Curly Crafty Mom: Stuckmeyers Pumpkin Farm and Meal Plan Week 33

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stuckmeyers Pumpkin Farm and Meal Plan Week 33

Hello everyone! Are you ready for Halloweenie-week?! This always seems to be the BUSIEST week of October for us with trunk or treat, Halloween, parent-teacher conferences, Scholastic book fair (and volunteering!), Halloween classroom parties (and all the stuff I need to prep for those!) and the kids always have a couple of days off of school. Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch after church and we had so much fun! We went to a smaller pumpkin patch closer to home, because we knew all of the places would be PACKED since it is so close to Halloween. Here is our family pumpkin patch pic for 2014! Not bad!

Me and my cutie-pa-tooties! It seems now that the kids are wearing uniforms at school, I don't spend as much money on regular clothes for them. I didn't even have cute fall outfits for them! I thought about going to ON and buying them some cute fall colored shirts, but I ran out of time. BUT, it worked out, because it was a little cool that day and they wore their jackets anyway! Who needs super cute pumpkin patch outfits, right?! ;) They are just cute on their own! And, little Miss Autumn and her sunglasses on her head... she likes to wear them on her head, not on her EYES. lol!

These two have been growing up a storm... I had to buy ALL new pants for them and now I think Nathan needs an even bigger size pants (darn it!). And, it seems every 6 months they both need all new shoes! Nathan finally went to laces for his shoes... I told him it was time he stopped wearing velcro! Geesh! ;) They are standing in front of the HUGE pumpkins they picked out.

Me and the Bri guy! Nathan took this and we sort of lucked out!

I love this kissy picture of us and how the pumpkins are blurred in the background... I think Nathan took this one, too... but, it could have been Autumn.

We went to Stuckmeyers to select our pumpkins. They had all of these gorgeous mums by the market. Oh, do I love me some huge blooming mums!

The kids are crazy about gourds, especially Nathan. We always have to buy some for them.

These are the gourds Nathan decided to purchase (with our money of course).

Getting my work out on...

Nathan pumpkin surfing

Sorry for the photo overload, I kind of got a lot of cute pics of the kids somehow... :)

This one was too cute of Nathan. See those jeans I got at Gap Outlet 3 weeks ago? They're too short on him now! Stop growing!!! ;) 

We also checked out the farm, they had a HUUUGE turkey there.

Autumn also noticed these eggs :)

Autumn pushing Nathan and another boy on the tire swing. Shouldn't they be pushing her? ;)

The last thing we did before leaving was let the kids go on this little tractor pull ride.

Its a neat little ride, except only for the kids... I think a grown up can ride in the back if he has a really small child. I can remember Nathan riding on this when he was a baby! Man are these years going by too fast...

Well, we did it! Our first melted crayon pumpkin! Wasn't as messy as I thought it'd be... 😂🎃👍
Autumn bought a smaller pumpkin to paint, but we decided to try our hand at attempting our first melted crayon pumpkin. It was a lot of fun and it turned out nicely. Just take the paper wrapping off of 20 or so crayons and break them in half. It seems the shorter crayons work better then if you use a whole crayon. Then hot glue all of the crayons on the pumpkin around the stem. Use a hot hair blow dryer to melt the crayons on the hottest setting. Put the hair dryer on the lowest blow setting, otherwise the wax will blow EVERYWHERE (yeah, we found that out by trial and error). This was a lot of fun!

Are you ready for the meal plan for this week? 

Menu Plan for Week of October 26, 2014:

Sunday - Order In
I rarely cook on Sunday evenings and I won't be cooking on this one. We will probably order in 54th Street soup and salad combo or Chinese... something like that :)

Monday - Fall Picnic! 
I always talk about having a picnic with the family, but we never do! Well, next Monday I am planning a picnic for us... it may be in our backyard, it may be at a park or if the weather is cruddy, it could even be on a blanket on the floor of our home! I plan to pack a bag full of picnic essentials such as sandwiches, chips, fruit and freshly baked brownies! I can't wait! And better yet... I am going to surprise the kids with it! Then, later that night we plan to carve some pumpkins!

Tuesday - Simple Crock Pot Potato Soup with Green Salad, recipe HERE
I have been wanting to try this easy crock pot potato soup for awhile that substitutes cut up potatoes for hash browns.

Wednesday -  Tacos
We have a really busy night with parent/teacher conferences and then dance for Autumn, so I think tacos will be pretty easy to whip up for dinner.

Thursday - Stuffed Shells with Green Salad
This is a recipe that I found on Allison's website (see post HERE) and makes a freezer meal portion and an eat it up right now portion. As y'all know, I love freezer meals and I can't wait to try her recipe.

Friday - Papa Murphy's Halloween Pizza!
Halloween is always such a hectic night, so we are going to pick up a take and bake pizza from Papa Murphy's. They always do a pumpkin pizza for Halloween, so we'll get that.

Saturday - Easy Three Ingredient Cinnamon Rolls with Fruit Salad, recipe HERE
My son LOVES cinnamon rolls and this one is ALMOST as good as the homemade ones Brian makes. ;)

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