Curly Crafty Mom: Currently (and Jergens BB Hand review #BBflawless)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Currently (and Jergens BB Hand review #BBflawless)


Becky at Choose Happy has been running a fun link up party called Currently. I am going to start joining Becky for her Currently link up series 1-2 times a month. I thought it would be a fun way to update y'all on my life in a light and fluffy way through photos and a blurb of text. 

I usually read 2-3 books a month while I run on the dreadmill and this is one of the books I am currently reading. This book is HYSTERICAL and a must read if you have a child in kindergarten. This book really reminds me of all of the moms in my daughters kindergarten class. Mainly it just makes me think about all of the DRAMA and gossip between the moms in her class. Nathan's class is NOT this way at all, so if I would have read this book when he was younger I don't think it would have made me laugh as hard. It is really a great read for anyone and I have heard from several people that Liane Moriarty has several other great books.

I am also in the process of reading a book that will be available for purchase soon called Why Just Survive When You Can Thrive by Keri who blogs over at Living In This Season. I am delighted to be on her Launch Team to help her kick off this wonderful book just in time for the summer and summer vacation!

Taking Care Of...

My skin. I am always really picky about a lotion having sunscreen in it, so that my face is protected from the sun. I've been really lucky to escape too many wrinkles in my late thirties and I believe it is from using a sunscreen everyday. (I also apply vitamin C serum, use a clarisonic to exfoliate, etc., etc.) Anyway, I have been wanting to find a hand lotion that has a sunscreen in it, too... because, everyone says you can tell someones age by looking at their hands. Now, I don't think I need to wear a hand lotion with a sunscreen everyday, but if I am going to be outside a lot or if it is a really bright and sunny day, I would rather protect my hands. So, I couldn't have been more excited when Influenster sent me a Jergens care package with this BBHand cream that includes a sunscreen. It goes on light and makes my hands look smoother and they feel softer, too! What a win! I also received their BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream and BB Protect Perfecting Body Cream, which are also GREAT products. ##BBflawless


I'm starting to get tired of all of the excess clutter in our house. The main area of our home isn't too bad, but my daughter has way too many toys in her room. My son is going to be 9 this weekend and he is starting to out grow toys... it makes me REALLY sad, but it is also nice to walk in his room and to not step on a million small toys. I've come to a point where I am ready to donate all of their baby clothes that I haven't been able to sell. We just did the Spring baby mania and made over several hundred dollars, but I was still left with 6 bags of clothes and toys... so, I spent the next day doing a clean out of my closet and I then had 8 bags to drop off at Good Will! The storage area in my basement is getting a tiny bit better and my closet isn't stuffed to the rim of clothes. I must say, it makes me happy. I think I am going to really work on cleaning out our storage area downstairs, because I'm tired of the little trail amongst all the junk that we have to walk in to get to anything we need. I think I am even at the point where I'm going to get rid of my maternity clothes, the crib and the glider... we'll see...

I'm not going to tell my daughter I saw these at Schnucks the other day... she loves Nutella JUST as much as I do, but I can't see how these would make a healthy lunch. So, I snagged a box for me. Just kidding. I'd much rather just eat Nutella straight out of the jar... it is just a Mom thing... I'm sure y'all understand.

New Beginnings...
When I saw these baby chicks hatch in Autumn's class, I couldn't help but think of new beginnings... these baby chicks are starting a new life. I have a lot of new beginnings coming soon... a new routine for me and the kids in just two weeks when school closes out, Nathan's turning 9 this weekend... his last year EVER as a single digit person. And, I really find it hard to believe my littles ones will be in 1st and 4th grade next year. My baby is not going to be in the lower part of the school building, she will be with all of the big kids now. I'm not really good with change and new beginnings, but I am trying to embrace them and enjoy every minute this life gives me.

Look what Miss Autumn made me for Mother's Day!! What makes it so fun is that Nathan made me one when he was in Kindergarten! So, of course I drug them outside (yes, there was a little complaining by them) for a side by side photo!! Awwww!!!! ❤️:hea
Autumn brought home her Mother's Day gift from school and it was the same thing Nathan did when he was in Kindergarten. I feel blessed to have these two in my life and they gave me the best Mother's Day ever. I hope all of you Mother's out there had a great day. I am thankful for my mother. She is the best grandma to my kids. I miss the grandmas I had on this day, too, but I try to remember fond memories of them. I also miss the babies I have lost. It can be such a busy day that sometimes I try to reflect on the day in the evening before bed when it is quiet in the house. My husband made the day special by taking the kids out to buy some little plants for my fairy garden... I spent the time cleaning the house. I know on Mother's Day I shouldn't clean, but it is such a nice feeling to have ALL the cleaning done for the week before Monday even hits. So, that in itself was a Mother's Day gift to myself. lol.

Well, that is all I have today. Be sure to join Becky in this link up series sometime, it is a lot of fun!
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