Curly Crafty Mom: 5 Ways to Wear and Style Chambray in the Spring & Summer {Guest Post}

Monday, June 29, 2015

5 Ways to Wear and Style Chambray in the Spring & Summer {Guest Post}

fivewaystowearchambrayHello Carrie's readers, I am Rachel of and I am so happy to be guest posting today while Carrie and her little family enjoy their time soaking up Disneyworld (lucky). I have known Carrie for about a year now "in the blog world" and feel she is one of those bloggers I cannot wait to meet up with and talk with in person about her DIY and fashion projects on her cute little porch filled with most of her DIY decor and creations. While I wish I was more DIY friendly I blog a lot about fashion, faith and inspiration over in my neck of the woods. Would love to meet you! Today I am going to talk about this lovely chambray top and how I have styled it and worn it for the warmer seasons (Spring and Summer) as I am sure I will be wearing this top throughout the year and will revisit my styling of it in the fall and winter seasons as well. I am going to cover 5 ways to wear chambray for these warmer months and give a link back to each outfit as I have worn it in past posts.

1). Chambray top over white pants
Chambray buttoned up and as a top over white pants. I love how crisp and airy this chambray top looks with denim white pants. Add some pops of bold colored blue and the chambray stands out even more. For this particular look I added some edgier accessories to give an unexpected add on to an otherwise sophisticated and polished look. You can check out the original post here

2). Chambray top tied around the waist
When the spring and summer days begin it can be quite chilly outside or perhaps in some indoor facilities so a chambray button up top is my go to cover up for times like these. When it gets hot just tie it around your waist for a fun, cool kid on the block look that almost reminds me of the 90's (remember sweatshirts and over-sized checkered plaid grunge like tops being tied around the waist?). Check out the post here

3). Chambray top belted over a casual Little White Dress
I love a perfect Little White Dress, especially this crochet one so adding a belted chambray top and some cognac and glittered details takes this little white dress to a whole new level. This Little White Dress is now more dressed up casual and definitely perfect for a girls night out or day with family. See original post here. 

4). Chambray top buttoned up and tied knot over a bold colored dress
This tied up chambray top will work for probably any dress but here I choose to use a floral one. I choose this floral dress because the chambray actually softens the bold colors and print in the dress. See original post here

5). Chambray top over a pastel striped dress and with a sunhat
I believe this is probably my favorite way of wearing chambray, over a pastel sundress and fun sun hat for not only protection against unwanted rays but for an added chic look. See original post here.

Which of these 5 ways was your favorite? Which have you tried before? How do you style your chambray tops for spring and summer weather? 

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