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Friday, October 30, 2015

2015 Rock N Roll Half Marathon Recap Post!

Finished my eighth half... Next up is my first full marathon, planning one out of state! I didn't PR, but I did about average for me 2:08. My best is 2:05... I dream to do 2:00, but I've seen to hit a bump. I really enjoyed myself, Tower Grove is gorgeous
A couple of weeks ago (Oct. 18th to be exact!) I ran in my EIGTH half marathon. I really wanted to PR, because I haven't had a PR in anything for a year now (I've seem to have hit a wall)... but, I didn't. However, I really, really enjoyed this race and I felt really good afterwards. I think that is what truly matters.

I really think the Rock N Roll is my FAVORITE St. Louis half marathon... the Go! is a nice one, too... but, the course seems a little easier and the live music is just so much fun! The weather was in the upper 30's for most of the race and it felt AWESOME... this is the coldest half I have ever ran, but honestly... I took my mittens off after the first mile and I wasn't covered in sweat at the end (which was nice for a change!). It was funny to be running and to see all of the fans cheering for us in big coats, but... us runners were just a little toasty, but not too bad!

Here is my official time... I finished at 2:08:50! This is not a half marathon PR for me, but it is a PR for the Rock N Roll race. When I ran this race in 2013 I finished at 2:09:19. My last half marathon was the 2015 Go! and I finished it at 2:08:07, so this year I have ran both of my half marathons at a 2:08 finish time. Interesting!

My best overall half marathon PR was at the Go! Race in 2014, I PR'ed at 2:06:51. My DREAM is to finish a half marathon at a PR of 2:00 or less then that. I have cut 10 minutes off my time before, so I hope I can luck out (ha) and get this dream PR someday! I told Brian if I ever achieve it, I am never running again. Ok, just kidding. ha, ha! But, I may be done with PR's and I'll just run for fun (which I should be doing anyway!).


Here I am before the race even started close to 7:00 a.m. They actually had water and bananas for everyone before the race and I chowed down and used the bathroom. It is nice to get to the race a half hour before it starts (6:30 a.m.! eek!), so you have time to relax and get ready... and to just prepare mentally for the next two hours. You'll see I have my mittens on here.

Here are my official race stats:

Finished: 2:08:50 (my best half time is 2:06:51 from the Go! Half last Spring)
Overall: 2,333 out of 5,769
Female: 1,042 out of 3,609
Age Group: 206 out of 630

When I look at these numbers I always try not to be too hard on myself, I did pretty good overall!

Here I am crossing that glorious finish line. I thank God every time I cross over, for blessing me with a strong body that can take me across 13.1 miles! It is definitely something not to take for granted and I work hard to obtain it. Being healthy is important to me and I hope my kids see that their mom has tried to make healthy choices... and, maybe someday I'll be running across that finish line in a much older body, but with my two kids when they are old enough! (That is a dream of mine!)

So, what's next?
I am trying to figure out what's next honestly. I want to run a marathon... I am researching marathons currently and I am probably going to travel out of state for it.

I'm currently looking at:
Rock N Roll in Las Vegas
Disney World's Marathon
Rock N Roll in Nashville
Chicago (I'd have to enter the lottery)

Most of these don't have set dates yet for when I want to run them. The Disney one is in January and so it is full and I would have to register for the 2017 race (if I select that one). There is even a marathon in Minnesota that looks interesting. So, we'll see. If you have any to recommend, please let me know in the comments. I want my first marathon to be memorable... I am not looking to finish it in an honorable time, I just want to finish it and say I've done it. I don't plan to run a marathon again, this is a one time deal for me.

I'm also looking at running the half marathon for the Spring Go! race here in St. Louis again. They do offer a full, so I am also considering that instead of traveling out of state. I'm just really undecided. 

I have really hit a wall with PR'ing lately and I think it is because I am just not changing up my training. I've been running at the same pace, etc. and just trying to increase it at the race. This isn't working and so therefore I am adding a little more speed to my runs and more hills... I run on the treadmill A LOT, too and I want to try to get outside more... even though it means I can't read and run (which I love to do) and it takes a lot more time. I truly believe to PR you need to train faster and really it just comes down to running faster. I want to do it gradually, but I just feel I wasn't pushing myself anymore. So, I'm going to push myself and see if it gets me anywhere on the next race day. :)

I wrote about how I was having a bit of a running burn out in a Currently post awhile back... and, its true. I feel changing up my training and training for a marathon will add some excitement back (I hope). I'm also due for some new shoes... Take me away, Brooks!

P.S. I am really scared to run in a marathon... I mean, isn't it obvious since I've done 8 halfs? I'm pretty dang exhausted after the half marathons I run. So... cheers to facing my fears! lol! All my marathon friends tell me I am crazy for not doing one yet... that I'll love it. But, secretly... I think they're crazy. Sorry, not sorry. ha!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday Fashion Files Link Up #37: Asymmetrical Top & Flare Jeans with Yoins & Wish List

Welcome to Thursday Fashion Files!

Welcome to Thursday Fashion Files with Jill at Doused in Pink and Carrie at Curly Crafty Mom! We are excited to have you here and would love to have you link up one of your latest outfits with us.

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We are enjoying some fall temps here, it is nice that is is going to be a little brisk on Halloween, but not too brisk if y'all know what I mean. Today I am sharing with you an outfit from a website new to me called YOINS. I am just loving the b/w striped top they sent me along with my very FIRST pair of flare jeans! I am just beyond excited every time I wear this outfit outside the house! The b/w striped top is light, yet has a little bit of a cowl neck, so it keeps me warm, but not too warm. I love to layer it with all of the different vests I have, such as this raspberry colored puffer. And, the flares are in a dark wash and go great with most of my tops. The flare is a slight flare, so it is easier to pair tops with them.

And, doesn't the top look great alone without any puffer or vest? I'm telling ya, it is a keeper. You can also see a bit of the flare in the jeans in this photo, since I am turned away from the camera.

If you read my last Ipsy post, you'll know I am wearing this new Inky Dinky nail color nonstop this fall. Dark polish is so fun!








What I'm Wearing:
B/W Striped Cowl Neck Top - YOINS
Flare Jeans in Dark Wash - YOINS
Raspberry Puffer Vest - Old Navy (Old) (Similar, Similar)*
Pink Agate Necklace - Charming Charlie
Shine Necklace - Rocksbox
Black Quilted Leather Purse - Michael Kors (Similar, Similar)*
Boots - Old (Similar, Similar)*
Kiss Ring - Jeulia
Renegade Cluster Bracelet - Stella & Dot
Other Bracelets - J. Crew Outlet & Charming Charlie
Nail Color: Inky Dinky - Ipsy
(*This post contains affiliate links.)

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Clothing was gifted to me in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.

I loved these two pieces from YOINS so much, that I wanted to share with you some other pieces that would be perfect for the late fall/winter:

Black Drape Cape Blazer

Burgundy Crochet Lace Trim Swing Top

Black Fur Vest (LOVE it with the red plaid shirt underneath!)

Red Plaid Button Detail Fringe Cape

Black Fringe Hem Midi Skirt

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lick that Plate Clean with Purina Muse® Natural Cat Food

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MyCatMyMuse #CollectiveBias

My cat Rose is a big fan of dinner, can you tell by the photo above? Well, lately she has been loving her dinner even more with Purina Muse® Natural cat food products. With Muse® you don’t have to choose between natural nutrition and food that tastes great. Your cat can have both when you choose Muse®.

Untitled Untitled
Purina Muse® Natural cat food products are sold exclusively at your local PetSmart store. I found them in the Cat section under Purina Muse®.

Once home, my cats KNEW I had something new and special for them to try when I came in with the bag from the store. I purchased several different kinds, but decided to let them try the Purina Muse® Natural Tuna Recipe in Gravy (left) and the Purina Muse® Natural Chicken Recipe (right) adult cat food first.

Bratches preferred the tuna and you will see her enjoying it here. However, Rose came over to eat and she ran off to finish it later.

Rose preferred the chicken recipe and she ate... and ate... and ate.

This pretty girl sat and ate until...

she licked her bowl clean! Natural has never been so delicious. Put Muse® to the test with our clean plate guarantee.

Purina Muse® packaging is bright and attractive. It also clearly states the ingredients and flavor on the front of each package. If you are like me, you'll want your cat to try all of the different flavors- there are so many to pick from! 

And, right now you can buy 3 packages of Muse® cat food and get 3 free with THIS coupon.

Here are some other facts about Purina Muse®:

  • All recipes made with real fish or poultry.
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • 100% complete and balanced for adult cats
  • 30 delicious recipes
  • 24 grain-free varieties


Next time you are at PetSmart, be sure to pick up some Purina Muse® cat food... your cat will thank you, because Purina Muse® is natural AND tastes good!

Which flavor of Purina Muse® do you think your cat would lick its plate clean to?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Girly Side Table with Flex Seal {Breast Cancer Awareness} + GIVEAWAY!

Today I am sharing a project I did for my daughter's room with a can of Flex Seal! Now... I wish I could have used pink fabric for this cushion instead of purple, since this is Breast Cancer Awareness month. However, there is already a lot of pink in her room!

During the month of October, Flex Seal will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for each PINK can sold!

And, as a bonus... I am doing a GIVEAWAY for a sample pack of some Flex Seal colors. See the bottom of this post to enter!

So, recently I used Flex Seal to make this girly side table for my daughters room. It really turned out nicely and I had to take it outside in the gorgeous fall weather to get some photos of it in the sunlight.




So, why Flex Seal for this table? I wanted to give the legs a more textured and softer finish, which the Flex Seal provided!

Flex Seal was kind enough to send me this sample pack of three colors in white, red and almond! You may have seen Flex Seal on TV, but basically it is rubber that you spray out of a can and it can fix leaks quickly. Flex Seal will adhere to most surfaces such as: wood, metal, tile, concrete, masonry, fabric, glass, plastic, aluminum, porcelain, dry wall, rubber, cement, vinyl and just about any other surface.

Now... if you know me well enough, you know that I can find MULTIPLE uses for something. I don't have any leaks going on in my home (thank goodness!), but I do enjoy crafting and finding different ways to use a product. SO, when I saw this table in the clearance aisle at Target, I knew that it needed a little love to make it work in my daughters room. 

I sprayed the legs of the table with a white can of Flex Seal. You'll want to make sure the surface is clean and dry first. Shake the can well and spray using a sweeping motion. For best results, apply several coats rather than one thick coat. Flex Seal will usually dry to the touch within 2-3 hours and will fully cure in 24 hours. You'll see a few spots in this photo where there are little bumps... I used a light grit sandpaper to sand those down, since it is rubber it is really easy to sand and smooth out.

After it dried, I sanded a few spots and then applied 1 coat of the white paint that I had used in my daughters room to paint her furniture. That is what is great about Flex Seal, you can paint right over it!

Now for the cushion! I went to Hobby Lobby to get some fabric and a foam pad for the table. There is a garland that I have hung over my daughters bed and it has four different colors of fabric in it, this purple fabric is one of the fabrics used in it.

Trace Cut-Foam-to-fill-in-corners
I traced around the pad and then cut it out. The pad wasn't quite as big as the top of the table, so I cut some little end pieces out of the leftover foam to fit into where there were gaps.

Fold-Fabric-Up Stapled and cut
I then folded the fabric up and stapled it onto the table with a staple gun. You'll want to trim the excess fabric after you are done with the staple gun. Screw the cushion back onto the legs and you have yourself a new table!

And, here is what the table looks like in her room:




Oh, and the real purpose of this table :grin:

My daughter has a pet hamster (Nugget) and she has had his cage on her desk since she has gotten him. I have been wanting to get a table for his cage for awhile now, but I wanted something a little different and that would go with the rest of her room. I love that the purple fabric matches the purple colors in the cage and the wide top of this table really works well with supporting this cage. I also really like the style of the legs and how I can fit this little table into a tight corner in her room to make use of that space. It really looks so nice in her room and Nuggie is enjoying his new space!

Are you ready for the giveaway? Enter to win a free SAMPLE pack from Flex Seal:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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