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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Holiday Craftacular Link Up: Spooky Drink Bar by Beauteeful Living

Welcome back to our Halloween Holiday Craftacular Blog Hop!

Holiday Craftacular - Oct Collage
Throughout the year, my blogging friends and I will share our holiday or seasonal projects. Stop here Monday through Friday of this week to see great Halloween decorating projects, crafts and ideas from my friends and me. Plus, share your Halloween project, recipe or craft at the Holiday Craftacular linky party below!We can’t wait to see your Halloween creations! We’ll share our linky party favorites at our next Holiday Craftacular blog hop (November 9th) and on our Holiday Craftacular Pinterest Board!Meet the Holiday Craftacular blogging crew and please be sure to follow your Holiday Craftacular hosts!

Lauren of Mom Home Guide
Becky of The Dempster Logbook
Carrie of Curly Crafty Mom
Reesa of Momma Lew

Now for today’s Holiday Craftacular blogger, TEE!

Hi lovely readers, I’m Tee and I started my blog, Beauteeful Living as a way to share my creative passions and to document events happening in my little world, a “bubble” best described as Beauteeful Living. To me, “beauteeful” stands for finding “beauty” in each of our own lives. I’m not only referring to the grand things and events. I mean the everyday simple things and moments that we often overlook. People are at the center of what matters in my world. I could be happy in my backyard, swatting mosquitoes away, if it means I’m there hanging with my favorite people. These people definitely include my husband (college sweetheart) and our 2 sweet and sassy daughters! Before I start, I'd like to share my feature pick from last month's Holiday Craftacular Fall link up! This image came from Lauren at Blesser House.

Blesser House - Fall-Home-Tour
Isn't this room above simply gorgeous! To see more from Lauren's home tour, you can visit her post HERE

Being that Halloween lands on a Saturday this year, my husband and I decided to throw a Halloween party in our home. Actually, we're throwing 2 parties to be exact. Why two? Well, our youngest turns 5 in a week. Being that her birthday is so close to Halloween, we decided to throw her a Halloween costume party this year! The party in the morning will be for her local buddies from school and friends from the neighborhood. The party in the evening will be for our family and friends traveling afar. Yes, it's going to be a long and crazy day and evening but I know she's going to be so happy to see family and friends at her parties. 

Halloween spooky bar - Beauteeful Living
Here's a peek at the "Spooky Drink Bar" I created for her party. By the time Halloween rolls around, I'm sure I'll have modifications made. I must say, though, I'm pretty satisfied with the way this display came out.

Here are some close up photos of items that help make this "Spooky Drink Bar" complete:
Dracular Bar Light  
1) Dracula's Pub light and Home Sweet Home coffin favor boxes - This light fixture actually lights up when plugged in. Aren't those "coffins" more cute than morbid? ;)

Halloween Drink Dispenser  
2) "Poison" Drink Dispenser - I bedazzled our drink dispenser by adding glittery tape and a large Halloween-themed drink sticker. You can use apple cider or iced tea as your "poison" of choice. :)

Halloween labels for wine  
3) Bottles dressed up with Halloween-themed stickers. I purchased a set of stickers from the local Dollar store. Love how they totally transform the look and feel of these bottles. I'm just using these bottles as props.

Skull water bottles  
4) "Poisonous" water bottles - For this look, I simply found card stock with skull and bone prints and cut them to size to cover the original water bottle label.

Creepy mum floral centerpiece  
5) Creepy Flower Centerpiece - Nothing like bony hands sticking out to enhance this Halloween floral centerpiece.

glittery skull  
6) Light up skull and plastic eyeballs. Both items came from the good 'ole local Dollar store. :)

Here's one more look at my Spooky Drink Bar!
Spooky Drink Bar - Beauteeful Living  
To see some other Halloween-related decor in my home, you can visit my Halloween Home Tour here. Thanks for reading! Next up on the blog hop is Reesa from Momma Lew. If you’re a blogger, we’d love for you to link up your Halloween project, recipe or craft at the Holiday Craftacular linky party below!

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