Curly Crafty Mom: Ipsy Review #9 (August)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ipsy Review #9 (August)

Ipsy Day is the best! 👍 Houndstooth is one of my favorite patterns and mixed with pink 💗 it's even better! This bag is a fun one with Albertini Divine Skin Hydrator, Doll 10 HydraGel Cream Blush in Flirt, Paula's Choice Skincare Resist
Well, this makes month NINE of Ipsy for me! I reviewed the July bag a little late (last week) and now I am ready to review the August bag... And, can you believe we are almost going into September? Before I know it, I'll be working on my Fall Bucket List!

If you've never heard about Ipsy before, it is a mail subscription that sends you a new makeup pouch each month along with 5 products to sample. And, the kicker? It is ONLY $10 a month! It is also fun to see what others get, because not everyone gets the same products... you fill out a questionnaire and they base your products off of your answers. If you're interested, you can sign up under me, by clicking HERE and I'll earn some points to buy myself extra products. Thanks!

So are you ready to hear what I received in my Ipsy bag?

Paula's Choice Skincare - Resist Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum

This was the product I was the most excited to see when I opened my Ipsy bag this month! I just turned 38 this month and I want to take care of my skin now as much as I can. I have not tried a retinol serum before, but I have thought about asking my dermatologist for a prescription for retinol to mix in with my regular anti-aging moisturizer as I have read that is way to buy it for cheaper. I have been using this product on my face at night after I exfoliate and I put a moisturizer on over it. I haven't noticed any changes, but I don't have a lot of wrinkles yet... just some very fine lines around my eyes. I am just trying to be preventive! I would definitely buy this product and continue using it at night. In the day-time I use vitamin C serum under an anti-aging lotion that I LOVE. A full size bottle of this runs $40, which I thought was decent since it includes retinol.
I would rate it 5/5 stars.

Skone Cosmetics - Luxe Doubler Eye/Lip Pencil in Wine
Since this is a 'wine' color, I do not know why it is an eye AND lip pencil. I am not sure I'd use a wine color to line my eyes with, however as a lip pencil it is a keeper! I have a lot of wine/marsala colored tops/sweaters and I have a marsala-colored dress that I can't wait to wear with this lip pencil! I am going to try to fill in my lips with it, too and add a little lip gloss to make it into a lippy as well!
I would rate it 4/5 stars.

Albertini - Divine Skin Hydrator
You apply this product in the shower and it hydrates your skin and then you wash it off. Your skin feels like it has a layer of moisturizer on it after you dry off. This product saves me time in the morning, because I don't have to apply lotion after I get out of the shower. However, I would prefer is this product was a cleanser AND super moisturizer in one. It just felt weird to suds up, rinse and then apply the hydrator... it'd be nice if they could save you a step and make it a moisturizer/cleanser.
I would rate it 4/5 stars.

'Pencil Me In' Cosmetics - Natural Eyeliner Pencil in Boysenberry
When I think of the color boysenberry, I think of a purplish color. This pencil is more of a smoky blue... however, I usually use brown or black for an eyeliner and this was a nice change. I wear it if I'm wearing any sort of blue and it really brightens my eyes against my outfit. It goes great with a couple of colors in my Naked 2 palette that I just got for my birthday, too! It doesn't glide on perfectly, but it stays put all day. The little pencil sharper it came with is a bonus, too!
I would rate it 4/5 stars.

Doll 10 Beauty - HydraGel Blush in Flirt
I'm usually not a fan of gel blushes, because I always look like a clown after I apply them. However, the color of this blush went really well with my skin tone and it blended without much effort.
I would rate it 4/5 stars.

The Ipsy bag was in one of my favorite prints this month- houndstooth! Now I need to hide it from my daughter so she doesn't take this bag from me, too! ;)

If you don't subscribe to Ipsy, click HERE for my referral link. For $10/month it's a fun way to try new products that are delivered right to your mailbox!

What did you get in your Ipsy Glam bag this month?
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