Curly Crafty Mom: Coffee Table Decor for Everyday with Gold Mirror Tray

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coffee Table Decor for Everyday with Gold Mirror Tray

It has been really hard for me to get back into the swing of things after Christmas... I still have one area in my home where I need to take down some Christmas decorations. I think since I was sick off and on for three weeks (along with the kids), I just haven't had as much energy as I usually do to bounce back. SO, today I am excited to finally share something new with you that I've done around the house. I have this gold chevron mirror tray that I bought from Hobby Lobby a few months ago and I decorated it for the fall, Christmas and now I've decided to decorate it for just everyday! I went to Hobby Lobby last week to find a few new items for it and was really pleased with the results.



I did keep a few items, such as the large clear pillar that I was gifted from Crate & Barrel years ago (those never go out of style!) and the large gold spiked ball. The rest was scrapped (it was too Christmasy) and I started new!


Every season I've filled the pillar with something different... in the fall it was white beans, during Christmas it was tiny gold bells... so, for everyday I decided to fill the pillar with wine corks! It is perfect, because I have sort of a French/Paris theme in our home... and, we love wine! Don't worry, those corks aren't all from bottles we drank... Target carries wine corks by the box that you can buy!


Here is a close up of this beautiful candle... I found this 'battery' candle at Hobby Lobby and selected it, because of the fun texture on it and that it has a gold ombre! I really wanted to keep the tray in colors of golds and whites... so, this candle really worked!


I also found these candle holders at Hobby Lobby and loved the one that is monogrammed with an 'A'. I decided to use all 'battery' candles, because I want to be able to keep these candles around for a few years, so I don't have to buy new ones to redecorate with... I do buy candles to actually burn, but those are usually my smelly good ones from Bath and Body Works!!

My absolute favorite item I found for this tray at Hobby Lobby (besides the gold ombre candle, I do love it, too!) is this mirror hex ball! Isn't it a beauty?!!! It looks so nice on the mirror tray, the mirrors kind of reflect and it just looks really shiny and pretty!

Here is the gold spiked ball that I had previously purchased at Hobby Lobby, it is a great piece and I will be keeping it on this tray for awhile. I also purchased a potpourri box at Hobby Lobby that had a bunch of little wooden twine balls, feather balls and nuts in natural colors. I didn't use the bottle of potpourri, just the items in the box.I wanted something to 'fill' in some of the blank areas and I knew wine corks alone wouldn't be interesting enough. 

I love this wine cork that has the stain on it... 

Close-up-of-Spikey-Ball-and-Cork  Close-Up-Cork-and-Windy-Ball
Just some more detail shots of the items that were in the potpourri box.

And, if you are new here or missed seeing the decorations I did for this tray in the fall and Christmas, here is a peak at how I decorated them then:
Neutral Coffee Table Decor for Fall

Coffee Table Decor for Christmas

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