Curly Crafty Mom: Sentimental Gallery Wall for a Girl's Bedroom

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sentimental Gallery Wall for a Girl's Bedroom

I have been working so hard on Autumn's bedroom lately and I think this will be the next room that will be done in the house. Autumn will be seven in less then three months and I wanted to make an 'office/desk' space in her new room. Autumn was blessed with my old childhood furniture, but the furniture looked run down and needed a fresh coat of paint. That was my Labor Day project and her furniture looks GREAT! Unfortunately  the freshly painted furniture did not make it into these photos... but, I'll have a blog post revealing her newly painted furniture on the blog soon! You will be BLOWN away by the before and after photos of this furniture! Before I had a chance to paint the furniture, I started collecting items to make a gallery wall for above her desk. Some of these were items I found around the house, some are sentimental items, some I made and some are new from Hobby Lobby. :)

Here is a view of the desk area in her room. Please ignore the ugly desk, it looks MUCH better with the fresh coat of paint it got this weekend AND I found some darling knobs for it. You'll see the fabric pin board I made (see post HERE) on the left side and the rainbow striped wall (see post HERE) on the right of the gallery pieces. I decided to use colors from the rainbow wall (which matches her bedding) in the pieces that I used for the gallery wall.


Here are where I found the pieces:
Love Sign - New from Hobby Lobby. Was black, I painted it with leftover purple paint to match the purple stripes on her walls

Letter A - Leftover from her nursery wall when I had her entire name hung up on the wall. It was from Babies R Us. I painted in with the leftover pink paint I had from her striped walls.

Bird Cage - New from Hobby Lobby. The bird was red and I painted it pink to match her striped walls.

Embroidery Hoop with Pom Pom 'A' - Embroidery Hoop was new from Hobby Lobby, but the fabric and pom poms I already had. (See post for how I made it HERE)

Horse Framed with Blue Polka Dotted Scrap Book Paper in White Frame - Frame and Scrap Book paper new from Hobby Lobby. Cut out horse was from my Grandma.

Canvas with Silhouette of my Daughter - Bought canvas at Hobby Lobby. I had my daughter paint it with the purple and pink paint leftover from her striped walls. The silhouette cut out was from a Kindergarten Mother's Day present she brought home for me. 



This piece is one of the reasons why I named this the sentimental gallery wall. My Grandma on my Mom's side could cut out horse shapes from a piece of paper. We had a lot of these horses laying around the house when I was a kid, because she would cut one out for us every time we were at their farm. When my Grandma was in her seventies, she came to live with us at our house due to her declining health. Most of my memories of her are from when she lived with us. She loved to watch Mister Ed on TV and I would watch it with her. I also remember her giving me money for a picnic at school. I remember having her cut horses out of paper for me and when I came across this cut out horse when I was cleaning my office a few months ago, I knew it had to have a special place. I am the only one in our family with one of these cut out horses (the rest are gone) and when I started on Autumn's gallery wall in her room I knew I had to frame this horse and put it on the wall. I hope that this will be a keepsake that Autumn will always keep, a sentimental piece of history from her Great Grandma that she never met.

Another sentimental piece if this silhouette of Autumn from Kindergarten last year. Her brother made one as well and they were given to me as Mother's Day gifts. I decided to take the silhouette shape and place it on a canvas that I let Autumn paint.

Detail_Bird Cage
This bird cage piece isn't sentimental, but when I saw it at Hobby Lobby I fell in love with it.

Here is a photo that shows more of the room. I am thinking about painting the chalkboard frame white- what do y'all think? Or should I leave it how it is? Ignore the mess under the chalkboard :)

Well, that is it! I can't wait to share the furniture revamp with y'all next, it is AMAZING what a fresh coat of paint can do to some old furniture!

Here is a list of projects I still need to do to finish up this room (it seems like a lot, but most of them are small tasks):
- Paint headboard, mirror and possibly chalkboard frame
- Fabric Garland (done, but need to hang on wall)
- Monogram Letter on a Canvas above her headboard
- Hang bow bird cage
- Add central lighting to room and purchase a chandelier or ceiling fan
- Make a stool shelf
- Update frames on her dresser
- Frozen IG collage
- Stuffed animal storage

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