Curly Crafty Mom: 2014 Balloon Glow and Meal Plan Week 32

Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014 Balloon Glow and Meal Plan Week 32

On our way to the balloon glow with friends!
SO, almost a month ago we went to the Balloon Glow in Forest Park (can you tell I am a little behind on blogging about our fall outings?). It was a beautiful day, in the eighties and I am not sure WHY I decided to wear a scarf, I guess I was hoping I could wear my fall clothes in September... but, September was a H O T one here in St. Louis and that scarf was taken off quickly. I still haven't felt it has been cool enough to wear a scarf here and it is now October! We always take the Metrolink to ride to Forest Park, because it is almost impossible to find a parking spot during the Balloon Glow. While at the Metrolink station, we ran into my moms neighbor.

Nathan with Brian

Here they all are again outside the train. It was funny, because we ran into them again on the way home from the Balloon Glow. Small world!

The Balloon Glow is held the night before the Balloon Race, they play music and have food... and, all of the balloons are lit up! You also get to see them put the balloons away and there are fireworks later in the evening. We usually leave before the fireworks to avoid huge lines at the Metrolink. Don'tcha just love the Goldfish Cracker balloon?!

Here are some more balloons, including the Shane Co. balloon... where my rings are from :)

We always buy the kids some sort of overpriced cheap toy junk, this year they got light up wands.

Some of them will let the kids in the basket. You can feel the heat from the flames, too!!

Dark selfie of me and Brian :)

We had a great time at the balloon glow, except it was REALLY crowded this year due to the nice weather. I am not sure if we will keep this up as a tradition every year, it would be neat to go and see the actual race on a Saturday morning sometimes instead of the balloon glow that takes place on Friday night. We'll see what we're in the mood for next year.

Here are some balloon glow recaps from years past, it is always fun to look back and see how much the kids have grown. I don't think we went in 2012, because that was the month Brian and I were planning our wedding... so, we had our hands full that year! ;)

Balloon Glow 2013
Balloon Glow 2011

Are you ready for the meal plan for this week? The meal plan isn't the most exciting this week, mainly because I thought Brian was going to be in Seattle for work... BUT, they canceled his trip last minute. I was really happy to hear he'd be at home, but it kind of threw a wrench in the meal plan that I had already planned and shopped for... ;) Anyway, quick meals aren't all so bad, right?!!

Menu Plan for Week of October 19, 2014:

Sunday - Order In
We are going to church in the morning and then the pumpkin patch... so, we will probably order something in and watch it with a relaxing movie. Maybe we'll find a nice Halloween flick to watch?

Monday - Swedish Meatballs, recipe HERE 
This will be an easy, easy dinner... because, thanks to my freezer stash, this one just needs to be thawed and warmed up!

Tuesday - Frozen Pizza
I thought Brian was going to be out of town for several days this week, so it kind of messed up my meal plan for this week... so, we are going to eat a frozen pizza tonight that I have in the freezer.

Wednesday - Spaghetti and Meatballs 
We have dance tonight, SO... I am going to keep it simple with spaghetti and meatballs. I had actually planned on having this last Saturday, but we landed up eating out. SO, it is on the meal plan for today.

Thursday - Red Chicken Chili (my favorite chili!), recipe HERE 
This is my absolute favorite chili (after my pumpkin chili), hands down.

Friday - Chili Leftovers
We have Trunk or Treat tonight, so leftovers will be perfect!

Saturday - Dinner Out

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