Curly Crafty Mom: Scrappy Rosette Christmas Trees

Monday, December 15, 2014

Scrappy Rosette Christmas Trees

Every Christmas I enjoy making a different kind of mini-Christmas tree. This year I knew I wanted to make something metallic/gold with greys... I was in Hobby Lobby and came across a beautiful gold chevron striped fabric and matched it with another fabric that was grey. I have always loved rosettes and decided to make some scrappy rosette trees. The second tree has less rosettes and more 'scraps' on it. I really love how these two trees compliment each other really well, but each have their own look and feel. I took some photos of these trees outside, because the lighting was poor in the house today. I will let the photos do the talking... 









For these trees, I knew I wanted them to be gold with grey... I selected the fabric from Hobby Lobby with two different patterns. I originally was going to make two trees with rosettes, but after spending over an hour making rosettes, I realized I only had enough to put on one of the trees with a few leftovers... SO, I decided to make the second tree a little different with scraps of fabric and I love how it turned out. For the base of the trees I used wine corks. Didn't these trees turn out adorable?

The supplies were really simple for this craft. Two styrofoam trees (they sold them in 2-packs at Hobby Lobby), wine corks, burlap (optional) and fabric scissors.

First I glued a set of three wine corks onto the bottom of each 'tree'.

Then I cut the fabric into 22" x 3" strips.

I've been rosetting my heart out this morning... And, no, I'm not day drinking... Those wine corks are part of the craft I'm working on, too! Don't you just adore this gold metallic chevron fabric?! Now off to start a big batch of pumpkin chili and cornbr
Then I spent the next hour making rosettes. I have a great tutorial on how to make rosettes on another blog post I did, which you can see by clicking HERE. Then, just hot glue the rosettes to the tree! I put a rosette on the top of each tree as a topper, but you could also make a bow. For the scrappy tree, I wrapped it with burlap and then wrapped the scraps of fabric around it (hot glued them on each end) and added a rosette to the top and side of it. I was really happy with how both of these trees came out and I may incorporate them into my coffee table tray decor for Christmas if they work.

I hope you enjoyed this craft. If you interested in seeing more of my Christmas crafts or my Holiday Home Tour with several other bloggers this Wednesday, I would love to have you stop by Curly Crafty Mom. I also have two link ups each week, a fashion one called What Wives Wear and a craft/DIY link up called Motivational Monday. Hope you have a blessed Christmas and thanks for reading along with me today!

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