Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's Dance Recital and Meal Plan 65

Friday, June 19, 2015

Autumn's Dance Recital and Meal Plan 65

So, these may be her last dance pictures... or at least for awhile. Autumn wants to do something different next year (as in gymnastics) and NOT dance. She told me she's tired of dance, she's been doing it forever (as in 3 years... which, I guess is half her life and seems like forever to her.). I'm going to not mention it all summer and see if she'll do dance next year, or maybe even something else like hip hop. But, she's in gymnastics again this summer and would rather do that in the fall. Anyway, I am trying not to let it bother me... it is HER life. And, I'm not going to force her to do something she doesn't want to do... but, well... we'll give it the summer :) She did get VERY excited about the recital and mentioned wanting to come back to dance, so maybe the recital changed her mind. She seems to enjoy herself when I peek in the window at her dance class, so WE'LL see. :) Maybe she just needs a summer of rest! She is doing a Frozen Camp at her dance school in a few weeks and she is excited about that.

I always take Autumn outside to do some 'recital costume' photos before she has her professional photos taken. I always feel like recital night is hectic enough, that it is better to take the photos on the photo night, since we aren't rushing around and she still has a face full of makeup on! So, here they are... and, I've included a few photos from her dress rehearsal and recital night at the end.

Every year, I think WOW this is the best dress YET!! This year the dress is the ever-popular lime-green color and I LOVE it!!









Here are some photos from the rehearsal and recital:

On our way to the RECITAL!!!

My pretty girl! So, so proud of her! The color of her recital costume is 👌. And, just like that... It's recital night! 👯👯👯
Photos before we came inside.

Family photo


Taking the stage

AND, this boy was SO good during Autumn's recital. He asked me how long it would be and I told him probably 2 hours. He set his timer for THREE hours (ha!) on his iPad mini and waited patiently most of the night. We rewarded them with drinks and food from Sonic after her recital! Yay!

Here is a flash back of years past...
Pretty-Auttie6 14274989809_a20b292f89_o 8761939812_70c786c98c

Now for this weeks Meal Plan:

Meal Plan Week 65

Sunday - Order Something In

Monday - Grilled Cheese and Homemade Tomato Soup, recipe HERE
I am keeping dinners easy this week, since I'll be getting us ready for our Disney trip. I have made this homemade tomato soup before and it is DELICIOUS.

Tuesday - Easy Chicken Pot Pie, recipe HERE
I have made this recipe one other time and you really can't go wrong with any of Tonya's recipes. This one is tasty, easy and you'll have some yummy leftovers!

Wednesday - Easy Chicken Pot Pie Leftovers

Thursday - Spaghetti and Rolls

Friday - Frozen Pizza
Leaving for DISNEY the next morning, keeping dinner SIMPLE!

Saturday - Dinner at Epcot! Oh boy!! :)
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