is a little extra work, but SO worth it. I can't wait to get this in my belly!!!!!

Friday - Crockpot Monkey Bread, Scrambled Eggs and Fruit Salad, recipe HERE
I'm not sure if this is what makes a good dinner... or, a good breakfast for dinner. BUT, Nathan just loved having this for dinner a few weeks ago... SO, I've decided to make it again (he's been begging me). 

Saturday - Eat Out

Weekly Dessert - Candy Apple Pie
Remember when I made candy apple popcorn balls last year (see post HERE). Well, since we just went apple picking, I thought it'd be fun to try a candy apple PIE!! The red candy coating just sends my taste buds into a party! YUM!

Here is a photo of the candy apple popcorn balls I made last year:

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