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Monday, January 26, 2015


Becky from Choose Happy just started a new link up party called Currently. Becky has a site where she talks about how she CHOOSES to be happy every day and shares her experiences with her readers. I thought it would be fun to link up to her party from time to time and I am joining in today!

Thinking about...

We have an upcoming trip to The Great Wolf Lodge... we went last year in January and had so much fun, that we are going to try to go every winter to get a break from the COLD. We also plan to check out a few Kansas City sites... last year we went to Legoland then ate at Fritz's, which is a little hamburger diner that has trains that run around the ceiling and drop a little lever with a basket that has all of your food in it. It is SO cool, the kids have been asking to go here again for ages. The food is really good, too... when we went last year I got a burger with hash browns on it! YUMMM!!!


Necklace stacking is so, so fun!! ❤️👍❤️ I received my engraved bar necklace in gold by @byfaithaccessories yesterday and I love how it is longer than my other monogrammed necklace. I am going to be wearing these two necklaces together
Over a month ago, I won a blog giveaway and won a monogrammed necklace! I asked the lady doing the giveaway if I could get the bar necklace over a necklace with my name... I had been wanting a bar necklace for awhile. She kindly agreed and now I have this beautiful bar necklace with my name stamped on it By Faith Accessories. You can get the necklace chain in several different sizes and I just love how it lays slightly over my other monogrammed necklace that Brian got me for Valentine's Day last year. I just love necklace stacking!


I just finished the first Outlander book. It took me almost three months to finish it, it is one LONG book!! I really enjoyed it, but need to take a break before I start the second book. There is EIGHT books in the Outlander series! Whew! I also want to take time to what the tv series for the first book. 

I am now starting The Perfume Collector and hope to read The Good Girl after that. I usually find books I want to read by reviews on other blogs, friends that recommend them or from books my friends on have read and recommended! If you aren't on Goodreads yet, it is like a FB for books! You can be my friend on Goodreads by clicking HERE.


We're going to Disney this summer!! We haven't been there for two years and this whole MagicBand thing is new to us! I think Autumn and I will definitely both get PINK!! 💗💗💗 any tips would be great!! We are doing the dinin
We are currently planning our second Disney trip with the kids!! I am so excited and we have a great travel agent (Stacey Burns) that we have used for every Disney trip we have taken. We are getting the dining plan, which is so much fun... you get to make reservations ahead of time for where you want to eat dinner. I am excited to eat lunch at Cinderella's castle again and to try out the Hoop De Doo (which comes with family style BBQ and free beer and sangrias! YUM!). We are staying 5 nights this time instead of 4, so we can rest it up one day at our hotel. We are staying at the Beach Club, which has the best pool at Disney! It has a beach, sandy bottomed pools and a pirate water slide! Who can beat that? You can see my Disney planning post HERE.

Disney just is so magical for kids and adults!!


I honestly haven't done much baking since Christmas... I feel I get a little baked out in January and February. Just bring me the boxed chocolates! haha! However, I do have a delicious Valentine's drink that I plan to share on the blog soon. And, I know this isn't 'baking', but I have the Pioneer Woman's last cookbook, which is holiday themed... I am planning on trying out her Red Velvet pancake recipe, I just know the kids will love having pink pancakes one night for when we have breakfast for dinner. Ok, maybe Nathan won't enjoy pink pancakes, but my princess girl will! Pioneer Woman doesn't have her Red Velvet pancakes recipe online, but you can find the book HERE or try out these pink pancakes from Coffee, Chaos and Contentment.

Thankful for…

I would say that I am thankful for my health and for Brian and the kids health. I am also thankful for our happiness we have right now in our lives and all we have been blessed with. I heard about an old co-worker that recently died from cancer last week and I believe she was only 52... I also have another old co-worker that is several years younger then me and she is going through breast cancer... she has two young kids. My mom was in a brutal car accident with a drunk driver in early December and she is still on bed rest and heeling from injuries. I have a couple of friends that are going through problems in their families. You just can't take your health or general happiness for granted and everyday that my family is healthy and blessed, I am so thankful. You just never know what the future brings, even tomorrow. Life can be bitter-sweet and I want to focus on the good things in life and not take anything that I am blessed with for granted. I may have ran in 6 half marathons or drink only water and no soda, but it still doesn't guarantee my tomorrow. That is why I am thankful I have Christ to hold and who is always there for me. I am thankful for everything he has given me and every situation he has put me in good or bad. He knows the ultimate plan and how all the puzzle pieces fit together in my life and I just need to trust in him and not overthink all the finer details. This is why I have this bible verse on my nightstand to look at every night.

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