Curly Crafty Mom: Girls Bedroom Furniture Reveal

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Girls Bedroom Furniture Reveal

In my last post when I shared the sentimental gallery wall that I put up for Autumn's bedroom I mentioned that I was also working on painting her bedroom furniture (which used to be my old childhood furniture). This painting project has taken a big chunk of TWO weekends and I still have one weekend left of painting. It is exhausting, but the results have been SO worth it!

So, my favorite part... Are you ready to see the before and after photos of the furniture? Here we go!





And, isn't this headboard neat? It has a door that opens up for extra storage. There is also a reading light on the top of the bookshelf part, you just can't see it. I left the back of the bookshelf as is, since it was a different color... but, I may paint it white, too. Or, I may add a design to the back of the bookcase... Brian even mentioned painting the back of the bookcase with a chalkboard paint, but I don't know... that may get messy (knowing my daughter!).

I am still trying to decide on if I should paint the oval mirror white or if I should purchase a new mirror for the room. I plan to paint the frame to the chalkboard (that is on the colored striped wall) white and I also may repaint the chalkboard itself to be a color such as lavender or a light purple... I am really digging all of the colored chalkboards I've seen lately.

The old knobs on the furniture wouldn't do... I wanted something that would add a little color and style to the furniture pieces.

Knob_Pink Knob_Pull
I looked at knobs at both Lowes and Hobby Lobby and Lowes won. The pink really pops against the white furniture and I love the pull knobs for the bottom drawers.

I painted these pieces in her room by putting a drop cloth underneath and raising up the furniture onto little yellow painters pyramids. I didn't need to use Frog Tape at all. If I got a little paint somewhere where it didn't need to go, I used a wet cloth to wipe it off.


For the desk, I used some extra shelf liner I had leftover and lined the desk drawers with it. Wow, what a difference!

And, that's it! I DO have some painting left to do next week... the mirror, chalkboard and I might paint the paint of her bookcase. Then, I am DONE PAINTING! WOOHOO! She does have another piece in her walk-in closet which is a huge chest of drawers, but I am going to paint that later... I just can't... paint anymore. ;) It was definitely worth all of the hard work, though!

Here is a list of projects I still need to do to finish up this room (it seems like a lot, but most of them are small tasks):
- Paint mirror chalkboard frame and possibly the back of the bookcase
- Fabric Garland (done, but need to hang on wall)
- Monogram Letter on a Canvas above her headboard, wooden monogram is ordered
- Hang bow bird cage
- Add central lighting to room and purchase a chandelier or ceiling fan
- Make a stool shelf
- Update frames on her dresser
- Frozen IG collage
- Stuffed animal storage

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