Curly Crafty Mom: Wine-ing on Friday (Five on Friday)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Wine-ing on Friday (Five on Friday)

I thought today I would take a little break from crafts, meal plans and fashion to do a little Wine'ing this Friday. Plus, I heard the Five on Friday is back with with DarciAprilChristina and Natasha, so of course I had to join in!

Every year my friends and I go Fall and Halloween shopping on Main Street in St. Charles. I bought the best sign EVER  and I loved walking on the cobblestone streets that had trees lined with pumpkins.  We enjoyed lunch at the MIL House, which is always c
Which brings me to this sign pictured above... isn't it just PERFECT? I went shopping for Halloween on Main Street yesterday with friends and I couldn't pass this sign up. It really made me chuckle, especially when I was working on this monogram initial wine cork craft last year (see HERE) and needed oodles of wine corks for it. (Psst. Target sells wine corks by the box!) We also had lunch at the MIL house and it was just a perfect afternoon with friends.

1. Busy Weekend. 
We have a busy weekend planned... on Saturday I purchased a space for the Baby Mania sale and I am hoping to get rid of the last bit of toys and clothes lingering around in our basement. I've really been trying to work on decluttering our home, as in getting rid of anything we aren't using it. I really think what I have leftover after this sale will be donated or given to someone that needs it. We have a huge storage space in our basement, but I am just tired of seeing all the junk down there. I also may have a regular garage sale later this fall to try to get rid of some of the bigger items that I can't get to the Baby Mania sale. We usually make a pretty good profit ($300-400) on this sale, but what I love most is clearing out belongings we just don't use anymore! I also just cleaned out all of our kitchen cabinets... we had sippy cups in them still for crying out loud!!

The sweetest part about this is that Grandma offered to watch the kids on Friday night, since we have to be at the sale by 6:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. Grandmas are the best! Even better yet is that she is going to take them out to dinner and Brian and I are going to have our own little dinner at the Five Star, so we can see GONE GIRL!! YESSS!! I do love my parents!

Last week of half training y'all!!! Last week!!! Half #⃣6⃣ is in 6 days!!! Just got 5 miles in, only have a 4 and a 2 mile run and in ready for the big day!!!! Running rocks!! #fitmomma #mocowbell #movingontoafullnext!! Then, on Sunday I am running my sixth half... the weather was looking PERFECT for running, in the mid-sixties... BUT, at my last peak at the forecast it says mid-seventies for the day, so it could get a little hot near the end of the race. That is still better than the mid-80's we are getting this entire week! After this half, my goal is to train for a full marathon for the Spring of next year. I think I even got Brian in on training with me for it. :) (as he groans next to me!! hahaha!!!!!) Then... maybe a trialiathlon?!

2. Skin Care.
My mom got me a Clarisonic for my birthday last month and I am in LOVE with it. I really didn't think I would keep up with using it to wash my face with every night before bed, but I have!! My skin has felt healthier, cleaner and smoother. I have also changed up my skincare and makeup routine in the last two months. I have started putting Vitamin C serum on my face and I decided to try out Neocutis Journee Biorestorative Day Cream, SPF 30. I'm really pleased with both products and have been happy with the results so far. I've also simplified my makeup... I used to be faithful to MAC's Studio Fix, which is a foundation and powder in one and has impeccable coverage. I've decided to go with a light foundation from Bobbi Brown and loose face powder with a little blush. I really feel the results I have gotten from the Clarisonic have made my skin glow enough that I can wear lighter makeup and still look radiant! 

3. Pumpkin Crush.
I have been enjoying everything pumpkin lately... I went to Bath and Body Works and got my Pumpkin Caramel candle, I've made pumpkin chili and cornbread... I even painted some pumpkins in gold and white for a new centerpiece for our coffee table (see post HERE). What I haven't done yet is try the pumpkin spice latte #PSL at Starbucks. Maybe I should add that to my list? Is it really that good? I also really want to bake some pumpkin treats!

4. Organizing.
Something that has been really on the top of my list is organizing lately (as I mentioned in #1). Since last February I have gotten the following organized/cleaned out: Nathan's room and closet, Autumn's room and closet, our closet, all of the kitchen cabinets, our coffee table  (it has massive storage), the top of the TV (which was becoming a movie dumping ground!) and now I am working on our garage. I don't think I have cleaned out our garage once in the entire decade that I have lived in this house. That is really, really sad... I think the garage is just one of the last places you think of cleaning in your home. 

So far I have some ideas of painting the step that leads up to the house from the garage a cool grey color and getting a new door mat, ordering a sports organizer (for all of our balls, sports equipment, etc.) from The Container Store, selling some baby stuff (two seater wagon, stroller, etc., etc.), organizing all of the shelves and cleaning out the fridge. I also plan to do a major sweep and mopping of the floor... which I am sure will be disgusting during the process, but SO worth it at the end. Oh, do I wish we had a shed!! But, then I'd have one more space I'd have to clean... 

The next three BIG organizing projects on my list are covering Autumn's room into a big girl room (new paint on the walls, new bedding and a desk!), working on a craft room downstairs and cleaning out our storage in our basement. Fun projects, eh?

5. Books I've Been Reading.
Starting a new bible study at church based off this book, enjoying it so far. Brian is doing the bible study, too! Kids started Sunday school today. Happy Sunday!!
Brian and I have been in a new bible study at church for the last few weeks. It has been fun to participate in it with him, this is the first time we've done a bible study together. It is based off the book I am a Church Member by Thom Rainer. I think my favorite part of the bible study is the discussion during the last 15 minutes. We have sat at a different table each week and it is wonderful getting to know some new faces at church and discussing our faith with them.

Another book I just finished was Elizabeth Street by Laurie Fabiano which was recommended to us by our tour guide when we visited Chinatown and Little Italy in NYC last June. I was interested in learning more about how immigrants lived and worked back then and how they dealt with the black hand. This story was interesting, because it is mostly a real story. It was a great read and the history in that part of NYC is amazing.

I did it!! My last lonnng run before my sixth half! I have some shorter runs such as an 8 miler, but no more double digit runs till the big race day! I ran on the dreadmill and started reading the first Outlander book. Oh my gosh, its SO good!!!  now, I h
I am currently reading Outlander, which I really need to start watching the show once I finish the first book. This book is a must read, I am really enjoying it! I think I have talked Brian into reading it, too. The only problem is there is SEVEN more books after this one... oh my goodness, will I be reading these till 2016? The books are all pretty lengthy, around 800 pages... I usually read 2 normal sized books a month, so it will probably take me a month or more to get through since I read mostly when I run on the treadmill. It is so, so good though... and, I really want to know what happens between Claire and Jamie. Oh, don't spoil it for me... but, I MUSTMUST MUST MUUUUSTTTT know. Sorry, it is killing me!

And, is anyone else excited about Gone Girl being at the theaters? I can't wait to see that one!


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