Curly Crafty Mom: Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award Q&A

Friday, September 11, 2015

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award Q&A

Back in August, Leslie from Once Upon a Time a Happily Ever After challenged me to answer ten questions of her choosing for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. You can see her original post HERE. I don't know why, but I love these sort of posts... it is a great way to learn more about other bloggers :) I'm also proud of myself for getting this done in less then a month. My blog calendar is out of control lately... it is hard to fit everything in just 5 posts a week. And, it is also hard to do 5 posts a week. Anyone else feel this way?

Ok, so here are the questions and my answers. At the bottom of this post I will think of 10 new questions and tag 5 new people to follow along.

1. What’s your favorite physical feature and personality characteristic (of yourself) and why?
Physical - Either my hair (when it is cooperating), because I can style it naturally curly or straight and my legs (running helps!).

Personality - I'm pretty laid back. I used to let a lot of things ruffle my feathers, but I feel as I've gotten older... I've been through some tough times and I just don't sweat the small things anymore. And, I love that about myself. :)

2. Describe your favorite accessory. Shoes, jewelry, purse?  Why is it your favorite?
I have a gold monogrammed initial ring that my Aunt Carolina (her nickname was Carrie and my mom named me after her). The ring has a 'C' on it. It is my favorite family heirloom. This aunt lived to be 100 or almost 100 and used to see horse and buggies outside her apartment window. She also always had a bowl of animal crackers next to a set of rocking chairs and I would eat and rock. :) This ring and a couple of letters she wrote me are all I have left of her... besides memories. :) 

3. If you could have dinner with someone living or dead, who would it be and why?
I would love to have dinner with Brian's mom. Brian and I went out on our first 'date' with his parents the day after my 13th birthday. Wow, that seems SO young to me now. Anyway, I vaguely remember his parents... when we reconnected many years later, I had found out both of his parents passed away in their mid-sixties and I was sad to not get to know his mom (or dad) better. Brian talks about them a lot and he thinks me and his mom would have hit it off great. She was crafty, could have taught me how to knit (I've always wanted to learn) and he said she was a great mother like me. I just feel sad that I never got the chance to get to know his parents, nor did they ever get to meet Nathan or Autumn.

4. For what would you like to be remembered?
I would hope I would leave behind some good memories. I actually did a post on Facebook awhile ago (as in several years ago, it came up on my Timehop app recently) and asked everyone to write one fond memory they had of me. One of my friends that I still go out with once a month wrote that she will never forget the fondue party I had in my apartment after college. She even mentioned a mishap and there being fondue on the ceiling. Hmmm. ;) So, I think after reading back on that old Facebook post, I would hope people remember the fun times they've had with me. Memories they can look back on and smile and laugh. 

5. List your favorite five things in your house.
I am guessing this isn't including warm bodies or pets. ;)

  • A lock that Brian and I locked together at our wedding, there is an identical lock on the Pont des Arts (if they haven't taken it down). 
  • Mac Book Pro that I do all my blogging on! I'll put my iPhone under this bullet, too. LOL.
  • A green blanket that I always snuggle under on the couch
  • My bed... and my duvet is SO comfy, it is from West Elm and I LOVE it.
  • A bottle of pinot noir (ha!)

6. What is your favorite indulgence?
Every other week I do a really good clean in our hallway bathroom and I always take a Lush bubble bath that evening. I look forward to this every other week! I usually read a magazine or a book on my Kindle, enjoy a cup of tea or wine and I have even had a picnic bath... yes, where I enjoy cheese, crackers and fruit while bathing! lol! I am addicted to Lush products and I have quite a collection of bath soaps and bubble bombs. I wish I could go back and find the photo of my Lush picnic bath, it is so hard to go back and find IG photos from a year ago! Grr! Not sure if there is an easy way to do that.

7. In what way(s) do you express your creativity?
I create my creativity in my crafts, home decor, fashion and with all of those wrapped up in this blog. This blog is pretty much me framed! 

8. What do you collect?
I collect lighthouse figurines (especially from lighthouses I have been to). I don't really collect much else? I sort of hate excess stuff and I have my lighthouses in a little corner curio cabinet in our family room. I guess I have little trinkets from places we've been to on trips in the curio cabinet, too such as castles, museums such as the Louvre, etc.

9. What is your love language, physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time (spent with the one you love), receiving gifts?
My love language is acts of service. Great book btw :)

10. What are you looking forward to in the coming new year?
Brian and I are planning to go to Italy this summer. I am really excited yet a little nervous. I am also looking forward to training and completing my first full marathon (if I don't fail) and I'm also excited about taking Mondo Beyondo again (a dreaming class) to figure out just exactly what dreams I want to pursue next. I am also excited about another year at home and being able to do some house projects and spend extra time with the kids during school activities, etc.

Ok, so now it is my turn. It is getting late here so I am going to tag whoever wants to play along. And, you can use the same questions that Leslie gave me or add some of your own. :)
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