Curly Crafty Mom: Wine Cork Ombre Heart {Valentine's Craft}

Monday, February 2, 2015

Wine Cork Ombre Heart {Valentine's Craft}

Well... I finally got around to doing a Valentine's craft! I've been doing so many behind the scene projects on the house, that the Valentine crafts I had planned took sort of a back seat. I was really excited to make this wine cork ombre heart, because... (1) I love ombres! (2) I love wine corks! And... (3) I had ALL of these materials at home! Well, (3) can be good or bad... it was good, because I saved money and bad, because I didn't get my Hobby Lobby run in this week. :(

This would be a really cool picture if our grass was green and if Brian had been home to stand on the other side. He doesn't get home from work until it is dark outside, SO... that won't be happening anytime soon.

I take a lot of photos of my crafts outside, because the lighting is just SO much better outdoors then it is inside this time of year. I made up a little 'fake' gift basket with the wine cork heart around a bottle of vino! Inside my house, I have this wine cork heart displayed on my buffet rack. 









If you're wondering how to make your own Wine Cork Ombre Heart, it is really easy:

All you need is some simple craft supplies... paint brushes, red and white paint, wine corks (you can buy a big box of them at Target in their home decor section) and a large heart stencil (I used our candy dish).

I took a black marker and outlined around our candy dish.

Line up your wine corks on the outline... then, pull one out at a time and use hot glue and glue it to the next wine cork... it is a little tedious, but do this with each wine cork until they are all glued together. I also hot glued a strip along the bottom for a little extra support on the back side of the heart. Some corks aren't as porous and you may have to take a knife and sort of scratch them up on the side where you'll apply the glue... most corks will work just fine without this extra step, though.

Once the hot glue has dried, paint some of the top corks red and some of the bottom corks white.

Then mix up about 4 other colors for the in-between colors in the ombre. This was the fun part, I love mixing paint to get pretty colors!

Let the paint dry and then you'll have a beautiful ombre Valentine heart. This will go beautifully with the rest of my house, since I have little hints of Paris in it. :)

I still have a couple more Valentine crafts I plan to share soon! Stay tuned!

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