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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

3 Quick Hairdos that will Transform Your Morning + a Giveaway!

This will be my last post for this year! I am taking the rest of the year off to spend with my family. It isn't often when you can take time off for blogging and I didn't last year and regretted it. So, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! I'll be back on January 3rd with The Creative Corner!

Are you stuck in a hair rut? I have been! I get myself and both kids ready every morning and it is A LOT of work. Especially when we have to leave 45 minutes before school starts, due to rush hour traffic, even though their school is only 20 minutes away. I usually like to take a shower in the morning and I've been putting my naturally curly hair up wet in a bun! Although, with it getting colder now... wet hair is not going to work! So, today I am sharing 3 quick hairdos that will transform your morning! I know they have for me...

Recently I was sent this adorable clip c/o Lilla Rose Clip to review. The clip comes in several sizes, such as mini, extra small, small, medium, large, extra large and mega! You can select the size of your clip based on how thick your hair is or where you plan to where the clip. My hair is semi-thick and I planned to wear the clip in the back of my hair, so I went with a medium sized clip. Although, I would like to try out an extra small clip eventually, to clip my bangs back in a braid!

The clip I selected was the Fall Harvest clip. It is a limited release, but still available. I selected this clip, because I love the gold, green, burgundy and copper colors in it. It also goes really well with my hair, which has chocolate and auburn highlights in it right now.

3 Quick Hairdos

Hairdo 1: Twisty and Half Up

Pull the front portion of your hair back and twist it. Insert the Lilla Rose pin under hair and fasten. 

Hairdo 2: Tucked Under Pony

Put your hair in a pony tail, tie a pony tail elastic around it. Open up a little space by pulling your hair apart on each side above the elastic. Then, tuck your pony tail into this space and pull it down and tighten. Then, scoot the elastic band down and place your Lilla Rose clip above it. After that, you can remove the elastic band and you have your tucked under pony tail! This is so easy and I do this type of pony tail on my daughter a lot. I think it looks even better with the Lilla Rose clip!

Hairdo 2: Fancy Updo


Pull your hair back as though you are going to put it in a pony tail, but instead twist it a couple of times and then clip your hair with the Lilla Rose clip. Your pony tail will be sticking straight up, so twist it around a couple of times to bring it down and clip it with a couple of bobby pins. This looks really, really cute when my hair is curly. I decided to straighten my hair for these pictures, but it looks great with curly or straight hair!

Now, these are quick and easy hair styles... I am by no means, a hair expert. That is why I am sharing these photos below, that show you just how beautiful your hair can be with these clips:

unnamed-6 unnamed-5
unnamed-3 unnamed-4

And, now you have your chance to enter to win one of these Lilla Rose hair flexi-clips!

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Ipsy Review #13 - December

Well, I am going onto my SECOND year with Ipsy! I am going to review last years products from the current month at the bottom of my regular Ipsy review posts. So, check out the bottom of this post to see if I actually used my products from December of last year! I think it'll be fun to look back each month to see if I am really getting good use out of the products they send me.

This Ipsy bag was a GOLD MINE! Seriously, I love, love, LOVE what they sent me! When I first opened it and saw what was in there, I was ho hum about everything I saw. But, once I tried these products I was really excited and impressed by their quality!! YAY for December IPSY!!! YAY, YAY! (Sorry, it really is a good stash!!!)

What is Ipsy?!
If you've never heard about Ipsy before, it is a mail subscription that sends you a new makeup pouch each month along with 5 products to sample. And, the kicker? It is ONLY $10 a month! It is also fun to see what others get, because not everyone gets the same products... you fill out a questionnaire and they base your products off of your answers. If you're interested, you can sign up under me, by clicking HERE and I'll earn some points to buy myself extra products. Thanks!

Now, let's review my Ipsy bag!

December Ipsy

*This month I received ONE extra product, because I had earned enough points by reviewing products and referring friends to join Ipsy. I'll talk more about this product near the bottom of the post.

Briogeo - Curl Charisma Leave-In Creme
I have bratty curls that don't like to cooperate with most serums and creams, but my curls really loved this cream! I would definitely buy this! I was excited to see that this is a product that Sephora carries and I am considering trying the Shampoo and Conditioner, too! It left my curls really soft, bouncy and manageable! I love it when I find a curl product that works, it does not happen often! It also smells good!
I would rate it 5/5 stars.

Klorane - Floral Water Make-Up Remover with Soothing Cornflower
This worked really well with taking off my eye makeup and it felt gentle on my skin.
I would rate it 4/5 stars.

Tarte Cosmetics - Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder
Can I give this 10 out of 5 stars? That is how much I love it! Ipsy sent me a finishing powder by Pixi a few months ago and I really enjoy using it, but... honestly... most days I forget to use it. But,  when I tried Tarte's finishing powder I was WOW'ed. I really think I may need to use this every day, because it is that awesome. I apply it after my loose powder and bronzer and it just gives my skin a flawless look. It also helps soak up any oily T-zone areas throughout the day and my skin looks radiant! I LOVE THIS STUFF! And, the sample size is a good amount! YAY! I need to do my happy Friends dance!
I would rate it 5/5 stars.

Pacifica - Power of Love Natural Lipstick
So many 5 stars this month. This lipstick looks pretty natural when I put it on, but adds a little extra color to my lips. I think this would be great to wear when I want to finish my overall makeup look, but I don't want my lips to pop with too much color. This will be a great day time lip color for me in place of just wearing a boring clear lip gloss! I usually reserve brighter and more bolder colors for the evening or when I go out, so this color will be perfect for me!
I would rate it 5/5 stars.

Elizabeth Mott - Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Primer
This glides on like butter, dries matte and keeps your eye shadow on ALL day without any creasing! Ipsy sent me a primer a few months ago that I've been using, but I plan to use this now instead! Love it!
I would rate it 5/5 stars.

I received this product for FREE by earning points with Ipsy!
I have been hearing a lot about charcoal beauty products lately and when I saw I had enough points for a free product with Ipsy, I decided to try out this charcoal mask. I was really pleased with it, but I don't like it as well as my favorite Lush face masks. It doesn't smell good, but it does dry evenly on your face after 5 minutes and my face felt clean and refreshed after I rinsed it off.

Products from my December 2014 Box I've Kept or Tossed:
Last month I mentioned that I was going to add a section to my review post where I'll review the products from my Ipsy bag from one year ago (which is December 2014). I want to share with you which products I actually used or which ones I need to toss!

I did use up the Bb. All Style Blow Dry by Bumble and Bumble, but it didn't do much for my naturally curly hair. It also had a glittery sheen to it, which I just didn't care for at all.

The Nourish Organic Eye Cream I will use up, but I am still working on it. It sat in my medicine cabinet forever, until Ipsy sent me the Argon Oil face serum from Nourish Organic and I have been using the two together and love them! I hope that Ipsy sends me more products from Nourish Organic!

The tarte Lights, Camera, Action mascara has been used up! You really can't go wrong with tarte.

I still use the shadow/crease brush, but it is sort of an extra brush for me and not as high quality as the one I use daily.

The NYX butter has sat in my lipstick drawer forever. It really is more of a spring or summer shade. I pulled it out and I am determined to use it up, since it is a lip balm and it'll brighten my complex this dark winter! 

All in all, I would say my first Ipsy bag from December of last year was a good one and I've put most of these products to good use.

Subscribe to Ipsy for only $10 a month!
If you don't subscribe to Ipsy, click HERE for my referral link. For $10/month it's a fun way to try new products that are delivered right to your mailbox!

What did you get in your Ipsy Glam bag this month?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Creative Corner Link Up Party - 12/20/15 (and Meal Plan 90)

Today's Feature is Cozy and Vintage Living Room Style by Bev at Flamingo Toes.


The Dempster Logbook Blog | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter | Bloglovin'
Making It In The Mitten Blog | Etsy | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter | Bloglovin’
The Southern Couture Blog | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter | Google+ | Bloglovin’
Pastels and Macarons Blog | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter | Google+ | Bloglovin’

Welcome back to our DIY/Craft Link Up Party! Thank you for stopping by every week! 

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! There will be NO party next week, but we will be back to party with you on January 3rd!

Here is this weeks Meal Plan:

Meal Plan Week 89

Sunday - Five Star Dinner, seeing Star Wars!

Monday - Going out for Mexican and then a Christmas Light Drive-Through!

Tuesday - Frozen Pizza

Wednesday - Dinner Out for Christmas Eve

Thursday - Christmas Leftovers!

Friday - Spaghetti and Rolls

Saturday - Dinner Out

Check out what my fellow bloggers have been up to and don’t forget to check out my feature for this week as well.
My Not So Christmas Home Tour from The Southern Couture.
A Farm Style Christmas from The Logbook.
Christmas Home Tour from Making It In The Mitten.
2015 Christmas Home Tour from Curly Crafty Mom.

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The Creative Corner link party | Come to inspire, stay to be inspired. Share your latest DIY, craft, and home decor posts! 
Cozy and Vintage Christmas Living Room Style
Colorful-Christmas-Living-Room-DisplayBev from Flamingo Toes shares her cozy and vintage Christmas living room style. Her living room has a lot of color, texture and vintage items in it. My favorite is her bottle brush winter scene on her coffee table.

Now hop over to all the other cohost’s blogs and see what caught their eye this week. You just might be featured there too! Don’t forget to grab this button if you’ve been featured.

The Creative Corner link party | Come to inspire, stay to be inspired. Share your latest DIY, craft, and home decor posts!

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Easy Holiday Décor Must-Haves {Kimberly-Clark Products}

Well, we are almost here... next week is Christmas. Gulp! Are you ready for your guests? If not, I have some easy holiday decor must-haves to share with you today! I went shopping for several Kimberly-Clark products at Walmart that I want to share with you, such as:

Untitled Untitled
While shopping at Walmart for these products, I used the Ibotta app to save some extra money. 

With the Ibotta app, you can save:
  • $1 off Cottonelle 12-ct or larger
  • $1 off Scott 12-ct or larger
  • $1 off Viva 6-ct or larger
  • Buy two products and get an extra dollar back
When I saw the Kleenex Perfect Fit canisters at Walmart, I knew they would go perfectly with my Christmas decor! The new slim canister is ideal for any small or on-the-go space. I have even put one in the cup holder of my car! It comes in a variety of patterns that fit seamlessly into any room. These tissues blend into your decor and give your guests the comfort of a soft tissue when needed.

You'll see I added one in my kitchen on the buffer rack and it blends in perfectly with the rest of my Christmas decor. A regular plain jane kleenex box would just stand out, but not Kleenex Perfect Fit canisters in holiday designs!


Viva Paper Towels  are the perfect companion for taking on tough messes. They're durable, with a cloth-like texture, and can tackle the job when wet or dry. I decided to try Viva Vantage, which has a revolutionary scrubby texture.

I put a roll of these out on my bar cart next to a bottle of bubbly. Whenever you have guests over, there is always going to be a spill or two. I figure, why not be ready and have the paper towels nearby as a convenience to your guests.


Scott 1100 Bathroom Tissue
Scott 1100 toilet paper has 100 FREE sheets per roll for even more long-lasting value and performance.

Cottonelle Toilet Paper Double Rolls
Only Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care toilet paper is ultra cushiony and ultra luxurious. This is the kind of toilet paper you want on the roll when you have guests!

It is always nice to have a couple of extra rolls of toilet paper out for your guests in the bathroom, so that they can easily find them if needed. Why not decorate the space so that the rolls blend in and aren't the main focus? I brought in some of my holiday decorations along with a nice soap and faux candles to give the bathroom a clean and relaxing setting... 

(Top is Cottonelle and Bottom is Scott.)

I hope these holiday decoration tips help you as you spend next week prepping the home for kids that will be home for winter break and out of town family and guests coming in for holiday parties! Don't forget to shop at Walmart for all of your Kleenex, Viva, Cottonelle and Scott purchases!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday Fashion Files Link Up #43: Lace Trimmed Tunic from SheIn

Welcome to Thursday Fashion Files!

Welcome to Thursday Fashion Files with Jill at Doused in Pink and Carrie at Curly Crafty Mom! We are excited to have you here and would love to have you link up one of your latest outfits with us.

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We will not be having Thursday Fashion Files for TWO weeks (Dec. 24 and Jan. 31), Have a wonderful holidays with your family and friends and we will see you back on January 7!

I have been wanting a lace trimmed tunic for awhile now and this one sent to me c/o SheIn caught my eye. It is made of a light stretchy material and has some stitching on the front and back to make it a little more form fitting. The lace trim on the bottom is gorgeous and not too delicate. I am 5'7 and the length of this tunic top is perfect.

My poor husband had to take the photos of this outfit TWICE... because, I forgot to put my lovely bracelets on the first time. I was almost afraid to ask him, but being as sweet as he is, he took them without another roll of the eye word. Unfortunately, I loved some of the photos he took the first time around and... well, if I hadn't of mentioned it I doubt you would have noticed that some photos I am wearing bracelets and some I am not. Sorry. #Bloggerfail

I was really excited to mix gray with neon yellow for this outfit. Then, I also decided to add purple... because, yellow and purple compliment each other. So, I guess you could say the gray is the neutral and the purple and yellow steal the show.

The sweet ladies and Pumps and Push Ups sent Jill and I this gorgeous lavender tassel necklace to thank us for doing a blog post with their olive colored fringe shirt. What sweethearts they are! Not only will this necklace go great with the fringe shirt, it also goes great with this top from SheIn. And, Charming Charlie sent me TWO (woohoo!) $10 off $10 coupons and I got this gray/purple necklace with one of them. 

I really love these two necklaces when worn together!

The Charming Charlie necklace came with earrings, too! Bonus!






What I'm Wearing:
Lace Trimmed Tunic - SheIn
Purple Tassel Necklace - Pumps and Push Ups
Purple and Gray Necklace & Earrings - Charming Charlie
Neon Yellow Clutch - Charming Charlie
Silver Flats - Old Navy (Old) (Similar, Similar)*

(*This post contains affiliate links.)

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. A pair of jeans were gifted to me in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are looking for a perfect lace trimmed tunic, then SheIn is the place. If you are looking for high-quality clothing at affordable prices, be sure to check out!


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This week I select Marta from Sweaters, Stripes and Sweets with her gorgeous buffalo plaid coat.

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Now let's get linking!

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