Curly Crafty Mom: August 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

Fall Monogram Initial Wreath

It is ALMOST September (one day away) and I thought it is time that I share a fall craft with y'all... because, let's admit it. Everyone starts talking about the end of summer as soon as the grand finale of fireworks ends on July 4th. The back to school commercials start and before you know it the kids are in school. The pumpkins and (gasp, Christmas!) comes out on the shelves at Hobby Lobby and well... once September 1st hits, we're already thinking it is fall. Even though, isn't the first day of fall really near the end of September, as in September 23? Oh well. If I am making you break out in hives over all of this fall talk, I won't mention that I decorated the inside of my house for the fall this weekend. (Don't worry, I won't decorate the outside until this weekend. lol.)

This wreath was a lot of fun to make and it really didn't cost a lot either. If you've been following my blog, you know I love monograms and so it is no big surprise that I did a huge monogram initial wrapped in faux fall colored leaves for this wreath. I also enjoy doing bows and I matched some of the colors in the leaves by adding some orange, brown and even red in the bow.

Here are some more photos of the wreath and I'll share how I made it at the end of the post:





Are you ready to learn how to make one of these for own home?
The supplies are pretty basic. I purchased a cardboard 'A' from the scrapbooking/papers aisle in Hobby Lobby, some jute, faux leaves from the fall section, a round wreath form, burlap ribbon with an orange chevron pattern, brown ribbon, a cute little pumpkin and then the spray adhesive and the red ribbon with white polka dots (not shown) I already had at home.

Spray the cardboard 'A' (or whatever letter you are using) with your spray adhesive. I would do this outside, its not a pleasant smell... Then, start sticking your leaves all over the letter. They will stick onto the 'A' really well, but then you'll need to use a hot glue gun to bend the edges of the leaves around to the back side of the 'A'. You really don't want the edges of the cardboard to show, so be sure to wrap up the 'A' nicely with the leaves.

Your letter will look like this when you are done.

This is the most tedious part of the entire craft. Wrap your jute around the wreath form until it is completely covered.

This part took me a little over an hour... but, it is nice and wrapped!

Then I hot glued the 'A' onto my wreath and made my bow. I usually use my Bowdabra to make my bows, but this one I actually free-handed! The little pumpkin that I hot-glued to the middle really added some visual interest to this big burlap bow and I am glad I spotted it in Hobby Lobby!

And, that's it! I was so excited to hang it in my home this weekend. And, stay tuned... because on Friday I am sharing my Fall Bucket List! Yay!

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Creative Corner Link Up Party - 8/30/15 (and Meal Plan 75)

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Welcome back to our DIY/Craft Link Up Party! This weekend was great for some mother/daughter bonding time. Autumn had her first camp day at Camp Cedarledge for Daisy scouts and we had a great time! Next year we'll actually be staying overnight for two nights! I remember camping there when I was little, so it brought back a lot of memories.

What a day! First Daisy scout day camp with Autumn. Next year is the real deal! Mommy needs a nap now! What a fun day we had though and beautiful weather! 💚💚💚 and, I can remember camping here when I was a kid! So neat! Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

After an entire day of Daisy camp, I got to relax with a delicious dinner with Brian. And, yes... that is lobster tail! Yum! And, that was my weekend!

Here is this weeks Meal Plan:

Meal Plan Week 75

Sunday - Order In

Monday - Easy Baked Ravioli with French Bread, recipe HERE

Tuesday - Bacon Omelette Roll, recipe HERE
I made this one other time and it was quick, easy and delicious!

Wednesday - Frozen Pizza
Easiest dinner night of all!

Thursday - BLT and Chips
The kids have their first cross country meet, so it will be something quick and easy for dinner.

Friday - Going to a Food Truck Friday! Yum!

Saturday - Eat Out or In

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The Creative Corner link party | Come to inspire, stay to be inspired. Share your latest DIY, craft, and home decor posts! 

Craft Room Makeover Reveal
Rachel at Craving Some Creativity revealed her office makeover that she has been working on all summer with us this week. I have also been working on my office downstairs, so of course I was excited to see how hers turned out. There are SO many details, so you really need to stop by her blog to check out the entire post. You'll be blown away!

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Friday, August 28, 2015

10 Loves, 10 Hates

Happy Friday! It has been a BUSY week here... second FULL week of school, memory and spelling has been added to the everyday homework AND cross country started. Whew. I couldn't be more ready for the weekend... especially when Aut and I have a little fun Daisy Scout camp day on Saturday. And, this is at a camp I used to go to when I was a scout. We aren't spending the night yet, but it is a full day of fun activities with her troop. I can't wait!

So, I am keeping it light today. You've probably seen the 10 Loves and Hates buzzing around the blog-world and the lovely Shaunacey at Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy tagged me to go next! I think she tagged me over a month ago... maybe more. Oops. I can be so bad at these sometimes. ;) I do enjoy them and I always feel so honored when someone tags me! So, THANK you Shaunacey! Oh, and if you ever need Jamberry nail wraps, Shaunacey is your girl!

Loves and Hates

10 Loves
1. Brian and the kids. :) I have the most perfect family. I'm not saying we are perfect, just that Brian and the kids are perfect for me. I hope that makes sense.

2. God. :) I have been keeping a prayer journal and I love writing in it once a day and praying. It gives me such peace to pray and lift up my worries, stress and problems to him. It is like a weight off my shoulders. It is amazing how different my day is if I pray or if I don't. It is so worth it to take the 10-15 minutes out to pray and reflect in my journal each day. I am hoping to add some bible reading/books to this time a few days a week, too.

3. Travel - I love traveling, especially to new places and to Europe. Ok, I have only been to Europe once and saw Paris for a week and LOVED it. Brian and I are planning a trip to Italy for the summer of 2016. I am nervous, but I can't wait. I also LOVE the beach, Disney and big cities! I love cruises, too and I've been on two... but, I haven't been on once since before Nathan was born!

4. Pinot Noir Wine - I have recently really cut back on wine, sugary drinks (because I can't do diet), coffee, etc. I'm trying to drink water 95% of the time. Anyway, it is hard... and, it makes me enjoy my glass of wine when I get it even more! :)

5. Reading - I have been trying to read a couple of books a month and I usually read them while I am running on my treadmill or while I am in a Lush bubble bath. I am currently reading Wonder and I am planning on reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

6. Ok, which brings me to my love for Lush products! I love their bubble bath bombs or just really any of their bath products. I have a bubble bath tradition and I take one every other week. Thanks to Brian (because I always tell him to get me Lush for my birthday or whatever), I have a lot of bath bombs to pick from and I always enjoy picking one out for my bath! I also love their Karma lotion, Rockstar shower soap, etc.

7. My kitties- Rose and Bratchey. Rose is really Brian's cat, but she loves me just the same. ;) Rose is a rag doll, which is the sweetest and furriest kitty I've ever had... and, she thinks she is a dog... and, well... she is a BIG cat and is bigger then some dogs. :) Bratchey is a calico and such a sweet kitty, but very skittish and shy. But, she follows me everywhere, because she knows I'm her momma. :)

8. Exercise. I work out 5 days a week and it is HARD to fit it in... but, so worth it. I have been running since my daughter was born and lately I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. I had an old upper body DVD I was doing instead on the days I didn't run, but it broke... so, I pulled out her 30 Day Shred DVD again. Its amazing how long I've had this DVD and people still rave about it and are using it. I love that it works my core and not just my upper body. I just need to see if this DVD will work out my abs as much as I need. That is a real problem spot for me :(

9. Writing to-do lists. I love sitting down every night and writing out a to-do list for the next day. Yes, I am crazy. I really need to not do a to-do list for a day and see what happens... ha!

10. Fall. I really love fall! I think I may even love it more then summer, but I don't like that it is so close to winter. And, I am looking forward to writing my fall bucket list very soon!

10 Hates
1. Grocery shopping. I think I've mentioned this, because I have to make my grocery list and go shopping tomorrow. I just feel like it is always such a repetitious chore. I also grab myself a Starbucks iced drink at the store (the kind in the refrigerated section) and it is always my Friday grocery store treat. Yes, I always go to the grocery store on Friday... at the same time. I'm so predictable, I know.

2. Last minute plans. I hate when someone asks me or pressures me to do something last minute. Example, I take Autumn to church to sing in choir and its just me and her since its a Saturday night and a couple other moms decide they want to do dinner afterwards and invite me and Autumn. Of course, it is fun and all... but, I always cringe, because I hate, hate, hate being asked to do something on the spot like that. Especially in front of a kid that will not take no for an answer. ;) I'm just so not good with spontaneity. 

3. Double-checking homework. I hate double checking homework after its been done every night. I am not sure if every parent does this or if I should do this... but, I just feel it helps them if I see if they did a problem wrong and I help them work through it.

4. Rush Hour. My kids live about 20 minutes from their school and with rush hour in the morning it can take is 30-40 minutes. Thankfully it isn't so bad when I pick them up. I have seriously thought about taking back roads, but adding 10 minutes onto our commute in the morning is not worth it. So, I deal with the rush hour. We really just need to move closer to the school!

5. Cleaning and then having the clean area get messy again within 5 minutes. Ahh, this was my summer over and over when both kids were home from school. Bless their hearts :)

6. Periscope. Ugh, I installed this on my phone and I am just NOT sure what to think about it. Videos of bloggers shopping in Hobby Lobby while yelling at their kids, videos of people DRIVING while taking it. Agh... I have not done a video yet, but I was folding and putting away laundry yesterday and thought WOW... I could Periscope this! Ok, not really... but, I made myself laugh. Ok, I can't believe I just shared that. And, I came back to add this... there are some really nice Periscopes I have seen done, especially ones that offer blogging tips.

7. When a company contacts you with a great opportunity and then you realize they didn't even do their homework... as in, they didn't even check out your blog before contacting you. You're all excited and they turn you down because... oh, we didn't realize you weren't local. Or, some other lame excuse. Yeah, and they turn you down after you tell X amount of people about it. Sigh.

8. People that gossip more then they should. Yeah. It gets old REAL quick. Especially when they gossip about someone you actually like.

9. When I don't get a generous pour of wine. (Ok, I am really just starting to run out of ideas for things I hate, but it is a bummer!) Whenever Brian and I go to a restaurant, we always comment on the pour... is it generous, is it skimpy? Is it just that the glass is deceiving? Wow, this sounds bad.

10. Tornados. They freak me out. I live in St. Louis, so you'll see my hanging out in my basement under a mattress a few times every Spring. 

And, now it is my turn to tag a few people to post their 10 Loves and 10 Hates... BUT, I think I am going to be totally lazy and leave it open to whoever wants to participate! 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday Fashion Files Link Up #28: Winery Date Night Outfit and Soufeel Bracelet

Welcome to Thursday Fashion Files!

Welcome to Thursday Fashion Files with Jill at Doused in Pink and Carrie at Curly Crafty Mom! We are excited to have you here and would love to have you link up one of your latest outfits with us.

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Every summer, Brian and I enjoy going to this one winery in Augusta that has sunset dinners. It is such a gorgeous view and the food is always good and the wine is... well, wine is never bad. :)

For our date, I decided to wear my new charm bracelet from SOUFEEL and it looked lovely with my other bracelets. SOUFEEL has a lot of charms for you to pick from and three different bracelet styles (classic, bangle and leather). I selected the bracelet bangle and three charms.

Bracelet2 Bracelet4 Bracelet3
I put a lot of thought into the charms I selected for my bracelet and oh do they have A LOT of charms to pick from. Brian proposed to me in Paris and our trip to Paris has always meant a lot to me. I decided to select charms for my bracelet based on memories of our trip to Paris. First, I selected this tiny little Eiffel tower charm. Isn't it the cutest? Next, I selected a white crystal charm, because he gave me a ring when he proposed to me under the Eiffel tower in Paris. Last, we went on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris and we have (hopefully it is still there) a lock with our names engraved on it. This lock and key charm is the perfect piece to remind me of our experience on the bridge. I love that the lock is in the shape of a heart.

My charm bracelet and charms arrived in this beautiful box. A SOUFEEL bracelet would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift and I know if my husband had purchased this for me, it would have meant a lot. 

If you have never heard of SOUFEEL before, they were founded in 2011 and specialize in beautiful charms, beads, bracelets and other accessories. All of their pieces are backed by their class leading guarantee and customer service. SOUFEEL offers over 500 designs of charms and you can even customize your charms with themed photos to celebrate your memorable days. Soulful has become the first choice of gifts for millions of customers on Christmas Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, wedding anniversary and birthdays. You can even see how their fans share their bracelets stories on YouTubeFacebook or Tumblr. 

I look forward to wearing this bracelet out with my husband and remembering our Paris trip each time I look at it.

If you are a long-time follower of my blog, you know that one of my favorite parts of going out on date nights with my husband (besides his company, of course!) is getting dressed up for them. I was excited to wear my H&M lace blouse with a white eyelet skirt and gold heels. I'm also wearing my new necklace that I got from Charming Charlie for $3 after my birthday coupon and a pair of Kendra Scott earrings I purchased from Rocksbox for only $6 after cashing in a referral code and my $10 Insider's cash. I love looking stylish without hurting the piggy bank. And, while waiting in line for the bathroom at the end of the night, a twenty-something girl told me I looked gorgeous and she thought my top and skirt was all one piece (a dress) and when I told her it wasn't she was amazed at how I styled it.






What I'm Wearing:
Lace Top in Blush - H&M (Similar, Similar)*
White Eyelet Skirt - Gap Outlet (Similar, Similar)*
Gold Belt - Target (Similar, Similar)*
Charm Bracelet - SOUFEEL
Renegade Cluster Bracelet - Stella & Dot
Watch - MK, (Similar)*
Kendra Scott Earrings - Rocksbox (one free mom use code CURLYCRAFTYMOMXOXO)
Fallen Charm Necklace - Charming Charlie
Gold Strappy Sandals - Old (Similar, Similar)*

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Guest Co-Host:
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My pick this week is Heather at Forage Fashion. The jeans say it all for this outfit... and yet she paired them with a smoking hot tank and the layered necklaces to make it even better! Add in the clutch with fringe on one side and you have yourself quite a sweet outfit!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ipsy Review #9 (August)

Ipsy Day is the best! 👍 Houndstooth is one of my favorite patterns and mixed with pink 💗 it's even better! This bag is a fun one with Albertini Divine Skin Hydrator, Doll 10 HydraGel Cream Blush in Flirt, Paula's Choice Skincare Resist
Well, this makes month NINE of Ipsy for me! I reviewed the July bag a little late (last week) and now I am ready to review the August bag... And, can you believe we are almost going into September? Before I know it, I'll be working on my Fall Bucket List!

If you've never heard about Ipsy before, it is a mail subscription that sends you a new makeup pouch each month along with 5 products to sample. And, the kicker? It is ONLY $10 a month! It is also fun to see what others get, because not everyone gets the same products... you fill out a questionnaire and they base your products off of your answers. If you're interested, you can sign up under me, by clicking HERE and I'll earn some points to buy myself extra products. Thanks!

So are you ready to hear what I received in my Ipsy bag?

Paula's Choice Skincare - Resist Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum

This was the product I was the most excited to see when I opened my Ipsy bag this month! I just turned 38 this month and I want to take care of my skin now as much as I can. I have not tried a retinol serum before, but I have thought about asking my dermatologist for a prescription for retinol to mix in with my regular anti-aging moisturizer as I have read that is way to buy it for cheaper. I have been using this product on my face at night after I exfoliate and I put a moisturizer on over it. I haven't noticed any changes, but I don't have a lot of wrinkles yet... just some very fine lines around my eyes. I am just trying to be preventive! I would definitely buy this product and continue using it at night. In the day-time I use vitamin C serum under an anti-aging lotion that I LOVE. A full size bottle of this runs $40, which I thought was decent since it includes retinol.
I would rate it 5/5 stars.

Skone Cosmetics - Luxe Doubler Eye/Lip Pencil in Wine
Since this is a 'wine' color, I do not know why it is an eye AND lip pencil. I am not sure I'd use a wine color to line my eyes with, however as a lip pencil it is a keeper! I have a lot of wine/marsala colored tops/sweaters and I have a marsala-colored dress that I can't wait to wear with this lip pencil! I am going to try to fill in my lips with it, too and add a little lip gloss to make it into a lippy as well!
I would rate it 4/5 stars.

Albertini - Divine Skin Hydrator
You apply this product in the shower and it hydrates your skin and then you wash it off. Your skin feels like it has a layer of moisturizer on it after you dry off. This product saves me time in the morning, because I don't have to apply lotion after I get out of the shower. However, I would prefer is this product was a cleanser AND super moisturizer in one. It just felt weird to suds up, rinse and then apply the hydrator... it'd be nice if they could save you a step and make it a moisturizer/cleanser.
I would rate it 4/5 stars.

'Pencil Me In' Cosmetics - Natural Eyeliner Pencil in Boysenberry
When I think of the color boysenberry, I think of a purplish color. This pencil is more of a smoky blue... however, I usually use brown or black for an eyeliner and this was a nice change. I wear it if I'm wearing any sort of blue and it really brightens my eyes against my outfit. It goes great with a couple of colors in my Naked 2 palette that I just got for my birthday, too! It doesn't glide on perfectly, but it stays put all day. The little pencil sharper it came with is a bonus, too!
I would rate it 4/5 stars.

Doll 10 Beauty - HydraGel Blush in Flirt
I'm usually not a fan of gel blushes, because I always look like a clown after I apply them. However, the color of this blush went really well with my skin tone and it blended without much effort.
I would rate it 4/5 stars.

The Ipsy bag was in one of my favorite prints this month- houndstooth! Now I need to hide it from my daughter so she doesn't take this bag from me, too! ;)

If you don't subscribe to Ipsy, click HERE for my referral link. For $10/month it's a fun way to try new products that are delivered right to your mailbox!

What did you get in your Ipsy Glam bag this month?

Monday, August 24, 2015

12 Months of Drinks - Birthday Cake Martini

August is my birthday month, so of course I decided it would be fun to share one of my favorite birthday drinks on the blog today! I found out about this drink from one of my blog friends that I did one of the 30x30 Challenges with a couple of years ago (Allison from Nestful of Love) and you can find her post HERE for it. My husband has made it a couple times for my birthday now and I thought it would be fun to share it with y'all, because it does make for a GREAT birthday drink!

The ingredients are really simple for this:
  • 1 1/2 oz. Pinnacle Cake Vodka
  • 1/2 oz. Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur (I can never find the white chocolate version at my grocers, so I just use the regular chocolate Godiva and it still tastes GREAT)
  • 1 oz. Amaretto
  • 1 tsp. Vanilla Cake Batter (from a cake box mix)
  • 1 oz. Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Vanilla Frosting
  • Sprinkles
  • Martini Glasses
Ice the rim of your martini glass and pour your sprinkles onto a flat plate.

Dip the top of your iced martini glass into the sprinkles.


Try not to lick the sprinkles off your glass until you prepare the delicious goodness that will be poured into the glass.

Combine all the drink ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake for 30 seconds. 

Pour into your martini glass and enjoy!

And, here are a few more photos to convince you to try this on your next birthday:




And, if this drink isn't enough... here is a round up of all of the drinks I've done this year so far:

White Hot Chocolate with Homemade Heart Marshmallows

St. Patrick's Day Green Sangria

Disney Copy Cat Mint Julep

Share a Chocolate Coke

My Favorite Infused Water Drinks

Piping Hot Sun Brewed Tea

Birthday Cake Martini

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