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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5 Little Confessions - October

We've all seen the posts going around blogland and social media about being honest and keeping things real. bloggers often get accused of posting only the parts of our lives we want to show off. We know we all have those less than bloggable moments in life. As readers, we all love reading those posts, but as writers we sometimes avoid spilling the dirt. In the spirit of keeping things real, we bring you 5 little confessions. Did you go 5 days without washing your hair? Did your clean laundry sit on your floor until it was time to wash again? Did you spend all weekend keeping up with the kardashians? Did you eat cake for breakfast? Dig up a few of your secrets and link up below.

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5 Little Confessions from Carrie:

1. I have been really bad about drinking soda and juice over water lately. UGH. I was going to start making a pitcher of infused water (water with slices of lemon, strawberries or cucumber and basil), but there has been a few BUSY weeks and it has thrown me all off track. Also, I think with all of the half marathon training, I've been craving bubbly drinks over just plain water. I do drink water while I run (not soda!), but after the run I crave something bubbly or with caffeine! Now, granted... I have only been drinking one soda or rarely two a day, but I would prefer NO soda and only water in my diet. I need to stop buying the cream soda I love at the grocery store and stop asking Brian to get me a soda at QT after the kids are in bed. AND, no more Route 44 (you know, that MEGA size) Cherry Limeades at Sonic!!!

2. I have been working on teaching myself how to embroider monograms with a sewing machine that Brian got me 2 birthdays ago. Sometimes I wish I had someone to just 'show' me, but even the classes at the sewing stores need for you to know the basics and don't specialize in monogramming itself. Luckily, with a couple of books and lots of practice I am finally learning how to use my machine to do these monograms. I thought embroidery would be as simple as sewing, but it is definitely different... but, I think once I get some basic knowledge of it, it won't seem as daunting as it did at first! I'll be honest, I did hit some bumps in the road and wanted to throw my hands up and give up, but I really want to figure this out and I am excited that I am finally getting there! Whew!

3. I am really bad about getting my jewelry cleaned. The place that we bought my engagement and wedding ring from (Shane Co.) offers free cleaning and inspection every 6 months. I have been wanting to go up there to get it done, but I keep putting it off. I really need to buy some jewelry cleaner for my ring, too... although, it would probably be easier to just take it up to Shane Co. every 6 months for free and for a more thorough cleaning. I do take my ring off when I put on lotion. 

4. I have a weekly fashion link up on Thursdays called What Wives Wear. I always feel sort of put together and stylish in those posts, but in reality... I wear t-shirts and yoga pants 85% of the time. I think the end of the summer was so hot and now we are having warmer temps this fall, that I just really can't think about wearing anything 'nice' during the day. Plus, I spend my days working out, cleaning and running the kids to this or that... it is hard to want to wear anything else. I am hoping when the cool temps come this fall I will start getting into some cuter outfits throughout the weeks! Of course, I do dress up if I am going out to lunch with a friend... but, most of the times I am not stylish!  

5. Last minute plans usually do not work well with me, I usually like to plan things a week out. I usually plan my week out ahead of time and if someone asks me to do something at 5 p.m. and it is now 3 p.m., I will more then likely say no. Or if it is Monday and they ask me to do something on Wednesday, I have trouble agreeing to it.

Now, if it is something for the upcoming weekend and I don't have a lot going on, I am usually ok with it. However, if it is something we plan as a family (such as me, Brian and the kids), I am ok with spontaneity and can be quite good at coming up with some spontaneous stuff for us to do as a family!

Do you have any confessions? Leave them in the comments below! Also, we'd love for you to link up and confess with us!

Please link up, I would love to hear your confessions!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Neutral Coffee Table Decor for Fall

We have a pretty big coffee table in our family room and recently I cleaned out the bottom part of it. I normally don't decorate this table with any fall decor, but I really wanted to this year. I found a beautiful chevron mirror tray in gold at Hobby Lobby (for 50% off!) and decided to place a large pillar candle holder inside it with ceramic pumpkins in white and gold surrounding it. Of course, I added a few other details while decorating it and I am pleased with how it turned out! I had made a burlap strip runner (see instructions HERE) for the coffee table a year ago and decided to place the gold tray over it.

Happy Fall Y'all!!  I decided to clean out our entire coffee table (it has a ton of storage underneath) and buy a new tray for the top of it. This gold chevron mirror tray was 50% off at Hob Lobs! I couldn't believe it! I also bought some fall decor to de

I posted a photo on Instagram of what the chevron mirror gold tray looked like when I purchased it at Hobby Lobby. (Follow me on Instagram by clicking HERE, so you don't miss out on other photos I don't share on the blog!) 


I went into Dollar Tree to look for some ceramic pumpkins. I found these ugly ones for $1 each... I knew I wanted neutral pumpkins, these colors weren't going to work for me. Nothing that a little spray paint can't fix, right? White ceramic pumpkins at craft stores are at least $3.99 each, so these were a steal!!

Spray-paint_gold Spray-Paint_White
Spray painting the pumpkins... I also found a box of gourds at Hobby Lobby for 40% off that I decided to spray paint. This was after the first layer of spray paint... I used 3 coats.

When I was strolling the fall aisles in Hobby Lobby I saw these burlap covered wooden leaves for only $2 (with an additional 40% off). The package came with four leaves, just enough to spell out F-A-L-L! I have little rubber stampers and I stamped each letter in white paint on each leaf. 

I then stuck a little strand of green raffia through the hole on the top of each leaf and made it into a bow.

I placed the letters on top of the pumpkins and gourds in the centerpiece. I really love how it turned out! 

I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets earlier this week and found this beautiful glass pillar candle holder from Pottery Barn. The price tag said $35 on the bottom of it and I can't believe it was collecting dust under the sink and I had forgotten about it! I am so glad I found a place for it! I was going to use a white pillar candle, but decided to buy this flame-less candle from Hobby Lobby that has burlap texture on it and a green leaf. The neutral colors go seamlessly with the rest of the centerpiece. I poured white beans around the candle, which gives it a more natural look.

And, here you go... the completed gold tray filled with several neutral fall goodies! I also sprinkled some faux acorns around the bottom and placed a few on top of some of the pumpkins and gourds.

In this photo you can see how well the tray goes with the burlap runner that is underneath.

Here is a close up of one of the burlap letters and it also gives you a glimpse of the acorns.

This will probably be my last fall project (besides my fall home tour, which will be coming in October)... once September wraps up, I like to start working on some Halloween crafts and decorations during the month of October!! What are you looking forward to working on this October? And, what happened to September? I always think that October is one of the busier/crazy/hectic months out there, right up there with December and Christmas!!

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Powder Valley, Museum of Transportation Field Trips and Meal Plan, Week 30

A few weeks ago, Autumn had her first Kindergarten field trip at Powder Valley. This is a nature reserve with hiking trails and an indoor education center. The forecast called for a beautiful fall day, but it started 'spitting' rain on our way there and didn't stop! Luckily the trees covered most of the rain and we were still able to go out for a little hike. Here is Autumn with her entire class in front of a huge frog.


They did some hopping and crawling activities to act like frogs, toads and salamandors.


They got to watch a frog hop around on the ground. We have three frogs at our house (they are Nathan's), so Autumn wasn't afraid to 'pet' the frog. :)


On the first part of our hike outside, we got to see a frog pond! This is a pond that Powder Valley is trying to set up for the frogs and once nature takes it course, they are planning to let it go on its own. 

image image

After we got to see the frog pond, each child was given a little container and a shovel to dig up some insects or to find some rocks, little sticks or leaves to put in their container. Autumn found a worm, a roll polly and some other misc. items that didn't move. :)

One boy even found a toad! That made for some big excitement during the field trip! Of course, our education instructor let him go away from the kids, so he wouldn't get stepped on.

Then, the next week Nathan had a field trip at the Museum of Transport. He doesn't have as many field trips as Autumn this year... his next one is in the Spring! We got to go on a train ride, here I am with Nathan and one of his friends from school.

After the train ride, we got to see some old trains... they also had converted one train into a learning center!

Nathan's class got to learn about the history of two railroad companies.

The kids got to break up into groups to build their own bridges! Such a perfect activity for Nathan who loves to build! Then they tested the support of it!

We got to walk through a train that people used to ride, eat and sleep on for several days. Here is Nathan with some of his friends at a table on the train. It was interesting that they had the adult and kids menus out on the table, so you could see the type of food they used to order then.

Nathan on a boat!

And, here is one last photo of Nathan with his friends on the field trip. :)

Are you ready for the meal plan for this week? 

Menu Plan for Week of September 28, 2014:

Sunday - Eat Out

Monday - Chicken a la King (Slow Cooker Recipe), recipe HERE
I am not a huge chicken lover, but the kids love it... so, I am sure they will love this Chicken a la King recipe. It reminds me of chicken pot pie, but with just a biscuit on the bottom.

Tuesday - Simple Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Scrambled Eggs and Fruit, recipe HERE
I am trying another Mix and Match Mama recipe... you know how we love breakfast for dinner around here. :)

Wednesday - Eat Out
Nathan has a meet after school and those usually run late... and, Autumn has dance. SO, we will probably eat dinner on the go this night!

Thursday - Cheesy Potatoes with Smoked Sausage, recipe HERE

Friday - Baked Ravioli, recipe HERE
I made this a few weeks ago and the kids LOVED this... and, it is SO easy to make!

Saturday - Family Pizza/Movie Night and Crescent Roll Smores, recipe HERE
Brian and I are doing a Baby Mania sale in an attempt to get rid of the last bit of clothes, toys, etc. that is hanging around in our basement. I know we will be wiped out after this sale, so a movie on the couch and a little pizza with the kids sounds perfect for Saturday evening! I also want to try a simple dessert, the crescent roll smores... perfect for the fall and I can check off making smores from our fall bucket list!

Weekly Dessert - Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies, recipe HERE
I didn't make this dessert yet, I still haven't found the pumpkin spice instant pudding. Brian suggested adding some pumpkin spice to regular vanilla instant pudding and I may try that instead! I did go back and check out the blog post for this recipe and they said that Wal-Mart carries this pudding mix, so I may look in their seasonal section, too. I just usually shop Target, but I think I can force myself to go to Wal-Mart if there is potential to find pumpkin spice pudding!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What Wives Wear Link Up #21 - Plaid Meets Farm

Welcome to the
What Wives Wear Link Up!
Week 21

I can't believe we are at Week 21 of What Wives Wear already. I feel I have met so many great ladies through this link up and have made some wonderful blog friendships. Thanks everyone for your support, it means a lot to me!

Today I am sharing another fall outfit, although I will admit... I took the scarf off and later the long sleeved shirt (had a cami underneath), because the fall days start out cool then get hot... and HOTTER... then, cool again. So, layers have been important to me!

The kids were off school last Friday and we decided to spend the day at my grandpa's farm... my grandpa passed when Autumn was just a baby, but my uncle Dwight runs the farm now. I was excited to wear my new plaid scarf from Nordstrom, with a forest green tee (that is SO comfortable, I swear... The Gap makes THE BEST tees!), distressed jeans and suede booties. It was a fun outfit and I felt right at home on the farm... :) And, I really need a few more plaid scarves, seriously... there are so many fun ones out there right now!!

I didn't even think about this when I decided to wear this outfit... but, how awesome do the greens in my outfit blend against the bright red barn behind me??!

I usually don't wear a necklace when I have a scarf on, but I knew I'd be taking the scarf off once it heated up. I just adore this monogrammed necklace that Brian got me last Valentine's Day... it goes with everything.

This barn is really, really old... it looks the same as it did when I was a kid. Amazing how time moves slower in rural areas. There is also a farm house and my uncle updated it after my grandpa passed away. It still has a lot of the older parts of the house in it, such as the upstairs ceiling. It almost feels like going back in time to my childhood when I go to this farm.

These distressed leggings go down to my ankle and I love the little peak-a-boo it gives where they cut right above my booties. I love this transitional look going into the fall.

We even got some photos by the mounds and mounds of hay... oh, did my kids have fun in there! (What a mess!)

Here is a close up of the plaid scarf, I purchased it for $18 with free shipping from Nordstrom. Not a bad deal! I love the colors in it.

It was a little challenging taking the photos, because the sun was just beaming down that day... but, I had to include this one.

Until next time... hopefully it won't be 6 years again before I come out to see family at the farm!

What I was wearing:
Plaid Scarf - Nordstrom, click HERE (unfortunately it is currently out of stock)
Green Long-Sleeved Tee - Gap Outlet
Distressed Jeans - Gap Outlet
Suede Booties - Gap Outlet
Monogrammed Necklace - Baublebar

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Lindsay is sharing a LBD that is perfect for any night out. 

This dress has a feminine touch with the intricate
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Lindsay finished her look with classic white pearls, 

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