Curly Crafty Mom: Ribbon Tree Ornaments and Meal Plan Week 39 and 40

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ribbon Tree Ornaments and Meal Plan Week 39 and 40

So, its been really busy... and, I am still trying to whip some Christmas crafts out... this one and I have one last craft I'll be sharing next week. I am not sure why I didn't start all of my Christmas crafts in the beginning of November! LOL! Whew... I am also sharing the last two weeks of Meal Plans, because I thought it wouldn't hurt to just stick them at the bottom of this post. But, yes... we are still meal planning around here and it really helps during this busy holiday season! I do want to call out one recipe I made that was AWESOME, one of the top recipes I've made this year... THIS lasagna soup is to die for!!! It makes a big batch so you can even freeze half of it.

OK, so... today I am sharing an ornament craft that Miss Autumn and I did together while she was home sick from school last Monday. Every year I do a new homemade ornament on the tree and I usually have one or both kids help me. I look forward to giving these ornaments to the kids when they venture off on their own someday for their very own Christmas trees.

We decided upon ribbon tree ornaments and used twigs we found in the backyard.

Here are the supplies... pretty simple. I selected ribbons in natural colors with a pop of gold, however you could do green ribbon or even Christmas colors. I also purchased some garland pipe cleaners. The twigs we found in our backyard, but you could also use cinnamon sticks (and they would smell good, too!). I didn't show this in the photo, but you'll need some twine or extra ribbon to make a loop so you can hang the ornament on the tree.

First you want to twist the garland pipe cleaners onto some of the twigs, leaving room in-between each one, so that you can add a stand of ribbon. You can see my little helper had fun with this part of the craft. (She also told me that she wants to do more crafts during Christmas break. Oh boy, what did I start?! ;) )

This is what they looked like after she was done with them... not too impressive, but we have more work to do!

Next, decorate the trees with the ribbon! We did this several different ways and the possibilities were endless... it was so fun! Here are some of the trees I decorated...

Autumn's trees... she did these all on her own, didn't want my help.

Just make sure you cut the ribbon and garland a little as you reach the top, so it has a tree shape.





These ornaments would love really pretty together on a smaller tree, such as this smaller topiary on my front porch.

These would make a great project to do on your own at home, with your children, for scouts or even as a craft at a school Christmas party.

Now are you ready for the meal plans from the last two weeks?!

Meal Plan Week 39:

Sunday - Order In
I am thinking our usual salad and soup combo from 54th Street sounds good tonight!

Monday - Appreciation Dinner with Brian's Colleagues 
My mom is watching the kids tonight, so Brian and I can go out for a work dinner. I still need to figure out my outfit, but I am excited to try a new outfit and to meet some of his co-workers. I will probably let my mom feed the kids chicken nugs or a lunch-able. :)

Tuesday - Lasagna Soup and Garlic Bread, recipe HERE
I have been wanting to try a lasagna soup recipe for awhile and decided to try this sort of time consuming recipe that Dixie Delights shared for a Disney themed dinner. It just looks so DANG good! She mentions freezing half of it, too, since it makes SO much soup.

Wednesday - Frozen Pizza

The weeks leading up to Christmas are going to be HECTIC. Autumn has a watch week at dance tonight AND then Nathan has his Christmas musical at school. I am going to have to feed them before both... wish me luck! 

Thursday - Lasagna Soup and Garlic Bread (Leftovers from Tuesday)

Friday - Hot Dogs and Chips

Saturday - Slow Cooker Ranch Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans, recipe HERE

Meal Plan Week 40:

Sunday - Dinner on the Go!
We have our very first carriage ride at Tilles Park to see the Christmas lights, so we are going to have dinner on the go tonight.

Monday - Kids Choice 
Brian has a work dinner, SO... we will probably just have chicken nuggets or something really simple and easy tonight since I'll be manning the house on my own.

Tuesday - Lasagna Soup and Garlic Bread, recipe HERE
I was going to make this LAST week, but never did... SO, going to try out Dixie Delights Lasagna Soup this week.

Wednesday - Frozen Pizza

Autumn has her dance Christmas party AND her Christmas play after that... sooo. frozen pizza it is! 

Thursday - Tortellini Pasta in Crock Pot, recipe HERE

Friday - BLT's and Chips

Saturday - Dinner Out with Brian

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